Chapter 2740 - Song Xi’s Father

Chapter 2740 - Song Xi’s Father


“Please, please kill me.”

“Eaaahh~~~ I’m unable to take this anymore. I am truly unable to take this anymore.”

“Milord, I was wrong. I truly know I was wrong. I beg of you, please, please kill me. Please just let me die.”

Being burned and tormented by the raging flames, the people from the Zhao Mansion had already given up hopes of living, and began to beg Chu Feng to kill them.

However, Chu Feng simply ignored their begging.

In that sort of situation, the miserable screams from the people of the Zhao Mansion grew more and more horrifying, more and more unbearable to listen to.

However, perhaps the people from the Zhao Mansion were truly frightened by Chu Feng, but they were very sensible in one aspect.

Even though their begging was ineffective, they did not curse at Chu Feng.

However, even with the situation being like that, Chu Feng still continued to ignore them.

There was no trace of emotion on Chu Feng’s face even after hearing those screams.

Their pain was precisely the punishment that Chu Feng wanted to bestow upon them.

“Chu Feng, I think you should just kill them,” Song Xi said to Chu Feng.

He was actually pleading leniency for the people of the Zhao Mansion. That being said, he was not pleading for Chu Feng to spare them this time around. Instead, he just wanted Chu Feng to let them die without having to suffer like that.

However, it remained that Song Xi was acting soft-hearted.

Likely, the reason why Song Xi was reacting like that was because his mother appeared to be fine. However, he had no idea that his mother merely appeared to be fine, but was actually unable to even live for three more days.

Seeing Song Xi’s behavior, Chu Feng called Song Xi to the side and mentioned his mother’s situation to him.

Chu Feng would not be able to conceal the matter forever. Rather than have Song Xi be shocked by it after the fact, it was better to have Song Xi prepare for it.


At the very least, should he know that his mother would not be able to live for much longer, Song Xi would be able to treasure the remaining days he had left with his mother.

“Chu Feng, you… you’re not joking with me right?”

Song Xi did not believe what Chu Feng told him. Perhaps it was because he was unwilling to accept the truth. Regardless, Song Xi actually forced a smile onto his face.

“Do I look like I’m joking with you?” Chu Feng asked with a very stern voice.

“No,” Song Xi shook his head. At that moment, the forced smile on his face disappeared.


“They have harmed your mother to such a state, yet you still want to plead for them. Song Xi, when will you be able to put a end to your soft-heartedness?” Chu Feng asked.

“I was wrong,” Song Xi said those words and then became silent.

However, he remained silent for merely a short period of time. After that, he once again forced a smile onto his face. He did not attempt to plead for leniency for the people of the Zhao Mansion again. However, he also did not request for Chu Feng to continue to torture them.

Instead, he turned around and walked to his mother and began to attend to his mother again.

Song Xi became cheerful and lively. He was reacting as if he were fine. Likely, he did not want his mother to know about her situation.


As for Chu Feng, he also felt that it was unsuitable to have Song Xi’s mother continue to hear the miserable screams of those people from the Zhao Mansion.

After all, that would truly affect one’s state of mind.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to bring Song Xi and his mother away from that place. As for the people from the Zhao Mansion, Chu Feng did not concern himself with them.


The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that they would definitely end up dying, that no one would be able to save them.

After returning to where Song Xi lived, Chu Feng constructed a residence according to the original appearance of Song Xi’s residence.

With that, Song Xi, his mother and Aunt Jing would be able to live together again.

Chu Feng did not leave. He was planning to accompany Song Xi’s mother in her final days.


Song Xi’s mother had been in a coma the entire time before. Thus, she didn’t know anything about Chu Feng.

She had only heard Chu Feng’s name during the time when she was being tortured in the Grand Mountain Monastery.

However, she had no idea how Chu Feng and Song Xi got to know one another.


As such, she had been making inquiries about Chu Feng the entire time.

On the second day, Song Xi’s mother suddenly said that she had something she needed to tell Chu Feng in private and forced Song Xi and Aunt Jing out of the room.

Although no one knew what she was planning, no one went against her wishes.


“Lord Chu Feng, thank you for looking after my Xi-boy.”

Song Xi’s mother suddenly bent her knees. She was actually planning to kneel to Chu Feng.

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly move to help her up. Chu Feng stopped her from kneeling to him.

“Aunt, what are you doing?” Chu Feng asked.

“Lord Chu Feng, please allow me to kneel. Please, I beg of you,” seeing that Chu Feng was not allowing her to kneel, Song Xi’s mother actually started to tear up.

This was the first time that Chu Feng saw Song Xi’s mother cry. Song Xi’s mother was different from Song Xi. While her cultivation was very weak and she had not traveled the world extensively like Song Xi, she was much more composed and mature than he was.

Even when Song Xi’s mother was tortured to such a state on the Grand Mountain Monastery, even when Song Xi was completely covered in tears, she did not cry in the slightest.

Chu Feng was surprised by her sudden reaction. He felt that there must be a reason for this.

“Aunt, you wish to tell me something, right?”

“Go ahead and tell me what you want to say. There really is no need for this,” Chu Feng said.


After hearing what Chu Feng said, Song Xi’s mother no longer tried to insist on kneeling to him.

She got up and sat on a seat and wiped away her tears. Then, she said to Chu Feng, “I know very well what sort of state my body is in. I know that I won’t be able to live for long.”

“Lord Chu Feng, I hope that you will be able to help my Xi-boy with one thing. This might be a very excessive request from me. However, you are the only person that I can think of that could help him, that is able to help him.”


“Aunt, go ahead and tell me what it is. If it’s something that I can help with, I will definitely help.”

“If it’s something that I am unable to help with, I will also do my best to help,” Chu Feng said.

“What you’ve said is more than sufficient.”


Hearing what Chu Feng said, Song Xi’s mother finally revealed a smile on her face. However, she did not directly tell Chu Feng what she wanted him to help with. Instead, she stood up, walked out the door and called Song Xi over.

It was only when Song Xi entered the room that Song Xi’s mother began to slowly say to Song Xi, “Xi-boy, mother knows that she will not be able to live for much longer.”

“Mother, you…” Hearing those words, Song Xi was first startled. However, upon seeing his mother’s expression of ease, his eyes started to moisten.

“You don’t have to grieve. Everyone will die eventually.”

“My Xi-boy is already all grown. Mother is very happy. Merely, Xi-boy, as a man, you should not cry so easily. Do not cry so much anymore.”

Song Xi’s mother began began to wipe away the tears on Song Xi’s face.

“Xi-boy will stop crying. Xi-boy will never cry again,” Song Xi wiped away his tears fiercely. Yet, there were still tears at the rims of his eyes. However, they did not roll down his cheeks.


“That’s more like it. Seeing you like this, mother will be able to leave at ease.”


“That said, Xi-boy, mother still has a wish,” Song XI’s mother said.

“Mother, what wish might you have? Tell me, I will definitely accomplish it for you,” Song Xi said.

“I wish to be buried together with your father,” Song Xi’s mother said.


“Buried together with my father? Mother, didn’t you say that you don’t know where my father went?”

“Could it be that he’s already dead? But… how did you know that?” Song Xi asked.

“Xi-boy, mother has lied to you,” Song Xi’s mother spoke in an apologetic manner.