Chapter 2769 - Slap To Satisfaction

Chapter 2769 - Slap To Satisfaction

“Han Yu, as Yuwen Hualong’s friend, aren’t you going to say a few words to him?”

“Could it be that you’re planning to look on as he continues to do wrong?”

Chu Feng turned his gaze toward Han Yu.

Chu Feng knew very well that if Han Yu were to say something at a time like this, Yuwen Hualong would absolutely comply.

Even though the relationship between Han Yu and Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi seemed to be that of friends, Chu Feng felt that their relationship was more like master and servants.

Both Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi deeply feared Han Yu.

They would listen to his every word.

In this sort of situation, as long as Han Yu had any brains, he would persuade Yuwen Hualong.

After all, everyone could tell who was wrong and who was right. As long as Han Yu still cared about his own image, he would absolutely not stand on Yuwen Hualong’s side.

“Chu Feng, what are you saying? Although brother Hualong and I are close friends, this is his personal business. He has made his own decision. Thus, what can I possibly say about it?” Han Yu said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed slightly. He had not expected Han Yu to be this shameless.

However, Chu Feng did not give up. He said, “Are you unable to tell who is right and who is wrong?”


“I will not assess who is wrong and who is right. I can only tell you apologetically that I will not involve myself in this business between the two of you.”

Han Yu raised his hand and shrugged his shoulders. He revealed that he was powerless to do anything about the matter.

When Han Yu voiced his decision to not interfere, the matter entered a deadlock.

After all, if Yuwen Hualong insisted on refusing to comply with his agreement, there would not be anything that Chu Feng could do.

As for those present with weight behind their words, they decided to not involve themselves in the matter. Thus, Chu Feng felt rather helpless.

If he had to blame someone, then he could only blame the fact that he had underestimated Yuwen Hualong and Han Yu. He had underestimated how thick their skins were.

At the moment when Chu Feng was at a loss as to what to do, Han Yu, Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong all looked to Chu Feng with beaming smiles on their faces. Their gazes were filled with provocation.

They seemed to be saying ‘so what if we’ve lost? So what if we refuse to comply with our agreement? What can you possibly do about it?’

“Cough, cough…”

Right at that moment, a couple resounding coughs sounded from the corner of the palace hall.

At the same time, a figure began to walk toward Chu Feng and Yuwen Hualong.

That person was none other than the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder who had declared that the chessboard was created by their Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief.

After that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder approached, he asked Yuwen Hualong, “Yuwen Hualong, it seems that you’re determined to refuse to comply with your agreement?”

“So what if I am and so what if I’m not? I seem to recall that this is none of your concern, no?” Yuwen Hualong said in a very unyielding manner.

While he appeared to be very unyielding, his heart was actually lacking in confidence when he said those words.

After all, this Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder was very powerful. He was not someone that they, people of the younger generation, could contend against.

Moreover, they were in the territory of the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan. If the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan was to truly insist on involving themselves in the matter, there would truly not be anything that he could do.

“Haha…” That Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder laughed indifferently. Then, he said, “When you made the gambling agreement, the people present all witnessed it. It just so happens that this old man was also present. Thus, I can be said to be a witness to your gambling agreement.”

“As a witness, I am qualified to uphold justice. I’m afraid that it won’t do if you continue to insist on refusing to comply with the agreement after losing.”

After that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder finished saying those words, with a thought, Yuwen Hualong revealed a painful expression on his face. Following that, a ‘putt’ was heard, and Yuwen Hualong was forced to kneel on the ground.

“Senior, this is their personal matter. I’m afraid that it’s unsuitable for you to interfere and bully the young, no?”

“Could it be that your Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan plans to take advantage of its position to bully others?”

Right at that moment, Han Yu stood forth and put forth the label of ‘bullying the young’ on that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder.

Hearing those words, that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder started to frown.

Actually, he merely was unable to tolerate Yuwen Hualong’s shameless behavior.

If he was truly to be labeled with ‘bullying the young,’ then he would be placed in quite a difficult situation.

After all, in the end, this was a personal bet between Chu Feng and Yuwen Hualong. There was no obligation for the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan to involve themselves in this matter.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng said, “Brother Han Yu, didn’t you say that you were not going to involve yourself in this matter?”

