Chapter 2744 - Receiving The Inheritance

Chapter 2744 - Receiving The Inheritance

“Aunt, you should get up, that senior has already died. Although his body still remains, it is only because of a spirit formation he set up while he was still alive. Thus, when someone arrives at this place, he will automatically speak and move his hand.”

“However, he is actually already dead,” Chu Feng said.

“So that’s the case,” Song Xi’s mother stood back up after hearing what Chu Feng said. Then, she looked to Song Xi.

The reason for that was because Song Xi had already approached that formation. He was only a step away from entering the formation.


He was planning to receive the inheritance.

Furthermore, judging from his eyes, one could tell how impatient he was.

“Xi-boy, mother knows that you thirst for power and long to become stronger.”

“However, the significance of being alive is even more important. That expert already said it, it will be very dangerous to receive the inheritance. If you are unable to withstand it after entering it, you should abort and come out immediately. Got it?” Song Xi’s mother said. After all, Song Xi was her son. Even though she was prepared, she was still worried for Song Xi’s safety.

“Mother, please rest assured. You know how I am, I will not act rashly,” Song Xi seemed to be afraid that his mother would be worried about him. Thus, he forced a smile onto his face. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that Song Xi was actually very nervous and scared.

After Song Xi finished saying those words to his mother, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, although you are younger than me, you have been taking care of me like an older brother.”

“Not only have you saved me, but you’ve also saved my mother. I truly owe you a lot. The favor that you’ve given me is something that I am unable to return.”

“Thus, I have a request. If I am unable to receive the inheritance, then I hope that you can receive this inheritance on my behalf.”

After Song Xi said those words, he stepped into that spirit formation without waiting for Chu Feng to answer him.


Once Song Xi entered the spirit formation, the man sitting in the center of the formation suddenly stood up. The next moment, he scattered like a body of light.

He had assimilated into that spirit formation.

After his body turned into light and was assimilated into the spirit formation, the spirit formation started to operate.


Once the grand formation was activated, a miserable scream sounded from Song Xi’s mouth.

Song Xi half knelt on the ground. Soon, he laid flat on the ground. He started to roll around the ground in pain. From his appearance, it seemed that he was unable to withstand the inheritance. Seeing all that, Song Xi’s mother was so worried that tears started to flow from her eyes. She clenched her clothes tightly, but did not dare to say anything out of fear that she would affect Song Xi.

Chu Feng was very worried for Song Xi. However, he did not say anything.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to clearly see that the power that the black-haired man changed into was gradually spiraling around Song Xi and entering his body.

That sort of instillment was a forced instillment. Furthermore, it was merely the beginning. If Song Xi was unable to endure the current level of pain, he would have no way to endure the pain that would come later.

“Xi-boy, if you cannot endure it, come out immediately. There is no need to risk your life like this,” finally, Song Xi’s mother was unable to contain herself. She was worried that Song Xi would lose his life.

As for Chu Feng, he continued to stare at the changes to the grand formation as well as Song Xi’s reaction. Chu Feng did not want Song Xi to lose his life either. Thus, he was planning to rush in and save Song Xi should Song Xi really become unable to withstand the grand formation.

However, Song Xi seemed to be very determined this time around. He had managed to persist for longer than Chu Feng had anticipated.

Judging from this, while the pain was truly difficult to endure, it seemed that Song Xi might be able to endure it.

However, as time passed, that grand formation changed.

In the beginning, the grand formation was white. Then, it turned golden. However, that could still be considered to be normal.

Yet that moment, the spirit formation was filled with green mist. Furthermore, the mist was changing forms nonstop. It occasionally turned into demonic faces and human skulls. It was as if there were a myriad of grievance-filled ghosts within the mist. It was a truly scary sight.

“Eggy, did you notice that? That spirit formation is acting strange,” Chu Feng said.

“Indeed, it’s acting strange. It would appear that so-called expert has not trained in ordinary martial cultivation techniques. Rather, it was some sort of corrupted practice,” Her Lady Queen said.

