Chapter 3097 - The Girl On The Misty Peak

Chapter 3097 - The Girl On The Misty Peak

After Chu Feng and that inner court disciple chatted for some time, Chu Feng entered the Azure Dragon School. However, after entering the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng did not stay for long.

The reason for that was because he received news that Chu Guyu, Chu Yue and the others from the Chu Family, as well as Azure Dragon Founder Li Zhangqing, Zhuge Liuyun, the Monstrous Monkey King and all the other familiar seniors of Chu Feng were not in the Azure Dragon School.

Reportedly, they had already left for the Holy Land of Martialism. Furthermore, they had been gone for some time now. They had left in order to enhance their pursuit of martial cultivation. That said, as to exactly how they would increase their cultivation, the people of the Azure Dragon School that remained had no idea.

Since all the people that Chu Feng knew were not in the Azure Dragon School, there was naturally no reason for Chu Feng to stay in the Azure Dragon School for long.

After all, Chu Feng had only returned to the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm for the sake of seeing his old friends.

Thus, Chu Feng once again returned to the Eastern Sea Region. That said, Chu Feng still did not proceed directly for the Misty Peak.

Instead, he arrived over a crimson sea. That sea had a very impressive name. It was called the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

The reason why Chu Feng went there was because there was an unforgettable memory for Chu Feng in that place.

Back then, Chu Feng encountered a little girl in that Everlasting Sea of Blood. That little girl was called Little Fishy.

That Little Fishy possessed an unknown origin. However, she was extremely extraordinary. Even though she was clearly only a child, she went through trials and tribulations together with Chu Feng.

Because of that, Chu Feng ended up having an extraordinary friendship with that little girl, who was much younger than himself.

Later on, Little Fishy left. Furthermore, she personally said to Chu Feng that she would not return.

Chu Feng had thought that Little Fishy might be related to the enormous hand that ripped apart the sky. Perhaps Little Fishy did not belong in that place to begin with. Likely, Little Fishy was someone from the Outer World.

Even though they’d only known one another for a short period of time, Chu Feng would like to see that little girl again, if possible.

Likely, the little girl from back then must’ve matured into a little beauty at present.

“I truly never imagined that little girl to have this much weight in your heart,” Her Lady Queen said to Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had been quiet the entire time ever since he arrived at that place. Although Her Lady Queen was unable to see the expression Chu Feng had at that moment, she was able to share his sight and hearing.

Chu Feng was looking at all the places that Little Fishy had been to.

Her Lady Queen was able to feel how much Chu Feng missed Little Fishy.

“That girl was like a younger sister to me. It’s only natural for me to miss her after not seeing her for many years,” Chu Feng did not attempt to hide it, and told the truth.

That’s right, she was a younger sister. To Chu Feng, Little Fishy was like his own younger sister.

“What use is there in remembering? Who knows where that little girl is now,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Eh, am I mishearing things? Milady Queen, the tone that you spoke with, you couldn’t possibly be jealous, right?” Chu Feng said with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Jealous? Pah! You’re truly overthinking things.”

“When has this Queen ever been jealous of anyone? Moreover, this Queen is quite fond of that little girl. Did you think that you’re the only one that missed her? This Queen also misses her greatly,” Her Lady Queen curled her lips and refuted Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt his heart turn very cold.

Indeed, when had Her Lady Queen ever been jealous because of him?

Her Lady Queen had accompanied Chu Feng the entire time. Yet, during their entire journey, never had she ever been jealous of any girl. In fact, if she were to encounter a beautiful girl or a girl that she was fond of, she would immediately act the matchmaker and urge Chu Feng to pursue said girl.

Thinking of that, Chu Feng sighed. Then, his body shifted, and he left the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

The Everlasting Sea of Blood was still the same Everlasting Sea of Blood. However, Little Fishy was no longer present. All that remained were memories. Although Chu Feng was reminiscing on the past, he could not stay there for long.

Finally, Chu Feng arrived at the Misty Peak.

As Chu Feng saw the Misty Peak floating in the distance, that place that looked like a land of immortals, Chu Feng’s heart was filled with emotions.

Chu Feng suddenly recalled the time when he first arrived at the Misty Peak. Back then, he was completely stunned by the spectacular sight of the Misty Peak.

He also remembered the battle of the Misty Peak.

That was the battle between the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Misty Peak. It was also the battle between Chu Feng and Jiang Qisha.

Remembering it now, that battle seemed as if it had happened yesterday. However, Chu Feng was no longer the same Chu Feng as he was back then.

Everything in the Misty Peak resembled the way it did in the past.

There were many people staring at the Misty Peak from the sidelines. It was as if it had become a scenic spot.

However, those people were actually quite far away from the Misty Peak. Likely, they were afraid of being driven out by the people of the Misty Peak should they grow closer to it.

Like before, the Misty Peak was still protected by a powerful formation. It was not an easy task to enter it.

However, the formation was something that was effective only against the people of the Eastern Sea Region. To the current Chu Feng, the seemingly powerful defensive formation was akin to mist; it was simply incapable of stopping him.

With a shift of his body, Chu Feng passed through the defensive formation and entered the Misty Peak.

After entering the Misty Peak, Chu Feng was suddenly stunned.

The reason for that was because he was surprised to discover that there was a girl standing on the other side of the defensive formation.

That girl could not be said to be extremely beautiful. However, her skin was snow-white, and she appeared to be very intelligent.

Paired with her long green skirt, she resembled a little celestial fairy.

At that moment, the girl just so happened to discover Chu Feng too. The two of them were looking at one another.

Suddenly, the girl shouted, “Impudent! You dare transpass upon our Misty Peak! You are courting death!”

She began to form hand seals, and then pointed her finger at Chu Feng. The surrounding space immediately started to fluctuate strangely. Martial power was gathering.

“Rank nine Martial Lord?”

Chu Feng managed to determine with a single glance that the girl possessed a cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord.

Not to mention the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, even in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, a cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord was extremely weak.

However, in a place like the Eastern Sea Region, to be able to attain the cultivation of rank nine Martial Lord at that girl’s age, she would be considered a genius. A very powerful genius.