Chapter 2766 - It’s Your Loss

Chapter 2766 - It’s Your Loss

“It just so happens that there’s a chessboard that can be controlled with one’s spirit power here. Let us use that chessboard to play a round of chess. What do you think?” Yuwen Tingyi pointed to a chessboard.

That chessboard was the table Chu Lingxi was sitting on earlier.

Chu Feng did not immediately reply. Instead, he walked over to the chessboard and began to inspect it carefully.

That chessboard was very large. It resembled a battlefield. The chess pieces from the two opposing sides were all soldiers.

After inspecting it, Chu Feng discovered that Yuwen Tingyi had not lied to him. This was indeed a chessboard controlled with one’s spirit power. This should be something that was deliberately placed here by the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan for the people’s amusement.

“That’s fine,” Chu Feng said.

“Brother Chu Feng, don’t be so urgent to accept it. Since we are going to swap pointers, we will naturally have to put something at stake,” Yuwen Tingyi said.

“What do you want to bet? Go ahead and tell me,” Chu Feng welcomed Yuwen Tingyi’s challenge. He felt that he would not lose to Yuwen Tingyi. Naturally, he would not be afraid of betting with him.

However, if it were Han Yu that wanted to bet with him, then Chu Feng would have to consider things properly. After all, Han Yu’s world spirit techniques were above his own; he was a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

“Since we’re going to bet, then let us bet on something interesting. How about this, if you are to lose, you’ll have to slap yourself once. What say you?” Yuwen Tingyi said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile on his face.

Before Chu Feng could answer, Li Xiang said, “How could one bet with this sort of thing?”

At the same time, the crowd present also began to quietly discuss it amongst themselves.

The crowd was able to tell that Yuwen Tingyi was not merely trying to swap pointers with Chu Feng. Instead, he was trying to create trouble.

Chu Feng did not say anything. Instead, he merely shook his head.

“What’s wrong, brother Chu Feng. Do you not dare to accept it?”

Yuwen Tingyi immediately revealed his true character and cast a mocking gaze at Chu Feng.

“I feel that a single slap to the face would be too few. What do you think about a thousand slaps?” Chu Feng said.

Once Chu Feng’s words were heard, many of the people present were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

Originally, they felt that Chu Feng had shaken his head to refuse the condition of the bet. None of them had expected Chu Feng to say this sort of thing.

Chu Feng’s words were truly stunning, so much so that even Chu Lingxi, who was laying down on the lampstand at the summit of the palace hall, sat up. Her beautiful eyes were cast downward.

Evidently, even she felt that this swapping of pointers would be interesting.

“Very well, a thousand slaps it is. Merely, if you are to lose, you must not refuse to acknowledge the terms of the bet,” Yuwen Tingyi said.

“That is actually what I wanted to tell you,” Chu Feng said with a faint smile on his face.

“Haha. You’re quite confident,” Yuwen Tingyi laughed even more mockingly.

No matter what, Yuwen Tingyi had managed to turn the color of his glass ball purple. As for Chu Feng’s glass ball, it was only cyan.

Thus, Yuwen Tingyi felt that Chu Feng was merely courting a disaster to dare to swap pointers with him.

He felt that Chu Feng was simply being reckless.

“If everything’s fine, then let us begin,” Chu Feng stood at one end of the chessboard.

“Come,” Yuwen Tingyi also stood at the other side of the chessboard.



The next moment, the two men both instilled their respective spirit power into their chess pieces.

Right after that, the originally tranquil chessboard immediately started to change.

Those chess pieces actually began to stand up as if they were alive. In fact, they were even emitting light from their bodies.

Some of the chess pieces were holding blades in their hands; some were operating war chariots. At that moment, the clamor of close-combat fighting began to be heard. The two sides were both extremely imposing. They were like actual armies as they collided with one another.

The two armies crossed swords. Being controlled by Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi, the two armies began to kill one another.

With the fall of each chess piece, blood would splatter everywhere, and their bodies would be cut apart.

