Chapter 2767 - Stunning Everyone

Chapter 2767 - Stunning Everyone

“Did you hear that? Even the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder said that you’ve lost. Yet you’re still not admitting your defeat. You’re simply a sore loser,” Li Xiang pointed at Yuwen Tingyi.

“Forget about it, there’s no need to continue to make things difficult for him,” Right at that moment, Chu Feng patted Li Xiang’s shoulder. He said, “Since he’s a sore loser, there’s no need for us to force him. After all, it was a swapping of pointers to begin with. There is no need for us to make things difficult for him.”

“Bullshit! Who are you calling a sore loser?!” Yuwen Tingyi pointed at Chu Feng and shouted loudly.

“If you’re not a sore loser, why aren’t you fulfilling your obligation as per our bet?” Chu Feng asked.

“You…” Yuwen Tingyi’s opened his eyes wide. Anger and menace filled his eyes.

However, faced with that glare, Chu Feng merely smiled. He was not affected in the slightest.

He continued to look at Yuwen Tingyi. Even though Chu Feng’s gaze was gentle, he brought forth an enormous oppression toward Yuwen Tingyi, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“It’s merely a thousand slaps. I, Yuwen Tingyi, will fulfill my bet.”

After Yuwen Tingyi finished saying those words, he raised his hands and began to slap his own face.

“Paa. Paa.” Slapping sounds were being heard nonstop.

This Yuwen Tingyi could be said to be quite a tough character. He was slapping himself with enormous strength. Not only did he leave his face covered with blood, but he had even distorted it.

Seeing this scene, Han Yu revealed an ugly expression. As for Yuwen Hualong, he revealed an even uglier expression.

To publicly slap oneself was a truly humiliating thing to do.

Furthermore, this bet was something that Yuwen Tingyi had put forth himself.

This could simply be said to be suffering from the consequences of one’s actions. Thus, the more Yuwen Hualong thought about it, the more furious he became.

“Brother Chu Feng’s chess skill is superb. Might you be willing to play a round of chess with me?”

Right at that moment, Yuwen Hualong stood forth. Even though he was speaking to Chu Feng with a very tranquil and even-tempered tone, Chu Feng was able to see deep hatred and killing intent in his eyes.

Not only was Yuwen Hualong feeling massive hatred toward Chu Feng, but he even wanted to kill Chu Feng.

“You still want to continue to bet with face slapping?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. However, we would have to change the number of slaps,” Yuwen Hualong said.

“How many?” Chu Feng asked.

“The loser is to slap himself ten thousand times,” Yuwen Hualong spoke those words one word at a time.

“Heavens! Ten thousand slaps?!” Hearing that number, many people were surprised.

Yuwen Hualong’s intention was extremely clear. He planned to obtain revenge for Yuwen Tingyi.

Li Xiang saw that the situation was bad, and immediately said to Chu Feng, “Big brother Chu Feng, let’s not compete with him anymore.”

After all, Li Xiang felt that Chu Feng had only barely managed to defeat Yuwen Tingyi earlier.

Thus, he was deeply afraid that Chu Feng would lose should he compete against Yuwen Hualong.

After all, everyone knew that Yuwen Hualong was superior to Yuwen Tingyi in both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques.

Since Chu Feng had barely managed to defeat Yuwen Tingyi, he would undoubtedly be defeated should he take on Yuwen Hualong.

“You shut up! I am speaking with him and not you!”

Suddenly, Yuwen Hualong grew furious. He waved his sleeve, and a strong wind swept forth, causing Li Xiang to be knocked flying.

Even though he did not try to kill Li Xiang and his attack was not very powerful, it remained that his strength was simply too strong. He was a rank six True Immortal. As such, how could Li Xiang possibly be able to withstand his attack?

When Li Xiang landed on the ground, he was unable to move in the slightest. Even speaking had become impossible for him. He was spraying out mouthfuls of blood nonstop.

Seeing Li Xiang acting like this, his two buddies from the Sacred Pellet Villa immediately rushed forth and took out medicinal pellets to feed Li Xiang. After that, they began to help heal Li Xiang’s injuries.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng revealed a very calm expression. He turned around and said to Yuwen Hualong, “You said ten thousand slaps, was it?”

“That’s right,” Yuwen Hualong said.

“I, Chu Feng, am willing to accept that. However, I have a condition of my own,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it? Speak away,” Yuwen Hualong said.

“If you are to lose, you cannot slap yourself,” Chu Feng said.

“Cannot slap myself? What do you want then?” Yuwen Hualong asked.

