Chapter 3095 - Returning To The Nine Provinces

Chapter 3095 - Returning To The Nine Provinces

"Feng'er, I know that, apart from your mother, you also want to know about how Zi Ling is doing."

"Zi Ling did not leave with me. She is currently training elsewhere."

"As for where that is, it’s actually not important. You merely need to know that she will find you after she finishes her training."

"Zi Ling is a good lady. While the effort you've put into cultivating is to protect your family, she is doing so purely to help you."

"Thus, boy, you must treat her well."

"This is all that I want to tell you."

"Apart from these words, I did not leave anything else for you. I hope that you will be able to obtain what you want with your own strength."

"As for this forbidden area, it does possess the power to awaken the bloodline powers of our Chu Heavenly Clansmen."

"Merely, the current you has yet to reach the level to awaken your bloodline. Thus, this place still does not belong to you. When you reach a sufficient level of strength and return here again, I believe you will be able to comprehend the power here. At that time, you will attain a complete transformation."

"Before that, you will still have to put forth great effort in training. No matter how dangerous the path ahead is, you must still not give up."

"You must remember that as long as you persevere, there will definitely be hope. However, if you give up, everything will be for nothing."

"Although I cannot be by your side watching you grow, I will be waiting for you in the Outer World together with your grandfather. We will wait for you to emerge in power. At that time, our family will reunite."

As Chu Xuanyuan said those words to Chu Feng, there was a smile of anticipation in his eyes. At that moment, his image started to become indistinct. Soon, he completely disappeared before Chu Feng.


As for Chu Feng, he was stunned. Although his father's image had disappeared and he was feeling slightly sad, when he heard his grandfather being mentioned, a joyous emotion emerged from his heart.

Chu Feng's grandfather had disappeared for many years. It was unknown if he was alive or dead. However, judging from Chu Xuanyuan’s tone, it seemed that he was certain that Chu Feng's grandfather didn't die. Naturally, this would make Chu Feng feel happy.

If he was able to meet his almighty grandfather, it would also be something that Chu Feng would look forward to.

As such, Chu Xuanyuan telling Chu Feng that their family would reunite again in the Outer World after Chu Feng emerged in power became an enormous motivation for Chu Feng.

Family reunion, that was something that Chu Feng looked forward to the most.

"Chu Feng, your father couldn't have possibly really left nothing for you, right?"

Compared to Chu Feng, Her Lady Queen was more concerned that Chu Feng's father really hadn’t left anything for Chu Feng.

Faced with Her Lady Queen's question, Chu Feng smiled gently. He said, "Father said he didn't leave anything. As such, he must not have left anything."

"That father of yours is truly ruthless," Her Lady Queen said in a slightly discontented manner.

"I feel what my father said to be very true. As a man, I naturally should obtain what I want with my own power. How could I depend on my parents?"

"Come, Milady Queen, let's go. Although I am unable to count on my father, I will still have to count on you to help me," Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Humph, that’s only natural. Hasn’t this Queen helped you the entire time?” Her Lady Queen spoke haughtily.

Then, she said, “Come, let’s go. I know that you’re impatient to see your group of friends. Since that heartless father of yours didn’t leave anything for you, let’s leave this place.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled lightly. What Her Lady Queen said was exactly what he was thinking.

Chu Feng was naturally impatient to see his friends.

Afterwards, Chu Feng left the forbidden area.

And now, the formation around the Heavenly Road was simply unable to obstruct Chu Feng. Chu Feng passed through the Heavenly Road’s barrier effortlessly, and arrived at the Eastern Sea Region.

Upon walking out of the formation gate, Chu Feng arrived at a vast and boundless sea.

Giant waves were surging forth as the sea breeze whistled past.

The sound of the sea waves and the wind were mixing together. Rising and falling, they continued to resonate.

Chu Feng stood in the air and looked at the azure sea. He was overwhelmed by emotions, and feeling extremely excited.

Having traveled to many places, Chu Feng had seen many seas like the one before him.

Seas like this one were present all over the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. There were even lakes that were larger than the sea of the Eastern Sea Region.

To be deemed a sea in a place like the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, those bodies of water were truly boundlessly vast. They were simply not something the Eastern Sea Region could compare to.

However, only the Eastern Sea Region was capable of providing Chu Feng that sort of feeling, the feeling of familiarity, the feeling of closeness.

After all, the Eastern Sea Region was the place where Chu Feng had fought before. Chu Feng simply had too many memories of the Eastern Sea Region. As such, the Eastern Sea Region had extraordinary significance to Chu Feng.

Arriving in the Eastern Sea Region, the place where Chu Feng should go first would be the Misty Peak. After all, the Misty Peak was closest to that sea..

However, Chu Feng did not proceed toward the Misty Peak. Instead, he started flying toward the Nine Provinces Contient.

It was difficult for Chu Feng to be able to return. Although he would be able to return frequently in the future, he currently had an important mission he had to accomplish. As such, how could he return frequently to see his friends?

As such, Chu Feng wanted to do one thing. He wanted to walk the path that he had grown up on again.

Thus, the first place he went would naturally be the Nine Provinces Continent's Azure Province.

Upon returning to that familiar land, Chu Feng first arrived at the Chu Family’s former residence.