Chapter 3071 - Setting The Record Straight

Chapter 3071 - Setting The Record Straight

The voice that was suddenly heard from among the crowd was extremely resounding.

It immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Even that old lady turned her gaze toward the direction of the voice.

Upon seeing what they saw, the old lady, as well as the great majority of the people present, revealed a change in expression.

The person before them was someone that they did not know. Furthermore, that man was emitting the aura of a rank two Exalted.

Although that level of cultivation was extremely powerful already, it was evidently inferior to the old lady and Chu Hanpeng’s cultivation.

As such, how could he have the courage to stand forth at a time like this and declare that the old lady not involve herself in the matter because he could settle it?

That said, compared to the great majority of the people present, Chu Hanpeng, Chu Xuanzhengfa, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and the others from the Chu Heavenly Clan revealed an enormous change in expression.

The reason for that was because they all knew who that person was.

He was none other than Chu Youyuan.

After verifying that it was indeed Chu Youyuan, Chu Xuanzhengfa revealed a joyous expression and called out, “Lord Youyuan.”

It was not only Chu Xuanzhengfa who was feeling happy at that moment. Even Chu Hanpeng revealed a joyous expression. Merely, the joyous expression in Chu Hanpeng’s eyes flashed past instantly, and was replaced with an angry look.

He shouted loudly at Chu Youyuan, “Youyuan, where have you gone to?! How could you wordlessly disappear for so long?!”

The reason why Chu Hanpeng was angry at Chu Youyuan was because he truly thought that Chu Youyuan had encountered some sort of mishap, and grieved for his death.

After all, Chu Youyuan was one of their Chu Heavenly Clan’s great figures. No one would be willing to lose Chu Youyuan. Because of that, a lot of people felt joy upon seeing Chu Youyuan again.

That said, compared to the joyous expressions of the others, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather and Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather’s aged faces instantly turned deathly pale. Panic filled their eyes.

Whilst others might not know how Chu Youyuan disappeared, they knew very well how he had disappeared.

Chu Youyuan disappeared because he was forced into the Infernal Lake by the two of them.

“Hanpeng, instead of asking me those words, it’s better that you ask the two of them,” Chu Youyuan pointed to Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather on the main viewing platform.

Then, he pointed to Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi, “You can also ask the two of them.”

Chu Youyuan’s words came like a sudden clap of thunder.

Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi’s expressions immediately changed enormously.

This was especially true for Chu Ruoshi. She fell several steps back, and nearly fell onto her butt. Sweat covered her face.

In the end, they were only people of the younger generation. Their tolerance for shock was lacking. After seeing Chu Youyuan, they started to panic completely.

In fact, it was not only the two of them. Even the two Supreme Elders were trying their hardest to conceal their panic and unease.

“This… what is going on here?”

After hearing what Chu Youyuan said, the great majority of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen turned their eyes to Chu Haoyan’s grandfather and Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather. There was also a small portion of them that turned their eyes to Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi.

Upon seeing Chu Ruoshi’s panicky expression, many people’s expressions changed. They realized that something was amiss.

“Chu Youyuan, what is the meaning of this? What does your silent disappearance have to do with us? You’ve even went so far as to involve two people of the younger generation; exactly what is your intention?” Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather immediately spoke to refute Chu Youyuan.

“Quiet,” however, right after he spoke, Chu Hanpeng spoke to stop him.

Then, he said to Chu Youyuan, “Youyuan, exactly what happened? Explain from the beginning.”

Hearing those words, the faces of Chu Zhiyuan, Chu Ruoshi, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather all sunk.

Chu Youyuan had quite a status in their Chu Heavenly Clan. To them, Chu Youyuan’s survival was extremely bad.

Chu Youyuan did not hesitate either. He cleared his throat, and then said to the crowd, “I believe everyone already knows about Chu Feng’s supposed death.”

“I believe everyone has also heard about my disappearance. However, what you all know is not the truth.”

“Today, this old man will reveal to everyone the actual truth.”

