Chapter 2768 - Public Shamelessness

Chapter 2768 - Public Shamelessness

Yuwen Hualong started to panic. Bead-sized drops of sweat began to flow down his body nonstop.

At the same time, he became even more serious. He did not dare to be careless in the slightest.

However, no matter how serious he became, he was still unable to suppress Chu Feng. The match between the two of them seemed to be duplicating the result of Chu Feng’s match against Yuwen Tingyi.

The two parties were locked in battle, and seemed to be evenly matched. The outcome of the battle was undetermined.

Finally, only two chess pieces remained on the board. Chu Feng and Yuwen Hualong each possessed a single chess piece left.

“Yuwen Hualong, are you ready to be slapped?” Chu Feng raised his head and asked Yuwen Hualong.

Yuwen Hualong did not answer him. He was controlling his final chess piece and sending it to attack Chu Feng’s final chess piece. He wanted to defeat Chu Feng with a surprise attack.

However, when Yuwen Hualong’s chess piece approached Chu Feng’s chess piece, Chu Feng’s chess piece suddenly raised the weapon it held. Then, a ray of light flashed past, and Yuwen Hualong’s chess piece was beheaded. Its body fell to the ground.

“This is impossible!!!”

Yuwen Hualong’s expression turned pale. Overwhelmed with shock and disbelief, he stepped backwards and faltered like a deflated ball. His expression was extremely dejected.

The match between Chu Feng and Yuwen Hualong not only duplicated the scene of the match between Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi on the chessboard, but even Yuwen Hualong’s reaction was practically the same as Yuwen Tingyi’s reaction.

He was incapable of believing the truth before him. He refused to believe it to be real.

However, the outcome of the battle had been determined. He had no choice but to accept it.

“Since you have been defeated, go on and kneel,” Chu Feng spoke coldly.

“Big brother Chu Feng, let’s… let’s just forget about it,” right at that moment, Li Xiang suddenly spoke out against it.

Li Xiang was no longer covered in blood. Apart from his slightly pale complexion, he appeared to be fine.

Merely, he had a timid expression in his eyes. It seemed that he was deeply afraid of Yuwen Hualong, and did not wish to put him in a difficult situation.

“Yuwen Hualong, since you’ve lost, you must comply with the bet. Kneel before Li Xiang immediately.”

Chu Feng reacted as if he did not hear Li Xiang and continued to pressure Yuwen Hualong.

That said, Yuwen Hualong had managed to tell that Li Xiang was scared. Thus, he ignored Chu Feng, and instead turned his gaze toward Li Xiang. His gaze was extremely cold and threatening.

“Big brother Chu Feng, let’s just forget about it. Look at me, I’m fine, aren’t I?” Li Xiang was truly scared. He smiled wryly and urged Chu Feng to drop the matter.

“Look at this, it’s not that I’m unable to take defeat with grace, rather, it’s that friend of yours who doesn’t dare to have me kneel before him, doesn’t dare to touch me,” at that moment, Yuwen Hualong started to laugh complacently.

Seeing such a Yuwen Hualong, Li Xiang revealed a displeased expression.

That was a normal reaction. After all, no one would like to be insulted, much less being publicly insulted before such a large crowd of people.

Yuwen Hualong noticed the change in Li Xiang’s expression. However, not only did he not back off, he instead said to Li Xiang provocatively, “What’s this? Am I wrong? Could it be that you dare to hit me?”

“You…” Li Xiang revealed a faint trace of anger in his eyes. He seemed to want to say something, but ended up hesitating. In the end, he said nothing.

“Li Xiang, are you certain that you want to do this?”

Chu Feng turned around and asked Li Xiang, “Are you certain that you’re planning to have him beat you up for free, certain that you’re not planning to look further into this matter?”

At that moment, Li Xiang was feeling very embarrassed. He did not dare to look Chu Feng in the eyes. Thus, he lowered his head.

Chu Feng noticed that Li Xiang’s fists were clenched tightly. It could be seen that he was feeling extremely tangled.

They were at a young and vigorous age. If one were to say that Li Xiang did not wish to attack Yuwen Hualong, that he did not wish to obtain revenge, then it would be a lie.

Merely, Li Xiang was too scared. He was scared that Yuwen Hualong would come seek revenge against him in the future. After all, they were all members of the younger generation. There would still be a lot of opportunities for them to encounter one another in the future.

Thus, in the end, Li Xiang shook his head and said, “Big brother Chu Feng, I appreciate your kind intentions. However, it’s really better to just forget it.”

