Chapter 2743 - Black-Haired Man

Chapter 2743 - Black-Haired Man

“Aunt, then what is the use of those banners?” Chu Feng grew even more curious about the use of the two banners.

He was able to tell that while those two banners appeared shabby, they were actually extraordinary treasures, and most definitely had some sort of special use.

“These two banners were also left behind by that expert. The inside of the Sacred Mountain possesses pressure that will restrict one’s cultivation. With these banners, one will be able to get rid of a certain amount of the restriction and increase one’s speed. This will also make it easier to avoid dangers,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“There’s actually such a treasure?” Chu Feng received the banners and observed them carefully. The more he observed them, the more surprised he felt.

He was surprised by how powerful those small banners were. After all, he had been to the Sacred Mountain before and knew that the pressure from the Sacred Mountain was no small matter. For ordinary people, they would definitely be under restrictions upon entering the Sacred Mountain.

However, these little banners actually possessed the power to break free from those restrictions. Even though they were only able to break free from a portion of the Sacred Mountain’s restrictions, that was more than sufficient to show how powerful the little banners were.

“That expert said that those banners were something that was given to him by someone else. The person who gave him the banners was also the person who told him the secret of the Sacred Mountain. That expert also addressed that person as expert,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“No wonder,” Chu Feng nodded.

The expert that Song Xi’s mother mentioned was most definitely an extraordinary individual. To be able to be addressed as an expert by that expert meant that the person who gave him those banners was an even more extraordinary and powerful individual.

Looking at things in such a manner, it would be natural for those banners to be as powerful as they were since they originated from that grand expert.

It would instead be abnormal if those little banners were not powerful.

“Oh no, my map is gone!”

Right at that moment, Song Xi’s mother’s expression suddenly changed enormously.

She began to nervously check her clothes. However, the more she did that, the paler her face became. In merely the blink of an eye, she was covered with sweat.

Evidently, that so-called map had not been placed in the wooden case. Rather, she had carried it with her.

“They must’ve taken it. What do we do now?!” Song Xi’s mother started to panic. The ‘they’ that she was talking about were most definitely the people from the Grand Mountain Monastery.

“Aunt, don’t panic. I think I know where that place is,” Chu Feng said.

“You know the place?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, both Song Xi and Song Xi’s mother were astonished.

“Is this what that gate looks like?” Chu Feng used a spirit formation to sketch out the appearance of that strange gate.

“Yes, that is it. That’s the place,” Song Xi’s mother nodded her head repeatedly. Then, she asked Chu Feng, “Lord Chu Feng, how did you find that place?”

“It was merely a coincidence,” Chu Feng said.

After that, Chu Feng brought Song Xi and his mother and started to proceed for that strange gate.

Had it been before, it would have taken him several days to reach that strange gate.

However, with the banners, Chu Feng’s power was no longer as restricted as before.

Even though Chu Feng was still unable to fly in the sky, he was able to use his martial skills and secret skills.

Under those circumstances, Chu Feng’s speed became extremely fast. The journey that would’ve taken him several days was completed in merely half a day.

Chu Feng accurately arrived at where that strange gate was located. Upon seeing the gate, Song Xi’s mother verified that it was indeed the place left behind by that expert.

Using the key, Chu Feng opened the gate. Then, a long corridor appeared before them.

When Chu Feng saw the vast long corridor before them, he started to frown.

The aura emitted by the long corridor was even more frightening than that of the gate itself. It was as if the corridor led to hell.

Right at that moment, Song Xi’s mother said, “Lord Chu Feng, there are no traps here. We can proceed forward with ease.”

It was only after hearing what Song Xi’s mother said that Chu Feng gained the courage to continue onward. Merely, even with that being the case, Chu Feng still did not dare to lower his guard.

However, the journey so far had been as Song Xi’s mother had said. Even though the frightening aura was truly terrifying and was growing stronger and stronger, they did not run into any actual danger.

Because of this, Chu Feng began to grow even more daring. He started to accelerate his pace.

Finally, Chu Feng, Song Xi and Song Xi’s mother arrived at the end of the long corridor.

They had arrived at a palace hall. There were four walls, and the area they encompassed was merely a thousand meters. It could be said that this was a very small palace hall.

However, upon entering the palace hall, Chu Feng’s attention was immediately captured by the spirit formation in the center of the palace hall.

It was a very powerful spirit formation. Chu Feng felt that the person who set up that spirit formation was at least an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Furthermore, that spirit formation was very strange. Rather than calling it a spirit formation, it resembled an altar.

After observing the spirit formation, Chu Feng’s eyes landed at the center of the spirit formation. At that place was a spheroid. That spheroid was not very large. Its diameter was roughly two meters.

Chu Feng felt that the power of the spirit formation should’ve originated from that spheroid.

Apart from that spirit formation, there was also a coffin inside the palace hall.

Song Xi and his mother rushed toward that coffin right after they caught sight of it. After they opened the coffin, they saw a corpse lying inside.

Perhaps the corpse was treated using a special formation, but it was very well preserved. There was no trace of rot at all.

That corpse was that of a man. That man’s appearance resembled Song Xi a lot. Likely, that man was Song Xi’s father.

“Mother, is he my father?” Song Xi asked.

“That’s right. Xi-boy, he’s your father,” Song Xi’s mother nodded repeatedly.

Hearing those words, Song Xi immediately kneeled onto the ground and started to kowtow to his father’s corpse.

As for Song Xi’s mother, she started to shed silent tears emotionally as she grabbed Song Xi’s father’s hand firmly.


The spheroid in the center of spirit formation suddenly started to shine brightly. After the light started to dissipate, Chu Feng discovered that the spheroid was slowly opening.

When that spheroid opened, a man was actually sitting cross-legged inside.

That man had a middle-aged appearance. He was very handsome. However, his face was deathly pale.

His long black hair scattered across his back. This made him look somewhat wild and unruly.

Chu Feng was able to sense that the man was very powerful. However, he was unable to tell exactly what level of cultivation he possessed.

“Milord, you’re still alive?”

“This is great. I’ve brought Xi-boy here. Look, Xi-boy has already become so big.”

“Milord, I might as well speak honestly. Xi-boy had come here for your inheritance.”

“However, since you’re still alive, we won’t need that inheritance. Milord, I hope that you can take Xi-boy as your disciple. This child is truly too fond of martial cultivation.”

Song Xi’s mother grew extremely excited when she saw the man. She kneeled on the ground and began to tell him the reason they’d come.

However, that man reacted as if he did not hear what Song Xi’s mother said.

With a cold expression on his face, he said, “If you want to accept the inheritance, then enter the spirit formation. However, the process of accepting the inheritance will be very painful. If you are unable to accept it, then abort immediately. Otherwise, it will be a fatal danger.”

“Now then, go ahead and enter the formation,” the man raised his hand and pointed ahead.

“Milord, since you’re still alive, it means that you’re fine. If you’re fine now, why do you still insist on handing your inheritance to Xi-boy?” Song Xi’s mother asked.