Chapter 3096 - Entering The Azure Dragon School

Chapter 3096 - Entering The Azure Dragon School

The Chu Family’s former residence was still present. Even though it had been destroyed before, it had been restored.

Chu Feng did not enter the Chu Family residence. Instead, he was standing in the sky and looking down at it.

As he looked at those familiar buildings, vivid images of the past appeared in his mind.

During those years, in Chu Feng’s youth, he had been looked on with disdain and pushed aside by others because he was an outsider. However, as Chu Feng continued to put forth effort, increased his cultivation and brought honor and protection to the Chu Family, Chu Feng was finally acknowledged by the people of the Chu Family.

Those people that he had disputes with in the past had also become his true relatives.

Recalling those memories of the past, a special sort of emotion bubbled forth in Chu Feng’s heart.

It was a time that was gone forever. It was a past that belonged to him. Compared to the youthful and inexperienced him, Chu Feng had grown into a much stronger man.

Back when he was bullied and humiliated, Chu Feng had hatred in his heart. However, he now no longer had any hatred or blame toward those people of the Chu Family that had once targeted him.

It was precisely those tribulations that had promoted his growth.

Standing in the sky, Chu Feng was still reminiscing over the past. He did not descend to the ground during that time.

Although there were still people in the Chu Family’s former residence, they were only people watching over that place.

The familiar faces, those people that were not related to Chu Feng by blood, but were held firmly as relatives, were not present there.

Chu Feng knew that his family was no longer there. Even if the people of the Chu Family wanted to stay there, his friends would not allow them to stay there for the sake of their safety.

As such, Chu Feng only stopped by the Chu Family’s former residence for a very short period of time. After a bit of observation, Chu Feng headed toward the Azure Dragon School.

The Azure Dragon School was as beautiful as always. Its sceneries were very pleasant. It was like an immortal mountain. One could tell from a single glance that it was a place where martial cultivators gathered.

There was practically no change to the Azure Dragon School at all. If one had to find a change, then it would be that the Azure Dragon School had become much more prosperous.

After all, the Azure Dragon School was no longer a second-rate sect of the Azure Province. Instead, it had become the strongest sect in the entire Nine Provinces Continent.

That said, the Azure Dragon School at that moment was still especially lively.

Endless streams of horses and carriages were at the foot of the mountain. It was completely packed with people.

There were adults climbing up the mountain with their children. They were proceeding toward the entrance of the Azure Dragon School.

“What excitement. Could it be that it’s the time when the Azure Dragon School accepts new disciples?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“That must be the case,” Chu Feng had a smile on his face.

Originally, Chu Feng was planning to fly directly to the entrance. However, he suddenly changed his mind, and descended to the ground. He began to climb the mountain with the crowd. Slowly, he began to approach the entrance.

“Big brother Chu Feng.”

Upon reaching the entrance, a voice was suddenly heard. Someone actually called out Chu Feng’s name.

That was a disciple from the Azure Dragon School.

Chu Feng knew right away from the outfit that this disciple was wearing that he was an inner court disciple.

Furthermore, judging from his appearance, he should be a couple years younger than Chu Feng. That said, Chu Feng was certain that he did not know this person.

“Big brother Chu Feng, it really is you! Heavens! You’ve finally returned!”

After verifying that it was Chu Feng, that inner court disciple quickly walked over to Chu Feng. He had an extremely excited expression on his face.

“Chu Feng? He seemed to be saying that that person is Chu Feng?”

“Heavens, he really does look like him. He couldn’t possibly really be Lord Chu Feng, right?”

Originally, Chu Feng did not draw any attention whilst traveling with the crowd. However, after that inner court disciple called out to him, he immediately caught the attention of the surrounding crowd.

At that moment, the people that were climbing the mountain all stopped and surrounded him. They were staring at him as if they were surveying a rare animal.

That said, their gazes were not only those of curiosity. They were also filled with reverence.

After all, Chu Feng’s name was already renowned throughout the entire Nine Provinces Continent.

In fact, Chu Feng could even be said to be the most legendary individual to have ever appeared in the Nine Provinces Continent after Qing Xuantian.

Seeing someone as legendary as Chu Feng, the crowd were, apart from feeling excited, wondering whether what they were seeing was real.

They began to doubt if they were truly so fortunate to be able to see the legendary Chu Feng.

That said, Chu Feng did not pay attention to the crowd’s pleasantly surprised yet skeptical gazes.

Chu Feng had grown used to that sort of gaze. Thus, he was only looking at the man before him.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you must’ve forgotten about me, no?” That inner court disciple asked Chu Feng.

“You are?” Chu Feng tried to remember the people he had met. However, he truly did not recall this man.

“Actually, it’s very normal for you to not remember me. After all, we only met once,” that inner court disciple smiled embarrassedly.

He then said, “Back then, I had just reached the age to become a disciple. My mother brought me to the Azure Dragon School in hopes of me being able to enter.”

“At that time, it was big brother Chu Feng who received us. Furthermore, as the entrance was closed, my mother even had a disagreement with big brother Chu Feng.”

“Oh, I remember now,” hearing those words, Chu Feng came to a sudden realization, and remembered who the young man was.

At that time, Chu Feng was still an outer court disciple of the Azure Dragon School. Every day, he was only allowed to do odd jobs.

Every time the Azure Dragon School accepted new disciples, Chu Feng would have to go to the entrance and receive the people that wanted to join the Azure Dragon School.

On that day, Chu Feng had received a married woman. She was dissatisfied with the Azure Dragon School’s entrance being closed, and started to make things difficult for Chu Feng because of that. At that time, it was all thanks to Chu Yue that Chu Feng was able to escape that difficult situation.

Chu Feng would never forget what happened that day. The reason for that was because that day could be said to have been a true turning point for Chu Feng.

It was that day that Chu Feng managed to, using the Saint Spirit Grass given to him by Chu Yue, make a breakthrough past the predicament that he had failed to break through for a long time.

Even though Chu Feng had been putting forth great effort to train, and had accumulated a lot of power before that, that Saint Spirit Grass was Chu Feng’s critical junction.

Because of that, Chu Feng firmly remembered what had happened that day.

Likely, that inner court disciple was the little boy that married woman had brought with her that day.

Looking at him now, that little boy from back then had grown into an adult now. However, Chu Feng was still able to see the image of that boy from the man.

“So you were him. Never would I have expected that you’d end up becoming a disciple of the Azure Dragon School,” after finding out who the man was, Chu Feng felt a sense of familiarity from him.

“Big brother Chu Feng, it is me. Although I missed the opportunity to join the Azure Dragon School that year, I still ended up joining the Azure Dragon School later on. After I joined, I grew up hearing about big brother Chu Feng’s achievements. Unfortunately, as my status was low, I had not been able to see big brother Chu Feng again.”

“That said, that one encounter from back then left a deep impression on me. It was due to what happened back then that I started coming here to help every year when the Azure Dragon School accepts new disciples. Never would I have imagined that I’d be able to see big brother Chu Feng again this year.”

“I am truly too fortunate. If I am to mention this to my senior and junior brothers, they will definitely envy me to death.”

That inner court disciple became extremely excited upon being recognized by Chu Feng.