Then, with a beaming smile on his face, he looked to Han Yu. “Oh, I get it. When Yuwen Hualong was refusing to comply with his agreement, you would not involve yourself in this matter. However, when Yuwen Hualong ended up suffering, you actually did involve yourself in this matter.”

“In the end, you merely do not wish to have Yuwen Hualong suffer losses.”

“However, if that’s the case, then I must say brother Han Yu, I am very disappointed in you.”

“They all say that you’re someone who can clearly distinguish between gratitude and grudges. However, seeing things now, you’re merely a vile individual who would shield one’s friends. As for the so-called being distinctive of gratitude and grudges, haha, it’s actually nothing more than a false reputation.”

“You…” Han Yu started to gnash his teeth furiously. He pointed at Chu Feng and wanted to refute him.

Before Han Yu could speak, Chu Feng interrupted him and turned to ask the crowd, “What about me? Was what I said incorrect? Everyone, say, am I not correct?”

“Could it be that it really was I, Chu Feng, who was wrong today? Could it be that it was I, Chu Feng, who was at fault?”

“You’re not wrong. Brother Chu Feng, you’re not at fault. We have all witnessed this thing. You were very reasonable.”

“That’s right. The one at fault is not you. We can bear witness to this matter.”

At that moment, many people in the crowd began to speak out in support of Chu Feng.

Even though they did not explicitly state that it was Han Yu and Yuwen Hualong in the wrong, the intention behind their words was simply saying that Han Yu and Yuwen Hualong were in the wrong.

“Speaking of it, was it not Han Yu who stated that he would not involve himself in this matter earlier?” Chu Feng asked the crowd.

“That’s right. He said that. We all heard it.”

“Young master Han Yu, you indeed said that earlier. Could it be that you’ve forgotten what you said?”

The crowd began to echo in agreement. There were even people who began to question Han Yu.

In this sort of situation, even though Han Yu was feeling extremely unwilling to accept it, he found it unsuitable to say anymore.

After all, Xia Yun’er and Chu Lingxi were among the people present. He feared that if he was to do something too excessive, he would earn their contempt.

Thus, in the end, Han Yu waved his sleeve, turned around and said no more.

Merely, his fists within his sleeves were clenched tightly and making creaking sounds. His expression was also frighteningly malevolent.

Chu Feng knew very well that Han Yu would not swallow this anger so easily.

However, so what? Han Yu had felt enormous hostility toward Chu Feng from the very beginning. Even if something like this didn’t happen., Han Yu would, sooner or later, try to take care of Chu Feng.

Thus, Chu Feng simply did not concern himself with Han Yu’s anger. Instead, he looked to the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder and clasped his fist. “Thank you, senior, for upholding justice.”

“My little friend, you do not have to be this courteous. This is merely my duty.”

After being thanked by Chu Feng, that Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder actually revealed a smile on his face.

Then, he looked to Li Xiang and said, “Little friend, we must handle things fairly. Ten thousand slaps, you must not surpass that amount.”

“Right,” At that moment, Li Xiang did not hesitate. He rolled up his sleeves and revealed his thick and robust arms. Then, taking large strides, he walked toward Yuwen Hualong.

However, Li Xiang did not start slapping Yuwen Hualong immediately. Instead, he asked Yuwen Hualong, “What did you say I was earlier?”

Yuwen Hualong wanted to speak. However, before he could start, Li Xiang’s arm had already swung forth. “Paa!” Li Xiang’s hand landed ruthlessly on Yuwen Hualong’s cheek.

At the same time, Li Xiang shouted, “Your daddy is not a fucking coward!”

After he finished saying those words, Li Xiang’s two arms began to swing nonstop.





Loud echos that sounded like firecrackers began to sound in the palace hall nonstop.

However, those were no firecrackers. Instead, they were the sound of Li Xiang’s hands landing on Yuwen Hualong’s cheeks nonstop.

Seeing Li Xiang’s powerful slaps and Yuwen Hualong’s furious yet powerless expression, Chu Feng revealed a smile on his face again.

He knew that those ten thousand slaps would be sufficient to satisfy Li Xiang.