Chapter 2742 - Family Heirloom

Chapter 2742 - Family Heirloom

“Inside the Sacred Mountain? Could he be talking about the interior of the Sacred Mountain?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, it’s not as simple as merely the interior. Rather, it’s the Sacred Mountain World,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Sacred Mountain World? What is that?” Chu Feng asked.

“The Sacred Mountain World is a treasure deposit. According to that expert, there is an enormous treasure deposit in the Sacred Mountain.”


“He said that there was a boundless amount of riches in the Sacred Mountain World. In fact, Immortal Armaments and Taboo Martial Skills were present everywhere,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Boundless amount of riches with Immortal Armaments and Taboo Martial Skills present everywhere? Heavens, Chu Feng, doesn’t that sound exactly like that wasteland that we entered?” Her Lady Queen said.

“Let me ask about it,” actually, even without Her Lady Queen calling it to his attention, Chu Feng had thought about that mysterious wasteland too.

Thus, Chu Feng asked, “Aunt, did that expert ever mention to you what that Sacred Mountain World is like?”


“That expert never told me anything like that. After all, that was merely a rumor he’d heard himself,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“In that case, did that expert ever mention to you what sort of method one must use in order to enter the Sacred Mountain World?” Chu Feng asked.

“He said that no one knows where the Sacred Mountain World is located, and no one knows how to enter it.”

“Actually, that expert had arrived in this region precisely for that Sacred Mountain World. The reason why he was seriously injured was because he encountered a mishap in the Sacred Mountain,” Song Xi’s mother said.


“You’re saying that expert was unable to survive for much longer because of an encounter in the Sacred Mountain?” Chu Feng asked.

“That is precisely it,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“In that case, did he ever mention what sort of mishap he encountered?” Chu Feng asked.

“He said that it was a dark black gaseous flame that emerged from beneath the ground. That dark black gaseous flame was extremely fast. It engulfed him in the blink of an eye.”

“After he was engulfed by the dark black gaseous flames, he felt that his blood, his flesh, his power and his soul were all being absorbed by the dark black gaseous flames while he was still alive. He was feeling a pain he had never felt before.”

“Fortunately, he had trained in a special ability. That ability allowed him to shed his mortal body and be reborn.”

“Using that ability, he obtained a rebirth. After he was reborn, he discovered that the dark black gaseous flames had disappeared. As for his original body, it had turned into a dried corpse,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Dried corpse,” at that moment, Chu Feng and Song Xi looked to one another.

The two of them thought of the same thing. They were thinking of the appearance of those dead people from the Zhao Mansion.

Those people had died at the foot of the Sacred Mountain. Furthermore, their manner of death was extremely strange. Thus, one could not help but think that their deaths were related to the Sacred Mountain.

“It would appear that expert managed to temporarily escape the calamity by being reborn. Unfortunately, he was still seriously injured in the process. That injury originated from his soul. Thus, he was unable to recover,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right. That is precisely what that expert siad. Later on, that expert said that the danger we encountered that day was precisely that dark black gaseous flame.”

“Merely, that expert managed to discover it ahead of time. Thus, before that dark black gaseous flame could appear, we had already escaped. We only managed to escape calamity because of that.”

“Thus, Lord Chu Feng, that place is truly extremely dangerous. If you’re not willing to bring us there, you don’t have to do it,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Aunt, I’ve said it already. I have been to the Sacred Mountain several times now. It really isn’t as dangerous as you’ve described,” Chu Feng said.

“Lord Chu Feng, you’re really willing to help us? Even though you know of the dangers in the Sacred Mountain, you’re still planning to bring us there?” Song Xi’s mother asked.

“Of course,” Chu Feng spoke with certainty.

“Lord Chu Feng, you are truly a good man. I truly do not know how to thank you for all this.”

“However, I am really unable to live for much longer. If we can go there, then let us proceed now. Is that fine with you?” Song Xi’s mother asked.

“That is exactly what I’m thinking. There’s no time to delay,” Chu Feng said.

“Good, good, good.”

Song Xi’s mother was feeling very happy. She walked out of the room as she spoke.


Originally, Chu Feng and Song Xi thought that Song Xi’s mother was going to lead the way. Thus, they both followed her out the room.

Suddenly, to their surprise, Song Xi’s mother dived into the ground.

Her diving speed was very fast. Furthermore, she was diving very deep into the ground.

Chu Feng didn’t know what Song Xi’s mother was doing. However, he knew that this was most definitely not the path to the Sacred Mountain.


Thus, Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes and began to survey the direction that Song Xi’s mother was diving toward.

Chu Feng was able to see very far with his Heaven’s Eyes. In the end, he discovered a case deep underground.

Chu Feng finally realized why Song Xi’s mother was diving into the ground. Likely, she was trying to retrieve that case.

That case appeared to be very ordinary. It was like an ordinary wooden case.

However, even with Chu Feng’s current strength, he was unable to see through that wooden case. Naturally, he was thus also unable to see what was inside that wooden case.

Soon, Song Xi’s mother managed to reach the wooden case. She retrieved it and returned to the surface.

“Mother, that is our family heirloom,” Song Xi said as he saw the case.

“Actually, this is something that expert left behind,” Song Xi’s mother said with a smile.

After hearing those words, both Chu Feng and Song Xi realized why Song Xi’s mother would be furious when she discovered Song Xi’s then-fiancee had stolen their family heirloom. It turned out that that family heirloom was actually very important.

Song Xi’s mother opened the case. Inside the case were two small banners and a special wooden item.

The wooden item seemed to have no discernible use. It was roughly the size of two palms. At a glance, it looked very simple and crude, and simply could not be considered a work of art.

As it was not a work of art, nor was it a utensil, it didn’t seem to have any uses at all.

As for the two banners, they were also very shabby. At a glance, it didn’t seem like they had any uses either.

However, when Chu Feng saw the two small banners and that wooden item, his pupils shrunk, and his expression changed enormously.

At that moment, Chu Feng recalled that mysterious gate he had discovered on the Sacred Mountain.

That mysterious gate had emitted a very dangerous aura. Even Her Lady Queen, someone from the Asura Spirit World, did not wish Chu Feng to stay there for long.

The key to open that gate should be an unusual item. Although he was only able to see the recess, Chu Feng was able to have a rough idea as to what the key should look like.


At that moment, the wooden item inside that wooden case was simply a perfect match for the key Chu Feng had in mind.


At that moment, Chu Feng already knew where Song Xi’s mother was planning to go.

“Lord Chu Feng, that expert was afraid that people would try to trespass upon that place. Thus, he deliberately set up a hindrance.”

“Ordinary people would simply not be able to enter that place. Only through the use of this key can one open the gate and enter that place,” Song Xi’s mother said while holding that wooden item in her hand.

“Chu Feng, it really is that place.”

“This is great, we’ll be able to open that gate.”

“Haha, this is truly a coincidence. That strange gate was actually related to Song Xi. I truly never expected for Song Xi to have this sort of origin. This Queen has underestimated him.”

Her Lady Queen was very excited. It appeared that she had also guessed that the wooden item was the key to open that strange gate.

And now, things were very clear. The two of them had both guessed correctly.

“Indeed, it’s very coincidental. However, in that case, it would appear that there are no treasures inside that gate. Even if there are treasures, they were prepared for Song Xi.”

“As for the frightening aura emitted by the gate, it should be done deliberately as a deterrence to prevent others from trying to trespass into it,” Chu Feng said.

“That should be the case. Didn’t I say that there was nothing that could make this Queen scared?” Her Lady Queen spoke proudly.