Chapter 3070 - Chu Feng’s Grandma?

Chapter 3070 - Chu Feng’s Grandma?


Right at that moment, with a thought from Chu Hanpeng, overwhelming oppressive might swept forth.

If that old lady’s oppressive might was filled with killing intent, then Chu Hanpeng’s oppressive might was extremely gentle.

However, that gentle oppressive might managed to block that old lady’s oppressive might.

It turned out that Chu Hanpeng was also a rank three Exalted.

His cultivation was above that of Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather. It was no wonder that, although the three of them were all Supreme Elders, Chu Hanpeng possessed greater status than the two of them. It turned out that… Chu Hanpeng actually possessed the strength to justify his status.

That said, the old lady was not one to be trifled with either. Her oppressive might was extremely powerful. Even Chu Hanpeng was unable to suppress her oppressive might completely. Their oppressive might collided, but the outcome of this confrontation was undetermined.

The confrontation of oppressive might from two rank three Exalted experts distorted even space itself.

This sort of spatial distortion was no small matter. It was even more frightening than space being shattered.

After all, the power that was filling the region was capable of instantly killing the great majority of the people present.

Because of that, the people present were all astonished by Chu Hanpeng’s strength. At the same time, they were scared of that old lady. After all, that old lady was planning to kill them.

Most importantly, the crowd all wanted to know exactly who that powerful old lady, who was so powerful that she was capable of contending against Chu Hanpeng, was.

“Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief, you had disappeared for many years.”

“For you to reappear and plan to unleash a massacre upon our Chu Heavenly Clan immediately afterward, I’m afraid that’s rather inappropriate, no?” Chu Hanpeng said.

The gaze with which Chu Hanpeng looked at the old lady was different from the others. He was not confused. Instead, he seemed to be looking at an old friend.

“What? The Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief?”

Chu Hanpeng’s words caused everyone’s expressions to change. They all revealed astonished expressions. Even Chu Feng was no exception.

Chu Feng had heard of the Illusory Blood Clan before. They were a legendary clan of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Reportedly, the Illusory Blood Lotus was controlled by the Illusory Blood Clan.

That said, the Illusory Blood Clan was merely a legend. No one would’ve imagined that the Illusory Blood Clan truly existed.

If that old lady was truly the Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief, then the appearance of the Illusory Blood Lotus outside the Ghost Sect Hall was most definitely not a coincidence. Instead, it should have been manipulated by that old lady.

“So she’s the Illusory Blood Clan’s Clan Chief. No wonder, it’s no wonder she’s so powerful,” the head of the Starfall Eight Immortals, Elder Xingyi, let out a gasp of astonishment.

Beside Elder Xingyi were the other Seven Immortals, their Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter Xia Yun’er, and their Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Son Song Yunfei, as well as many others of the Starfall Holy Land’s younger generations.

Hearing what Elder Xingyi said, they all turned their eyes to Elder Xingyi, trying to find out what was going on.

“Back then, outside the Inheritance Cave, the Nine Profound Sect had wanted to attack Chu Feng because he seized the inheritance.”

“At that time, an old lady appeared. That old lady used her absolute power to suppress everyone present. She then warned everyone to not think of doing anything to Chu Feng, else the ones that would suffer would not only be them, but the entire Nine Profound Sect and our Starfall Holy Land.”

“Although we did not manage to see what she looked like, we were able to see her general figure. Right now, I am practically certain that the person outside the Inheritance Cave that day, the person that saved Chu Feng that day, was precisely that old lady,” Elder Xingyi said.

“No wonder that Chu Feng has been running around with no regard for the law and showed no fear ever since he appeared.”

“Turns out, the one standing behind him is the legendary Illusory Blood Clan.”

At that moment, Song Yunfei and the other people of the younger generation that had made an enemy of Chu Feng all started to frown.

It was only at that moment that they realized that the existence behind Chu Feng was much more powerful than their Starfall Holy Land.

When thinking of this, they inevitably started to feel lingering fear. If Chu Feng was one to keep a grudge, they feared they would end up suffering miserably.

That said, even Chu Feng actually had no idea who that powerful existence standing up for him was.

“Chu Feng, who is that? Do you know her?” Her Lady Queen asked. Her beautiful eyes were filled with questions.

“I don’t know her. You and I have been together the entire time, and neither of us have ever met her before,” Chu Feng said.

“She would not be helping you for no reason. Could it be… she is related to your grandfather?” Her Lady Queen asked. There was a basis for her question.

After all, that day, Chu Feng had not only obtained his grandfather’s Blackflame Ghost Sword from the Illusory Blood Lotus that appeared outside the Ghost Sect Hall, he had also obtained the Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram.

As for that Spirit Beast Mysterious Treasure Diagram, it was originally purchased by a mysterious individual in the Grand Auction Assembly.

Thinking about it now, that mysterious individual should be that old lady.

For her to help Chu Feng so much, there must be a reason.

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen asked, “Chu Feng, could she be your grandma?”

“You’re kidding,” although Chu Feng said those words, he still turned his eyes to the old lady and began to carefully size her up.

After all, when thinking about it, it was not only Chu Feng’s mother that was a mystery; his grandmother was also a mystery.

As for the old lady before him, her age was similar to that of his grandfather. Furthermore, she had been keeping the Blackflame Ghost Sword that his grandfather had supposedly lost.

If the Blackflame Ghost Sword was lost, why would it end up in that old lady’s possession? Could it be a token of love?

If that was the case, then that old lady could truly possibly be Chu Feng’s grandmother.

Right at that moment, that old lady said, “You are all bullying my good friend’s grandson. How could I possibly watch with folded arms?”

Her words indirectly informed everyone why she was standing up for Chu Feng. Turned out, it was because of Chu Hanxian.

“For the sake of his own personal gain, Chu Feng went as far as killing his fellow clansmen. Even his death was brought upon himself by his own actions. How are we bullying him?” Chu Hanpeng said.

“That’s right. My grandson personally witnessed what that Chu Feng did. Although I do not know why that Chu Feng is still alive, it is a fact that he attacked my grandson and the others with the intention to kill them.”

“My grandson and Ruoshi were fortunate to survive. However, two among our Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations met their deaths at that Chu Feng’s hands.”

“Chu Feng’s crimes are unforgivable! He shall be put to death!” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather shouted.

“Shut your mouth! The ones that shall be put to death are you all!” After hearing what Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather said, that old lady became extremely furious. She waved her sleeve and sent forth her martial power, which turned into a blade as it flew toward Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather.

However, before that martial power blade could reach Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather, it stopped in midair, trembled, turned back into martial power and dispersed into the wind.

Naturally, it was Chu Hanpeng who had neutralized that martial power blade.

Since he was here, Chu Hanpeng would not allow that old lady to harm anyone from their Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Blood Clan’s Clan Chief, your strength is naturally at the top of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.”

“However, if you’re planning to take on our Chu Heavenly Clan by yourself, I’d urge you to reconsider,” Chu Hanpeng narrowed his brows when he said those words. Everyone was able to tell that he was slightly angry.

If that old lady insisted on doing whatever she pleased, Chu Hanpeng was truly going to end up fighting against her.

“Humph, why don’t you show this old lady exactly what your Chu Heavenly Clan is capable of,” however, even though she was facing Chu Hanpeng, that old lady was not at all afraid. As she spoke, her gaze started to change. Even her oppressive might became much more powerful.

Right at that moment, an aged voice sounded from the crowd.

“Blood Clan’s Clan Chief, thank you for helping out of righteousness. However, you should let this old man handle this matter.”