Chapter 2741 - Regarding The Sacred Mountain

Chapter 2741 - Regarding The Sacred Mountain

“Originally, I had wanted you to live your life normally. After all, to enjoy a normal life would be a blessing.”

“However, never did I expect that you would be this infatuated with martial cultivation. Rather than having you risk your life outside, it is better that I tell you the truth,” Song Xi’s mother said.

At that moment, not only were Song Xi’s eyes wide open in shock, but even Chu Feng, who stood to one side, revealed a change in expression.

At that moment, Chu Feng realized that Song Xi’s origin might not be as simple as he had anticipated.

“Your father used to be an ordinary individual. When I first knew him, he was merely a Half Martial Ancestor. His talent for martial cultivation was inferior to yours.”

“However, by chance, he saved a person. That person he saved was most definitely not an ordinary individual. Instead, he was a great expert.”


“Unfortunately, the person he saved was too seriously injured. It was simply impossible to cure that person’s injuries. He was on the verge of death, and would not live for long.”


“That person he saved did not wish to have his martial cultivation that he had spent his entire life obtaining to be lost just like that. Furthermore, he was feeling grateful towards your father for saving him. Thus, he forcibly instilled a portion of his cultivation and power into your father’s body.”

“After obtaining that grand expert’s cultivation, your father’s cultivation started to rise rapidly. The speed at which his cultivation increased was simply unbelievable. That was most definitely something completely unreasonable. However, it really did happen to your father.”

“Not long afterward, your father had reached the True Immortal realm from his original cultivation of Half Martial Ancestor. Furthermore, his cultivation was still increasing.”


“Unfortunately… your father… was unable to withstand the cultivation and power that expert had instilled into his body.”

“That expert wanted to save your father. He wanted to strip the cultivation and power from your father’s body.”

“However, your father was determined to persevere.”

“That expert said that if your father was to continue on like this, he would become possessed by the devil and no longer recognize his father. Furthermore, he would likely start to willfully slaughter the innocent and might even harm you and me.”


“However, even with that being the case, your father still insisted on persisting through. He had grown obsessed. After experiencing the power of an expert, he was unwilling to renounce his newfound cultivation.”

“In the end, that expert decided to create a place to seal both your father and himself. If your father ended up being able to withstand the inheritance from that expert, that expert would release your father.”

“However, if your father was unable to withstand the inheritance from that expert, truly became possessed by the devil and was no longer capable of being saved, that expert would bury himself and your father together.”


“However, that expert said that if that really ended up happening, he would strip his inheritance from your father and set up an inheritance formation at that place.”

“That expert left the key to the entrance of that place to me. He told me that if you were to ever want to accept his inheritance, I can bring you there,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Mother, in that case, my father might still be alive?” Song Xi asked.

“That’s impossible,” Song Xi’s mother shook her head. She said, “That expert said that if your father was unable to leave that place within a year’s time, he would be dead.”

“Thus, both your father and that expert must’ve died. After all, it has been many years now,” Song Xi’s mother said.


“Mother, in that case, you wish to have me accept the inheritance?” Song Xi asked.

“Mother does not have much longer to live. I wish to be buried together with your father. That’s why I want to go there to find your father.”

“At the same time, I also wish to ask you if you want to accept that expert’s inheritance.”

“If you are to accept it, you will obtain power and talent for martial cultivation that does not belong to you. Yet, it will also serve as an enormous risk. If you are unable to withstand that power, you will end up suffering the same fate as your father,” Song Xi’s mother said.

A tangled expression filled her face as she said those words.

After all, that was a dangerous thing. As Song Xi’s mother, she actually did not want Song Xi to attempt such dangers.

Else, she would’ve told Song Xi about all this long ago. She wouldn’t have waited till this day to tell him.

However, since she had told Song Xi about this today, it was most likely because she had realized how dangerous the world of martial cultivators was.

Rather than have her son live his life pettily and lowly at the bottom of the martial cultivation world, it would be better that he take on this risk.

“Mother, I am naturally willing to accept it. I do not wish to continue to let things take their course without being able to do anything. I do not wish to have the people around me suffer harm and hardships again. I wish to become like Chu Feng, I wish to be able to protect you all.”


“I am willing to accept it. Mother, I am willing to accept it,” Song Xi was very emotional. At the same time, he was very decisive. He was determined.

“All that being said, it remains that that place is very dangerous. If it is only you and I, it will be very difficult for us to arrive there safely.”


“Thus, we will have to ask Lord Chu Feng to take us there.”

“As for Lord Chu Feng, he has already agreed to help. Xi-boy, quickly express your thanks to Lord Chu Feng.”


At that moment, Song Xi’s mother pulled Song Xi toward Chu Feng and prepared to kneel to him.

Chu Feng was already prepared for this. Right when the two of them began to bend their knees, Chu Feng immediately held their arms and pulled them up.

“Aunt, please be completely at ease. Regardless of where it might be, Chu Feng will bring both of you there,” Chu Feng said.

“Actually, I know where that place is, as well as how to get there. However, that place is simply too dangerous. Because of that, I feel very apologetic,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Then, Aunt, where is that place?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s inside the Sacred Mountain,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Inside the Sacred Mountain?” Both Chu Feng and Song Xi were startled upon hearing those words.

However, upon thinking about it, Chu Feng seemed to realize why Song Xi’s mother was unwilling to leave and planned to spent the rest of her life there.

Likely, it was because of this.

“Chu Feng has been into the Sacred Mountain a couple of times. There is no danger there. As long as Aunt knows the way, we will definitely be able to reach our destination,” Chu Feng said.

“No, it’s very dangerous, it’s truly dangerous. We encountered the danger the day we entered the Sacred Mountain. Had it not been for that expert discovering the danger and bringing us away from it, we would have all died.”

“Chu Feng, please trust me, I would not deceive you.”

“Although your cultivation is very powerful and you are most definitely not someone ordinary, it remains that you are very young. Thus, aunt will say something rude. Lord Chu Feng, when compared to that expert from back then, there is an enormous disparity between the two of you.”

“Although we did not witness what the so-called danger was, I personally witnessed the frightened expression on that expert’s face.”

“It was the first time I’d ever witnessed such an expression on that expert’s face.”


“In fact, he was shivering.”

“I truly cannot imagine what could have caused an existence like that expert to be so afraid.”


“If I have to try and imagine it, then it must be a demon from the depths of hell,” Song Xi’s mother said.

“Chu Feng, judging from the reaction of Song Xi’s mother, it doesn’t seem like she’s lying to you.”

“It would appear that we must be careful when entering the Sacred Mountain again,” Her Lady Queen said.


“Mn, the Sacred Mountain is truly a very strange place,” Chu Feng agreed. However, he was also very curious. Thus, he asked Song Xi’s mother, “Aunt, that expert seemed to know the Sacred Mountain very well? In that case, did that expert ever mention anything else about the Sacred Mountain to you?”

“At that time, I was very curious. Thus, I asked that expert about the Sacred Mountain. That expert answered my questions, but stated that what he knew were merely rumors too.”


“According to him, the outside of the Sacred Mountain was merely a layer of manifestation. The people back then were mistaken to think that the treasure of the Sacred Mountain would be its extremely dense natural energies.”

“The Sacred Mountain was indeed a treasure. Even now, it is a treasure. However, its actual treasure is not the things on the surface of the Sacred Mountain, but rather something inside the Sacred Mountain,” Song Xi’s mother said.