“No wonder he was able to forcibly instill his cultivation and power in another. It is also no wonder that Song Xi’s father ended up becoming possessed by the devil.”

“It would appear, that that expert trained in a special sort of demonic technique,” Chu Feng said.

“Thinking about it now, the fact that he was able to revive himself would not be strange.”

“Chu Feng, do you plan to stop Song Xi? This inheritance is truly somewhat dangerous,” Her Lady Queen said.

“This is his own choice. As long as he can still persist in that spirit formation, I cannot forcibly stop him. If he is truly unable to persist any longer and in fatal danger, I will help him then,” Chu Feng said.

Just like that, Chu Feng continued to look on nervously. He was waiting and prepared should Song Xi not be able to persist.

However, Song Xi managed to continue to persist. It was only after a very long time that he finally spoke.

He was no longer screaming. Instead, he spoke.

“Chu Feng, save me! I am no longer able to persist! Quickly, get me out of here!” Song Xi shouted. However, his voice was very weak.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately moved. He jumped into that grand formation and planned to bring Song Xi out.

However, once he entered the spirit formation and grabbed onto Song Xi’s clothes, he discovered that all of his strength was gone. He was actually unable to move. He was simply unable to bring Song Xi out of there.


Right at that moment, green gaseous substances visible to the naked eye began to move toward Chu Feng. They started to bore into Chu Feng’s body, into his soul.


At that moment, even Chu Feng let out a painful scream after enduring the unbearable pain. Indeed, that sort of pain was something that ordinary people could not withstand.

Even Chu Feng found it unbearable.

Fortunately, the pain only lasted for a short moment before disappearing.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s head was still slightly in pain. However, he discovered that the grand formation had ceased its operation.

That man’s silhouette appeared again in the center of the grand formation.

Merely, this time around, his body was no longer intact. Instead, it seemed like it was his spirit body.

“Has it ended?” Chu Feng asked. He felt that the inheritance process should have ended.

“Remember, the inheritance that you’ve received is the Ten Thousand Poisons Demon Sect’s inheritance.”

“Although the Ten Thousand Poisons Demon Sect trains in an irregular martial technique, we will never do anything evil and malicious.”

“Since you’ve received the inheritance of the Ten Thousand Poisons Demon Sect and obtained the Ten Thousand Poisons Mysterious Technique, you will be considered a disciple of the Ten Thousand Poisons Demon Sect.”

“While I do not ask for you to join the Ten Thousand Poisons Demon Sect, I hope that you will be able to do more good and less evil.”

After he finished saying those words, that man stood up, spread open his palm and the spheroid started to change. The spheroid turned into light and dispersed into thin air. Beneath that spheroid was actually a Cosmos Sack.

The Cosmos Sack began to float by itself and landed in that man’s hand. Then, that man tossed the Cosmos Sack toward Chu Feng and Song Xi. As Song Xi had fallen unconscious and Chu Feng did not try to receive that Cosmos Sack, the Cosmos Sack fell flat onto the ground.

“Those are all yours. Remember, do more good and less evil. Otherwise… even in the underworld, I will not let you get away.”

After he finished saying those words, the man turned into a body of light again and dissipated into thin air. At the same time, the grand formation also started to disappear.

That man had disappeared without leaving behind even his corpse or bones.

“What’s going on? Did that guy refine even his body?”

“Truly! This Queen was thinking that I would be able to refine his source energy too,” Her Lady Queen spoke disappointedly.

“Don’t feel sad. After all, even if his corpse was left intact, I would not have allowed you to refine his source energy,” Chu Feng said.

“Why’s that?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Because he passed on his power to Song Xi. Thus, he could be said to be Song Xi’s master. Likely, Song Xi would not allow you to be disrespectful toward him either,” Chu Feng said.

“No, he would. That’s because you’re his savior,” Her Lady Queen said with a mischievous laugh.