Chapter 1660 - Extremely Poisonous Sea Of Clouds

MGA: Chapter 1660 - Extremely Poisonous Sea Of Clouds

“This sensation, sure enough, it’s not a world spirit technique. However, it’s not a martial skill either. What a particular sensation. So that’s it. It’s a secret skill.”

“Heh, interesting… never would I have expected to accidentally run into such an interesting little demon.”

The Snow-haired Immortal had been paying attention to Chu Feng the entire time. Furthermore, her perception was extremely strong. At the moment Chu Feng used the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique, she had instantly managed to tell that he had used a secret skill.

At this moment, the corners of the Snow-haired Immortal’s lips began to rise slightly. She had displayed a rare smile on her face.

Even though she was incomparably ice-cold, and emitted a dense killing intent all over like a witch that had killed countless people, she appeared very beautiful when that smile appeared on her face.

Her smile was very wicked. Yet it was also very enchanting...

However, Chu Feng simply did not have the heart to appreciate such an enchanting smile. He had already closed his eyes to fully concentrate on controlling his world spirit techniques and the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique to restore the portions of his body that had been devoured by the bugs.

It was not that Chu Feng was weak. Rather, it was that those bugs were simply too fast at devouring his body. Fortunately, this was Chu Feng. If it had been another Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, not to mention restoring their bodies unceasingly, they would likely have already crumbled from the pain of their bodies being devoured nonstop.

“Not bad. His perseverance is exceptionally strong. Likely, this little guy has experienced quite a few trials to reach this point. Else, he would not have that sort of willpower.”

As the Snow-haired Immortal spoke, she took out a wanted poster. This was the same wanted poster of Chu Feng that the Nangong Imperial Clan had been placing all over the place. Chu Feng’s portrait was drawn on that wanted poster.

“Chu Feng. He actually dared to release an Asura Evil Spirit in the Nangong Imperial Clan. Quite an enormous nerve he has there,” When she read Chu Feng's name on the wanted poster, the Snow-haired Immortal smiled again. Then, she put the wanted poster away.

Right at this moment, the final bugs had finally entered Chu Feng’s body. After they devoured parts of Chu Feng’s body, they died.

Chu Feng had managed to hold on. However, he was extremely beaten. At this moment, his entire body was covered with blood. That said, he was in no mind to care about his injuries. Instead, with a ‘putt,’ he laid on the ground and began to pant for air.

He was truly exhausted. His body was weary, and his strength was all gone. This exhaustion was not only limited to his body. More than his body, it was mostly an exhaustion of the mind. His mind was even more beaten up than his physical body.

“Clap, clap, clap, clap~~”

Applause began to be heard. It was the Snow-haired Immortal. She walked over to Chu Feng and said, “Truly not bad. You actually managed to break through this spirit formation of mine.”

“Senior, could you let me go now?” Chu Feng asked weakly. Even though he was utterly exhausted, he did not feel safe at all. He felt that his little life was completely in the grasp of this witch’s palm.

If she wanted him alive, he would be able to live. If she wanted him dead, he would definitely be killed.

This sort of sensation was extremely uncomfortable.

“Don’t be so anxious. I’ll bring you to see something first,” The Snow-haired Immortal smiled lightly. Then, with a wave of her sleeve, she brought Chu Feng into the air.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt that scenery surrounding him was changing, growing further and further away nonstop. The speed was so fast that Chu Feng could not even see the surrounding scenery accurately.

Chu Feng knew that the Snow-haired Immortal was taking him somewhere right now. Merely, he did not know where she wanted to take him.

“Senior, no matter what, you are one of the Ten Immortals. You must not go back on your word.”

“Since you said that you would let me go if I break through the spirit formation, you should keep your promise, no?” Chu Feng said.

“What? You who dared to release an Asura Evil Spirit in the Nangong Imperial Clan is actually afraid?” The Snow-haired Immortal asked.

“How do you know that?” Chu Feng was startled. The Nangong Imperial Clan had concealed the matter regarding the Asura Evil Spirit. This Snow-haired Immortal shouldn’t have known about it.

“Chu Feng, I heard your conversation with White-brow earlier. You should reveal your true appearance. To confront a senior with a disguised appearance is very disrespectful behavior,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt even more helpless. It turned out that this Snow-haired Immortal had long since discovered him. Merely, she had not revealed herself. Else, it would be impossible for her to know about the dialogue between him and the White-browed Immortal.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt very ashamed. He had thought that he would be able to enter the Realm of Gods before this witch discovered him. It turned out, after all his efforts, this witch had already discovered him without him noticing at all.

And now, everything regarding him had been seen through by that witch. As such, Chu Feng no longer bothered to conceal his appearance, and revealed his true appearance.

“Senior, there shouldn’t be many Asura World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism, right?”

“I can tell that you’re also a very highly principled person. Do you think that a junior like myself should be emphasized and nutrued?”

“Even if you do not plan to nurture me, you still shouldn’t kill me, no?” Chu Feng asked.

“Little demon, you’re quite needy. Do you believe that if you continue spouting nonsense, I’ll break my promise and smash you to death with a palm strike?” The Snow-haired Immortal glanced ruthlessly at Chu Feng.

After that glance, Chu Feng hurriedly closed his mouth. At this moment, Chu Feng’s heart was wavering. He was extremely worried, and his mind was extremely stressed.

Captured by this witch, Chu Feng really didn’t know when he would die. However, he had to do his best to think of a way to not be killed.

After journeying for some time, the witch finally stopped. At this time, Chu Feng did not know where he was. However, he was certain of one thing. That was, below them was a vast sea of clouds.

This sea of clouds was extremely special. The clouds were rolling about in waves. Furthermore, they extended as far as the eye could see, and looked like the actual sea.

However, those clouds were no ordinary clouds. They were green in color, and contained extremely frightening power. It was poison. These clouds were extremely poisonous. Not to mention touching them, merely breathing the air around the cloud would be enough to have one meet a violent death.

Furthermore, other than the frightening poison, the sea of clouds was also capable of isolating one’s spirit power.

“What sort of place is this?” Chu Feng asked nervously. Being very worried to begin with, he became even more worried when seeing this place.

“This is the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds, one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s forbidden areas. One will be infected by extreme poisons upon entering that place. Furthermore, there are practically no medicines capable of removing the poisons.”

“Through successive generations, there have been countless people who believed themselves to be expert poison removers who came to challenge the extreme poisons from the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds. However, without any exception, they all died from it,” said the Snow-haired Immortal.

“Senior, since this place is this dangerous, we shouldn’t bother staying here for long,” As Chu Feng spoke, he planned to run away.

However, the Snow-haired Immortal grabbed Chu Feng and said, “I have brought you here to help you. Yet you actually do not appreciate my kindness.”

“Help me?” Chu Feng used a skeptical gaze to look at the Snow-haired Immortal. He did not believe in this witch.

“Your aura has already been locked onto by White-brow. No matter where you escape to, the Nangong Imperial Clan will be able to find you.”

“In this sort of situation, even if you find shelter under someone, that person will also be met with a calamity. Unless you are able to find someone that the Nangong Imperial Clan would not dare to provoke to shelter you.”

“Are you capable of finding such a person to protect you?” the Snow-haired Immortal asked while looking at Chu Feng.

“If I were able to find such a person, I wouldn’t have to flee all over the place,” Chu Feng suddenly smiled. He looked to the Snow-haired Immortal and asked, “Senior, how do you plan to help me?”