“The two members of our Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation that died in the Sacred Domain were not killed by Chu Feng,” Chu Youyuan pointed his finger to Chu Haoyan’s grandfather and Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather, “Instead, they were killed by those two, our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders.”

“What? It’s the two Supreme Elders?”

Chu Youyuan’s words immediately brough forth a major commotion. Everyone turned their eyes to the two Supreme Elders. Astonishment filled their eyes.

This declaration was simply too astonishing.

If this were true, then it would definitely be an enormous scandal.

“You… you’re making false accusations!”

“Only people of the younger generation are able to enter that Yin Yang Gate. How could the two of us have killed them?”

“Chu Youyuan, even if we have conflicts with one another, you still shouldn’t wrongly accuse us like this. Do you take everyone here to be fools?”

The two Supreme Elders would naturally not admit to what Chu Youyuan said. Not only that, they instead began to falsely accuse Chu Youyuan.

Once they said those words, they were immediately met with the approval of many people. After all, it was a fact that only people of the younger generation were able to enter that Yin Yang Gate.

“You two would naturally not be able to enter it directly. However, if you two were to utilize the soul-seizing technique and seize the bodies of members of the younger generation, you would be able to enter the Yin Yang Gate using their bodies.”

“That soul-seizing technique was also the cause of death of those two younger generations’,” Chu Youyuan said.

“It’s actually a soul-seizing technique?”

“Indeed, if one were to use a soul-seizing technique, it would be possible. But, to use a soul-seizing technique on one’s clan’s younger generations, that’s simply too cruel.”

Hearing those words, the crowd burst into an uproar again.

They knew that using a soul-seizing technique to occupy the body of a member of the younger generation might truly allow one to pass through certain restrictions.

However, something like that was simply too cruel. As the prestigious Supreme Elders of the Chu Heavenly Clan, would they really do that sort of thing? Furthermore, why would they do that sort of thing?

“Your claims are becoming more and more absurd! How could you possibly fabricate this sort of lie?”

“Not to mention that the two of us do not know any soul-seizing techniques, even if we did, we would not have used them on our own clan’s younger generations.”

The two Supreme Elders’ faces turned pale with anger. They were fuming with rage between gritted teeth. It was as if they were truly receiving unjust treatment.

However, Chu Youyuan reacted very undisturbed at their performance. He casually waved his hand and said, “Don’t be so urgent to defend yourself. I’m still not done.”

After he finished saying that, Chu Youyuan turned to the crowd again. “Everyone, you all must be very curious as to why these two Supreme Elders would go as far as to use soul-seizing techniques on their own clan’s younger generations to enter the Yin Yang Gate.”

“Actually, that is very simple. The two of them wanted to eliminate Chu Feng.”

“As for why they wanted to eliminate Chu Feng, it’s because they felt that Chu Feng’s existence would become an obstruction to their respective grandsons, Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Haoyan.”

“Back then, the two of them occupied the bodies of two members of the younger generation and entered the depths of the Yin Yang Gate together with Chu Feng, Chu Zhiyuan and Chu Ruoshi.”

“After they discovered a spring filled with martial power, they immediately decided to kill Chu Feng and seize it for themselves.”

“Fortunately, I arrived promptly and prevented Chu Feng from being killed. Unfortunately, I was attacked by them, and forced to leap into the Infernal Lake.”

“As for that Infernal Lake, it is filled with water capable of obliterating everything in sight. Entering it would mean certain death. Unless… one is a possessor of a Heavenly Bloodline.”

“Only I knew about that. The two of them did not. Thus, they did not chase after me once I entered the Infernal lake. Furthermore, they were certain that Chu Feng and I had died.”

“Afterwards, they should’ve handed all of the martial power from that spring to Chu Zhiyuan. That is why Chu Zhiyuan’s cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds. That is why he was able to defeat all of his fellows of the same generation today.”

“This… is the truth as to what happened.”

Chu Youyuan’s words were spoken with righteousness and vigor. Hearing those words, the crowd’s hearts were all shaken.

Chu Youyuan’s claim did not seem to be a lie. His claims were also very logical and clear. It was as if it was the truth of what had happened.