“Hahaha, you really can’t blame me for this, Chu Feng. If you want to blame someone, then you can only blame your brother for being too cowardly.”

“I am willing to let him hit me. Unfortunately, he doesn’t dare to hit me.”

“Thus, I’m afraid that even though you want me to kneel, I won’t be able to do so.”

Yuwen Hualong laughed complacently. His laughter was very loud. At the same time, he was even gesticulating with his hands joyously. It was as if he was not being a sore loser, but rather forced to not comply with his bet. His appearance was truly arrogant.

At that moment, not to mention Chu Feng, even many of the bystanders present were feeling furious.

It was one thing to be a sore loser. However, this Yuwen Hualong actually dared to be so arrogant as to taunt the victor. This was simply too shameless of an act.

“Chu Feng, it’s true that you possess some abilities and a spirit of loyalty for your brother. Unfortunately, you’re incapable of making good friends. You actually ended up befriending a coward like that.”

“I’m starting to doubt now. After all, they all say that birds of a feather flock together. When your friend is a coward, I wonder, wouldn’t you also be a coward yourself?”

Yuwen Hualong continued to mock and ridicule Chu Feng. He had no plans to stop.

It would appear that he truly hated Chu Feng bitterly. This was even more so after he was defeated by Chu Feng. His hatred toward Chu Feng had more than doubled.

And now, a rare opportunity to ridicule Chu Feng was present before him. He would naturally not let this opportunity slip by him.

“Shut up! Shut the hell up!” Right at that moment, Li Xiang shouted at Yuwen Hualong. He continued to shout hysterically, “Chu Feng is not a coward! Big brother Chu Feng is not a coward!”

“Oh? Sure, sure, sure. He’s not a coward. But what about you, aren’t you a coward?”

“Could it be that you dare to tell me that you’re not a coward?”

Yuwen Hualong looked to Li Xiang with a beaming smile on his face. His gaze was filled with mockery.

Li Xiang’s face turned red. He glared at Yuwen Hualong with his furious gaze and shouted loudly, “Who says I’m a coward?! Who says I don’t dare to hit you?!”

Once Li Xiang said those words, the crowd present was stunned. Only Chu Feng revealed a faint smile on his face.

Chu Feng knew that Li Xiang had exploded, and a great show would soon occur.

Yuwen Hualong also seemed to have noticed that the situation had turned sour. Thus, he no longer continued to taunt Li Xiang. Instead, faced with Li Xiang who was shouting at him, Yuwen Hualong actually turned around and planned to drop the subject just like that.

“You, kneel before me!” Right at that moment, Li Xiang pointed at Yuwen Hualong and shouted again.

His eyes were wide open and glowering. All of his veins were bulging. He resembled an enraged lion. He had quite an imposing look to him.

“What did you say?”

Yuwen Hualong turned around and looked to Li Xiang.

He seemed to not dare to believe his ears, to believe what he had just heard.

Even though he was able to tell that Li Xiang had exploded, he did not anticipate that Li Xiang would dare to speak to him in such a manner.

“I said, kneel before your daddy, me, so that your daddy can give you ten thousand slaps to the face!” Li Xiang spoke loudly.

The next moment, Yuwen Hualong’s expression changed greatly. He looked to Li Xiang and shouted, “Motherfucker! You dare to speak to me in such a manner?! Have you grown tired of living?!”

Judging from this, if Li Xiang dared to utter another word, he would attack him.

“Yuwen Hualong, what is this? Could it be that you’re planning to act like a sore loser?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right, I’m fucking acting like a sore loser. What can you possibly do about it? Could it be that you want to force me to kneel before him? Do you think you’re capable of that?” Yuwen Hualong pointed at Chu Feng.

He actually publicly refused to comply with the agreement, publicly refused to acknowledge the promise after losing the chess match.

That being said, if Yuwen Hualong wanted to act shamelessly, Chu Feng really would not be able to do anything to him.

After all, Yuwen Hualong was a rank six True Immortal. He was an existence with the same level of cultivation as Han Yu. With the strength that Chu Feng currently possessed, he would not be a match for Yuwen Hualong.

Likely, Yuwen Hualong only dared to act this aggressively because he was certain Chu Feng’s strength was inferior to his own.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that no one present actually stood forth to say anything.

Xia Yun’er didn’t say anything. She was watching all this like an observer.

As for that Chu Lingxi who was sitting on the lampstand, even though she revealed a disgusted expression in her eyes when Yuwen Hualong refused to comply with the agreement, she also did not say anything.