Chapter 2676 - Dangerous Land

Chapter 2676 - Dangerous Land

That young lion was running rapidly toward Chu Feng. It was growing closer and closer to him.

Furthermore, its eyes were filled with a pleading expression. It… was crying for help toward Chu Feng.

“I’ve really been discovered?”

“That little lion is truly remarkable.”

Chu Feng felt very surprised. After all, he was a Snake Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.

How could his concealment formation be so easily discovered by someone?

Moreover, that little lion was currently fleeing. In that state, it would simply not have the energy to carefully inspect its surroundings. 

However, that little lion discovered Chu Feng. This verified even more that the lion was extraordinary.

Most importantly, upon seeing the begging gaze from that little lion, Chu Feng was actually moved by it. 

“It is truly an intelligent animal.”

Chu Feng’s heart was shaking. He had encountered many monstrous beasts with intelligence. However, never had he ever encounter a little lion acting like this. As such, he was truly astonished.

“What do you mean by truly intelligent?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“This little lion is extremely intelligent. It would seem that I cannot ignore its death,” as Chu Feng spoke, he walked out from the concealment formation. 

Although Chu Feng had no idea of the origin of the little lion, he decided he must save it based only on how intelligent it was.

At the very least, Chu Feng was unable to watch it being killed by that herd of bison.

“Retreat immediately. Otherwise… do not blame me for being rude!” Chu Feng shouted at the bison herd.

His voice resonated through his surroundings.

Although Chu Feng was also a rank one True Immortal, he was holding the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler in hand. His battle power was most definitely not something that ordinary rank one True Immortals could compare to. As such, he was extremely confident.





Once Chu Feng spoke, the bison herd seemed to be provoked. Immediately, they started to howl.

Their voices were extremely vigorous and impactful. If ordinary people were to hear those howls, they would definitely be scared. 

However, Chu Feng was unaffected by the howls.. Instead, a smile appeared on his face.

That bison herd was planning to battle Chu Feng. How could Chu Feng possibly fear them?

“Little cows, you all are truly one to refuse a toast, only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Since you are unable to tell good from bad, I will let you all know how powerful this great sir is.”

Chu Feng grew mischievous. Although that herd of bison was very powerful, Chu Feng felt that they were merely animals the entire time.

Just thinking about the fact that he would be fighting against a group of animals caused Chu Feng to feel amused.

Then, Chu Feng clenched the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler in one hand and clenched his other hand too.


The next moment, a golden-bright and dazzling long whip appeared from Chu Feng’s palm.

That whip was over a hundred meters long. It was a Taboo Martial Skill.


Chu Feng waved the whip. Immediately, fire filled the air. The soil began to swirl in the air as a deep crack extended from the ground.

Formless power started to sweep forth from the whip itself. The power swept past the little lion and charged toward the bison herd.


Receiving the impact of the power, the bison started to roll about in midair. They landed on the ground with all their limbs in the air and began to scream in pain.

It was as Chu Feng had expected. Although they possessed the cultivation of rank one True Immortals, they were no match for him.




However, Chu Feng did not stop. He continued to wave the whip in his hand multiple times.

Those bison were struck into the air by the power of his lashes time and time again.

That said, Chu Feng did not try to truly cause them harm. He was merely scaring them.

Thus, although Chu Feng’s whip sent them into the air repeatedly, they did not receive substantial injuries.


Soon, the sounds emitted by the bison herd changed completely. From the original murderous sounds, they were now emitting sounds filled with fear. 

They were all frightened by Chu Feng, and no longer dared to chase after him. Instead, they turned around and began to flee.

Right at that moment, that little lion approached Chu Feng.

“Little guy, exactly what is your origin?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

Chu Feng had crouched onto the ground and opened his arms. He was planning to hug the incoming little lion.

Chu Feng liked that intelligent little lion from the bottom of his heart.

However, the little lion did not decrease its speed, nor did it leap into Chu Feng’s bosom. Instead, it ran by Chu Feng.

“The hell! This guy,” Chu Feng was shocked.

He originally thought that the little lion would stop and thank him, since he had saved it. After all, he could tell that it was an extremely intelligent animal.

Never did Chu Feng expect for the little lion to not even bother stopping at all. Just like that, it rapidly ran by him. In fact, it did not even bother to look back. It did not even bother to take a glance at him.

This was simply an ungrateful attitude.

“Hey, you, is this how a lion acts?! You are simply a white-eyed wolf!”

[1. White-eyed wolf means ingrate.]