How could this be a game of chess? This was simply an actual battlefield. Everything seemed too real.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiang and his two buddies became extremely worried.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi could be said to be on par with one another. The battle was reaching a stalemate.

At the moment when Li Xiang and his two buddies were worried, Yuwen Tingyi was even more worried.

Originally, he had thought that, with his strength, he would be able to completely overwhelm Chu Feng.

Never did he expect that he would be locked in battle against Chu Feng.

Seeing his chess pieces being killed one after another, as his chess pieces grew fewer and fewer, he started to panic more and more.

After all, this sort of chess had a very simple rule for victory. That is, one would have to kill every single one of their opponent’s chess pieces.

The party with all of their chess pieces killed would be the losing party.

That being said, at the time when Yuwen Tingyi’s chess pieces were continuously decreasing in number, Chu Feng’s chess pieces were also continuously decreasing in number. The two armies were equally matched the entire time. Their battle was extremely intense.

“Woosh, woosh~~~”

Finally, two more chess pieces died. At that moment, only two chess pieces remained on the board. Both Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi had one chess piece each.

“Haha, I have underestimated you. You actually managed to battle me to such a state,” Yuwen Tingyi said as he looked to Chu Feng.

“Is it very unexpected? This scene is within my anticipation,” Chu Feng said.

“You think you’ll win?” Yuwen Tingyi asked.

“If I thought that I would lose, I wouldn’t have accepted the bet with you in the first place,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, let us see exactly which of us is stronger,” As Yuwen Tingyi spoke, he let out a loud shout. The next moment, surging spirit power began to surge into the last chess piece like a tide.

At that moment, the light on his chess piece started to grow much brighter. Its radiance had covered the entire chessboard.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng’s chess piece seemed to be extremely small and weak.


Under Yuwen Tingyi’s control, his last chess piece held forth its weapon and rushed toward Chu Feng’s chess piece.

Chu Feng’s chess piece remained motionless before all this.

Seeing this scene, the crowd thought that Chu Feng had given up.

Yuwen Tingyi had already instilled such a massively powerful amount of spirit power into his chess piece. Yet, Chu Feng did not have any reaction.

If this wasn’t giving up, what could it possibly be?

Right at that moment, the two chess pieces finally collided with one another. The two chess pieces both began to brandish their respective weapon to slice their opponent.


A stream of blood splattered forth. Then, the bright chessboard immediately grew dim.

Chu Feng’s chess piece remained completely undamaged. However, Yuwen Tingyi’s chess piece had been beheaded.

“Holy shit! He won! Big brother Chu Feng won!”

“Big brother Chu Feng, you’re simply too amazing!”

Li Xiang and his two buddies were unable to contain their excitement, and actually started shouting.

However, their expressions soon changed. Immediately afterward, they closed their mouths.

They suddenly remembered that they could not make a big fuss in that place.

However, even though they had clearly shouted, Chu Lingxi did not do anything to them.

At that moment, Chu Lingxi was sitting on a lampstand on the summit of the palace hall. She resembled a celestial fairy untainted by the mundane world. She looked very carefree and content.

She had a very relaxed expression in her eyes. At this moment, she was truly behaving like an observer.

“This is impossible!” Yuwen Tingyi shouted and stepped several steps back in succession. He did not dare to believe the scene before him.

“The outcome has been determined. Could it be that you’re planning to say that the chess pieces are lying?” Chu Feng said.

“There was a problem, there was most definitely a problem with the chessboard. How could I lose to you?”

“This glass ball of mine is purple, whereas yours is merely cyan! Your spirit power is inferior to my own! How could you possibly defeat me?!” Yuwen Tingyi shouted loudly.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed and shook his head. He did not bother to explain.

“This chessboard is something personally created by our clan’s clan chief. There is definitely no issue with it. It is you who has lost,” Right at that moment, an Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder spoke.

It turned out, that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder had been inside the palace hall the entire time. Even though he did not say anything, he had witnessed everything that had happened in the palace hall.