Chapter 2675 - Simply A Treasure Trove

Chapter 2675 - Simply A Treasure Trove


Hearing Her Lady Queen’s shout, Chu Feng immediately pulled his hand away from the lid. He asked, “Eggy, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?” 

“Of course there is. Even if you are to attempt to open it, you can’t do it so directly like that. What if it’s dangerous? What if there are traps?” Her Lady Queen grumbled.

She was complaining about how Chu Feng did not take any precautions when attempting to open the lid.

“Haha. Yes, it’s my fault. I was so anxious to see the contents of the jar that I got careless.”

Chu Feng scratched his head awkwardly. Perhaps it was because he had obtained an Immortal Taboo earlier, but Chu Feng was too overjoyed. 

Thus, he had forgotten about being cautious because he wanted to see the contents of the jar too urgently.

“It is still my Eggy that is smart. I must definitely learn more from my Eggy,” Chu Feng said with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Of course. Wait, since when did this Queen become yours? Pah! Damned shameless bastard, you are truly disrespectful,” Her Lady Queen pouted her mouth and spoke in a slightly angered manner. 

However, her angry appearance was truly adorable.

“You’ll become mine eventually anyways,” Chu Feng said.

“Who gave you your confidence?” Her Lady Queen rolled her eyes. Even in his World Spirit Space, she still had to give him a fierce and disdainful look.

“Hehe…” Chu Feng did not argue with her. Instead, he smiled. Then, he placed the jar onto the ground.

After that, Chu Feng began to move back. He distanced himself ten thousand miles from the jar before extending his arm and making a grabbing motion.


Martial power surged forth. In an instant, it turned into a golden-bright and dazzling arm. The arm extended out from Chu Feng’s palm and arrived before the jar, and opened the lid.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s eyes were wide open. Anticipation filled his eyes. After all, the book he had casually picked up had been an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill.

Then, the jar that not even Chu Feng could see through most likely contained even more precious treasures.


However, the moment the jar was opened, a dark-black gaseous flame gushed out from it and instantly covered the jar.

At the beginning, Chu Feng’s nerves tensed up. Thinking that it was dangerous, Chu Feng subconsciously moved further away.

However, the dark black gaseous flames soon dissipated into thin air, not creating any additional disturbances.

Seeing that the dark black gaseous flames had disappeared, Chu Feng cautiously approached the jar. However, upon approaching the jar, he discovered that...

There… was… nothing… inside.

The jar was actually empty.

“You’re kidding.”

Chu Feng was feeling unreconciled. He activated his Heaven’s Eyes and started to carefully inspect the jar.

After obtaining no fruit from his visual inspections, he extended his hand and began to feel the jar. However… like before, he still did not discover anything.

Although the jar possessed the ability to block Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, it did not contain an isolated space inside. Instead, it was like an ordinary jar.

This caused Chu Feng to feel disappointed.

“You couldn’t be this unlucky right? That jar really is empty?” Her Lady Queen also started to pout in disappointment.

“I feel like something’s amiss,” Chu Feng said.

“What’s amiss?” Her Lady Queen asked.

Chu Feng did not answer immediately. Instead, he stared at the jar by his foot. He had one hand on his chest and his other hand on his chin. Chu Feng had entered deep contemplation.

Standing before the jar, Chu Feng was able to smell a fragrance.

That fragrance was difficult to describe. It did not smell like the fragrance of flowers, nor did it smell like the fragrance of grass. If one had to describe it, it seemed like a body’s scent.

That’s right, it was the sort of fragrance similar to the fragrance that a woman would emit.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was certain that the fragrance was not present before the jar was opened. It only appeared after the jar was opened.

“Could it be those black gaseous flames?”

“Could I have possibly released something?”

Upon thinking of this, Chu Feng immediately activated his Heaven’s Eyes to observe his surroundings. However, in the end, he was unable to find anything.

“There’s nothing at all. You must be overthinking it. The way I see it, that jar was empty to begin with,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Perhaps that is the case,” Although Chu Feng still felt that something was amiss, he was unable to find any clues. 

Feeling helpless, he picked up the jar, replaced its lid, and then took out a bag to carefully place the jar in the bag. Only then did he place the jar into his Cosmos Sack.

“You’re planning to keep it?” Her Lady Queen was surprised.