“Big brother saved you, okay?! Yet, you didn’t even bother to thank me?! At the very least, you should shake my hand or something!”

Chu Feng shouted at the little lion.

Surprisingly, after Chu Feng said those words, the little lion actually stopped.

It first turned around to look at Chu Feng. Then, it laid its upper body onto the ground, raised its buttocks and stuck up its tail.

‘Is this how lions express their thanks? By wagging their tails? Why does this resemble how dogs act?’ Chu Feng started to ponder in his heart.

However, right at that moment, the little lion shook its butt. Then, with a ‘pfff’ sound, a visible yellow gaseous substance was emitted from the lion’s butt. 

How was this wagging one’s tail? It was simply farting at Chu Feng.

“You damned brat, is this how you thank someone?!” Chu Feng gnashed his teeth furiously and started to curse at the little lion.

Right at that moment, the lion turned around and looked at Chu Feng.

Merely, its expression had changed. 

This time around, it no longer had that pitiful look on its face. Instead, its eyes were filled with disdain.

The corners of its mouth were raised upward. That little lion was actually smiling. Furthermore, it was an extremely vile smile.

With that sort of gaze and that smile, that little lion was simply taunting Chu Feng.

“Damned brat, you’re looking for a beating!” Chu Feng was so furious that smoke started to pour from his nose. 

As he spoke, he waved the whip in his hand. He wanted to capture the lion.


Seeing that Chu Feng was furious, the little lion turned around and continued to flee.

Due to the fact that there was quite a distance between them, even Chu Feng was unable to capture it with his powers.

“Haha, are you stunned now? That lion simply wasn’t grateful to you to begin with.”

“Haha. I can’t. This is simply too funny.”

At that moment, Her Lady Queen was extremely amused, and laughed loudly.

She did not feel any trace of sympathy for Chu Feng being ridiculed by a lion. Instead, she was openly laughing at him.

“I am definitely going to capture it and teach it a proper lesson!”

At that moment, the Divine level Lightning Mark emerged on Chu Feng’s forehead.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s aura increased from rank one True Immortal to rank two True Immortal.

In that situation, it would be a simple task for Chu Feng to chase after that little lion.


However, right at that moment, a roar sounded from behind Chu Feng.

At the moment when that roar sounded, Chu Feng was able to clearly feel that the earth underneath his feet was trembling violently. 

At the same time, boundless killing intent emerged from behind Chu Feng. That killing intent was simply too frightening. Even Chu Feng felt his blood run cold, and goosebumps cover his entire body.

He turned around to look at the direction the bison had escaped in. At that place, black clouds were rolling about in the sky. Beneath the black clouds, a black mist was spreading toward him.

At a glance, everything looked pitch-black. It was like the arrival of doomsday.

The change in the weather caused Chu Feng to feel extremely uneasy.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s power, and especially his Divine level Lightning Mark, were originally capable of changing the weather too. Lightning should be filling the sky just then.

However, when Chu Feng activated his Divine level Lightning Mark, there was no change to the weather at all.

However, the weather far away had changed. Furthermore, it was clearly not changed naturally. Rather, it was a change caused by the effect of some sort of formidable power.

The reason for that was because even with his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was unable to see through the black clouds.

This meant that the strength of his opponent was much stronger than himself.

At the very least, his opponent was capable of creating an abnormal sign that affected the weather, while he could not.

“That is?”

Finally, two crimson eyes emerged from the dark black mist.

Those eyes were like two bright suns as they shone brightly with crimson light. They were extremely dazzling to look at.

Chu Feng felt that those two crimson eyes were at least as big as two little mountains.

When the eyes were already that big, how enormous must the body itself be?


At that moment, that creature let out another roar. Even though they were clearly very far away, a boundless aura managed to batter Chu Feng.

It was wind, a wind that Chu Feng could not oppose. Chu Feng was sent rolling and crawling by that wind. He only managed to stabilize himself after a very long while.

When Chu Feng stood back up, he discovered that the black clouds and black mist had grown even closer. 

The two crimson eyes were also growing closer to him.

The killing intent that he felt also grew even stronger. Chu Feng was enveloped by the killing intent, and felt that his body was being deformed whilst Creaking sounds were emitted from his bones. 

Most importantly, Chu Feng was currently enveloped by his opponent. He was unable to move at all. He did not even have an opportunity to use his Evil God Sword.

He could only watch as his opponent approached him. He was powerless to do anything.

‘This is truly bad.’

Chu Feng cried ‘oh no’ in his heart. It was only at this moment that he realized how dangerous that place was.