Chapter 2677 - Frightening Creature

Chapter 2677 - Frightening Creature

Chu Feng shouted ‘oh no’ in his heart. He felt that he might truly end up dying there.


Suddenly, that huge monster hidden beneath the black clouds and within the black mist let out another low roar.

Then, it actually stopped moving toward Chu Feng, and started to move back.

The speed at which it retreated was extremely fast. As it retreated, the black clouds and mist also followed it and left.

Soon, that region returned to how it was before.

It was a wasteland as far as the eye could see. There was nothing peculiar about it.

However, Chu Feng was already fully aware of the fact that that place was extraordinary.

At that moment, Chu Feng still felt lingering fear. He hurriedly stood up. However, he was slightly at a loss as to what to do. 

After encountering the dangerous situation from earlier, Chu Feng had decided to temporarily stop exploring that place.

He turned around and discovered that a slight change had occurred to that light vortex.

Attractive force. It was attractive force.

Although the light vortex appeared to be no different on the surface, it was emitting an attractive force. 

This most likely meant that he might be able to enter the light vortex.


Thinking of that, Chu Feng soared into the sky and flew toward the light vortex again.

However, upon reaching the light vortex, Chu Feng stopped. After learning his lesson from last time, Chu Feng did not run directly into the light vortex himself. 

Instead, he carefully extended the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler to probe the light vortex.


This time around, the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler managed to easily pierce through the light vortex.

It was as Chu Feng had anticipated; he was now able to enter the light vortex.

Merely, although he was able to enter it, Chu Feng started to hesitate. He turned around and looked to the mysterious yet frightening wasteland.

This was most definitely not an ordinary place. This was truly a treasure trove. If Chu Feng continued to stay there, he might be able to run into even greater chance encounters.

Unfortunately, accompanying them were dangers.

That place was truly too dangerous.

Although Chu Feng had no idea why that huge monster from earlier had decided to spare him, Chu Feng could not be certain that he would survive another time should he encounter a similar situation.

Merely, even though Chu Feng knew all this, he was still hesitant. He did not wish to miss such a great opportunity.

“Chu Feng, let’s go. This place is too dangerous. With your cultivation, it is not suitable for you to train here.”

At the moment when Chu Feng was hesitating, Her Lady Queen suddenly spoke.

“Eggy, you also think that I should leave?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. A random little lion in this place was able to see through your spirit formation.”

“Likely, your other concealment abilities will also be useless.”

“As for that frightening thing from earlier, I feel that it is much more powerful than the Ginseng King of Evil.”

“Even if you are to use your Evil God Sword, you might not necessarily be able to defeat it.”

“Furthermore, we are unable to be certain as to whether or not there are existences even more powerful than that thing from earlier.”

“This is truly not a place where you should be,” Her Lady Queen advised.

“Hehe. Sure enough, the person that cares about me the most is Milady Queen,” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

He knew that Eggy was urging him to leave because she was worried that he would encounter dangers. 

“Nonsense. It is merely that there are risks that one can take, and risks that one must not take.”

“If an ant wanted to attempt to cross a brook atop a leaf, that ant could attempt to do so.”

“However, if that ant wanted to attempt to cross a vast sea atop a leaf, that would simply be daydreaming. That ant would be courting death. There would simply be no chance of success,” Her Lady Queen grew slightly anxious.

She was actually very scared that Chu Feng would not listen to her advice and stubbornly insist on taking risks there.

After all, Chu Feng had always been someone with his own mindset. Once he decided on something, no one would be able to advise him against it. This included even Eggy.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. Milady Queen, don’t get angry. I never said that I won’t be leaving. I’ll leave now.”

Chu Feng smiled awkwardly. Fearing that Her Lady Queen would get angry with him, he took a large step and entered the light vortex.

After Chu Feng entered the light vortex, the light vortex did not disappear. Instead, it was still present atop the wasteland.

That light vortex appeared to be completely unbefitting of that place. It was as if it was telling everyone that it did not belong there. 

Fortunately, the attractive force emitted by the light vortex disappeared after Chu Feng entered it.

At the very least, the other organisms there would not be able to enter that light vortex.


Right after Chu Feng left, two figures appeared in the sky.

Those two people were Chu Xuanyuan and Old Ape.