“If you are to lose to me, you will have to kneel before my brother and allow him to give you ten thousand slaps,” Chu Feng said to Yuwen Hualong.

Chu Feng remained extremely calm as he said those words. There was no trace of anger in his eyes at all. However, his gaze was extremely sharp, and was fixed on Yuwen Hualong.

Once Chu Feng said those words, the expressions of many people present changed. No one had expected Chu Feng to put forth this sort of demand.

In fact, even Chu Lingxi, who was still sitting on the lampstand, had a sparkle in her beautiful eyes.

When the others were all this surprised, Li Xiang and his two buddies were even more astonished.

After all, anyone could tell that Chu Feng had put forth this demand to stand up for Li Xiang.

However, they had only known Chu Feng for a very short period of time. There wasn’t too deep of a friendship between them. In fact, they had been hostile toward one another before.

Yet, Chu Feng was helping Li Xiang like this. This was simply something that Li Xiang had not even dare to imagine before.

At that moment, warm sensations started to flow through his body.

“Hahaha!” Yuwen Hualong suddenly burst into loud laughter. Then, his expression changed enormously. Not only did his laughter stop in an instant, but an incomparably sinister expression appeared on his face. He looked to Chu Feng with a gaze even more frightening than that of ferocious beasts. “Very well, I accept.”

Yuwen Hualong accepted Chu Feng’s condition. The reason for that was because he was absolutely confident that he would be able to defeat Chu Feng.

As Yuwen Tingyi’s brother, he knew his strength the best.

It was as others viewed them: Yuwen Hualong was superior to Yuwen Tingyi in both martial cultivation and world spirit techniques.

Even though the two of them were both Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, Yuwen Hualong’s world spirit techniques were capable of completely crushing Yuwen Tingyi’s world spirit techniques.

Since Chu Feng was only able to barely defeat Yuwen Tingyi, Yuwen Hualong felt that he would be able to effortlessly defeat Chu Feng. He felt that there was simply no chance for Chu Feng to win against him.

Thus, with absolute certainty in victory, how could he fear Chu Feng?

Not to mention kneeling before someone and having them give him ten thousand slaps, even if it was an even more serious demand, he would not be afraid.

Yuwen Tingyi felt that he absolutely would not lose.

He felt that the only one that would lose today would be Chu Feng.

“In that case, let us begin,” Chu Feng said.

At this moment, Yuwen Hualong stood where Yuwen Tingyi stood earlier.


Right after Yuwen Tingyi stood there, the chessboard that originally only had a single chess piece left immediately started to change. It began to shine with light.

When the intense light dissipated, the blood that had covered the chessboard had disappeared. The dead chess pieces all returned to normal. Furthermore, they were all standing orderly at their respective positions.

At this moment, this chessboard had returned to its initial appearance.


After the chessboard returned to normal, Yuwen Hualong began to instill his boundless spirit power into his chess pieces.

Without even calling for the start of the game, he began to launch his offensive at Chu Feng with his chess pieces. Furthermore, his offensive was extremely ferocious.

Different from Yuwen Tingyi, Yuwen Hualong had instilled his strongest spirit power into his chess pieces from the very beginning.

He was planning to defeat Chu Feng with one move.

When Yuwen Hualong unleashed his attack, Chu Feng also controlled his chess pieces to meet the incoming chess pieces head-on.

Seeing this scene, many of the people present started to worry for Chu Feng.

After all, the disparity between the two sides was simply too enormous.

If the two opposing sides of chess pieces were two armies, then Yuwen Hualong’s army would be akin to celestial troops and generals.

They were glistening with radiance and emitting extremely imposing might.

As for Chu Feng’s chess pieces, although they were also emitting light, they were simply incomparable to Yuwen Hualong’s chess pieces.

Thus, Chu Feng’s army would be akin to an army of mortals. They appeared to be completely mediocre.

No matter how powerful an army of mortals might be, how could it possibly contend against an army of celestial troops and generals?

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

However, no matter what the bystanders were thinking, the two chess piece armies soon collided with one another.

At that moment, blood started to splatter about. Screams were being heard. This chessboard had returned to being a battlefield. It was a cruel and ruthless battlefield where one could only speak using one’s strength.

However, after a long time of mutual slaughter, the crowd present all revealed stunned expressions. In fact, even Yuwen Hualong’s mouth was wide open.

He had unleashed his full strength from the very beginning. Thus, why would his chess pieces still be locked in battle, why would the outcome of the battle still be undetermined?