“If I don’t keep it, wouldn’t I have gone through all this trouble in vain? Let alone, this jar is a treasure itself. At the very least, others will not be able to see through it if I am to hide something inside.”

“Even if it is completely useless, it can still serve as a keepsake,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“I truly don’t know what to do with you. Since you want to keep it so much, go ahead and keep it then,” Her Lady Queen shrugged helplessly. She felt that there was simply no reason to keep something like that jar.

However, soon, Her Lady Queen revealed an excited expression. She said, “Chu Feng, go and continue to search. With how enormous this place is, you might be able to find a lot of things.”

“Hehe, Milady Queen, great minds think alike. That is exactly what I was already planning to do,” Chu Feng smiled. 

Originally, Chu Feng was very resentful that he had ended up in that place. However, upon discovering that the place was actually like a treasure trove, Chu Feng became extremely excited. 

One must know that both that Immortal Taboo Martial Skill and the jar were items Chu Feng found in his surroundings. As for the wasteland, it appeared to be extremely large. Thus, Chu Feng was certain that he would definitely be able to reap a harvest should he continue searching for things.

Furthermore, his harvest was most likely going to be quite large. It might be heavily laden with fruit, and even surpass Chu Feng’s imagination.

With the situation being like that, how could Chu Feng not be excited?

“Rumble, rumble~~~”

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt the ground beneath him start to tremble. Furthermore, rumbles began to be heard from afar.

The trembling grew more and more intense and the rumbles also grew more and more ear-piercing.

“Something is approaching,” Chu Feng said.

“Be careful. Hide yourself,” Her Lady Queen warned.

They did not even know what sort of place that wasteland was. Although it appeared to be ordinary, it was actually extremely remarkable. 

A book that Chu Feng casually picked up was an Immortal Taboo Martial Skill. A jar that Chu Feng casually picked up was something that he could not see through with his Heaven’s Eyes.

With that, what sort of existence would the life forms in there be? Just thinking about it would cause one to panic.

Chu Feng did not dare to hesitate. He immediately set up a concealment formation and concealed himself.

At the same time, he activated his Heaven’s Eyes and looked to the direction of the rumbling. He wanted to know exactly what was approaching him.

Perhaps he might be able to find out what sort of place he was in.

Soon, the thick smoke in the distance grew closer and closer. Chu Feng managed to see some things with his Heaven’s Eyes.

It was a lion running violently with a herd of bison.

The lion was a young lion. The herd of bison were chasing the lion. They were extremely ferocious, and snarling at the lion repeatedly.

If Chu Feng wasn’t mistaken, then the herd of bison was trying to hunt that young lion. If that young lion was overtaken by the bison, it would most definitely end up dying.

Regardless of whether it was that young lion or that herd of bison, they appeared no different from ordinary lions and bisons.

However, their speed was extremely fast, and their auras extremely powerful.

All of them possessed cultivation. Furthermore, their cultivations were extremely powerful. They were so powerful that even Chu Feng felt speechless upon seeing them.

The herd of bison were actually all rank one True Immortals.

As for that young lion, it was a bit weaker. However, it was still a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

“Eggy, this place is truly an extraordinary place. Even the animals in this place are this powerful,” Chu Feng was feeling extremely shocked.

It would be one thing if what appeared before him were powerful monstrous beasts. However, those were clearly ordinary animals.

Chu Feng found it truly unbelievable that ordinary animals could possess such cultivation.

“Indeed, it’s extremely strange. That little lion is clearly a rank nine Martial Ancestor. Yet, it is able to run that fast. Not even that herd of True Immortal-level bison are able to catch up to it. It is truly unreasonable,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That little lion’s speed is indeed very fast, unimaginably fast.”

“However, I can tell that it is lacking in stamina, and will not be able to sustain that speed for much longer.” Chu Feng’s observation was correct. That little lion would not be able to persist for long. 

Soon, the herd of bison would catch up to it. With the great disparity in strength between them, that young lion would likely be crushed to death by that herd of bison, leaving not even a corpse. 

“Chu Feng, it seems that little lion is running toward you,” Her Lady Queen said.

“You’re kidding,” Chu Feng was a bit uncertain. However, that lion grew closer and closer, closer and closer. At that moment, Chu Feng opened his mouth wide in shock.

“The hell, it really is running toward me. Could it be… that it saw me?”

Chu Feng was filled with astonishment.