“In the end, he is your son. Even though you said you wouldn’t help him, you still helped him,” Old Ape had a mischievous smile on his face as he teased Chu Xuanyuan.

“I am not helping him. I am merely opening a path for him. However, it is up to him as to how much he can acquire,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“That’s true. Chu Feng is very cool-headed. Even when faced with such enticement, he is actually able to know when to retreat. This is something that many people would not be able to accomplish,” Old Ape said.

“This is the benefit of him training by himself. This is also what he has gained from risking his life and limbs all these years.”

“It has allowed him to be able to make decisions beneficial to himself at any time, and not be blinded by enticements,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“But, even with that being the case, you, as his father, are still worried for him, no?”

“For example, if you hadn’t used your oppressive might to scare away that giant elephant, Chu Feng might’ve already encountered a mishap,” Old Ape said.

“If things went according to Feng’er’s normal growth trajectory, he would not have arrived here. He arrived here because I forced it upon him. If he is to encounter a mishap in this sort of situation, I must naturally act to save him.”

“Thus, this is unrelated to Feng’er himself. Instead, it is my issue,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“It is only today that I discovered that you’re actually a person who will shield his son to this extent,” Old Ape felt helpless.

He discovered that even though Chu Xuanyuan seemed to not care about his son, he seemed to be unable to tolerate others speaking ill of him. 

However, this was normal too. After all, all the people that spoke ill of Chu Feng at the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Testing Ceremony were killed by Chu Xuanyuan.

Chu Xuanyuan had actually been very protective of Chu Feng the entire time.

Hearing what Old Ape said, Chu Xuanyuan smiled lightly. Then, he said, “As for the future, he really will have to walk the path by himself.”

“Are we going now?” Old Ape asked.

“Mn,” Chu Xuanyuan nodded.

“But, Chu Feng released that thing earlier.”

“Are you not planning to take care of it?”

“The dangerousness of that thing is not a joke.”

“It might even be able to destroy the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm,” Old Ape said.

“It has been sealed for so long. Its power has already degenerated completely. Right now, it is very small. It will take a certain amount of time for it to mature. There is no need to fear.”

“Furthermore, that thing might not necessarily be bad for Feng’er. Perhaps it might also become a helping hand for him,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“You actually want to make that thing take part in tempering Chu Feng?”

“Heavens! Have you gone mad?”

“Let me tell you, that thing is extremely frightening. If it is to mature, Chu Feng might not necessarily be able to handle it,” Old Ape said.

“Frightening? Of course it’s frightening. If it wasn’t frightening, it wouldn’t have been sealed for so long.”

“But, do you know why I deliberately retrieved that thing from the depths of the Sacred Mountain World and placed it somewhere that Feng’er could discover?” Chu Xuanyuan asked.

“Why?” Old Ape asked.

“It’s because I firmly believe that my Feng’er will mature to become an even more frightening existence than it,” Chu Xuanyuan said with a faint smile. Confidence filled his face.

At that moment, Old Ape said no more. Instead, he revealed a helpless expression.

Chu Xuanyuan had made his decision. There was nothing he could do to change it. Thus, trying to urge Chu Xuanyuan against it would be a wasted effort.

That said, Old Ape was still worried for Chu Feng. After all, that was the most frightening creature in the Sacred Mountain World. It had actually entered the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm at that moment. 

Only heaven knew what would happen.


Right at that moment, Chu Xuanyuan took out an item from his Cosmos Sack. It was a mirror. That mirror was emitting an ancient aura.

Suddenly, a light shone from the mirror and a circular hole appeared before Chu Xuanyuan. 

Inside that hole was another world. Looking at it, darkness and star specks filled the hole. It was the vast Outer World, the boundless starry sky.

Chu Xuanyuan stepped directly into it. Seeing that, Old Ape grabbed onto Chu Xuanyuan’s clothes and also followed him in.

They had entered into the vast Starry Sky, where one would lose one’s way and might even die of old age.

However, Chu Xuanyuan was extremely calm and composed. Just like that, he traveled through space. Furthermore, his speed was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared far into the starry sky.

Soon, the entrance that led to the starry sky closed itself. 

The wasteland returned to how it was before -- strangely peaceful.