Chapter 3069 - Unleash A Massacre

Chapter 3069 - Unleash A Massacre

The reason for that was because Chu Zhiyuan was simply too much of a disgrace.

Not to mention a rank one Heavenly Immortal, even if it was a rank nine Heavenly Immortal, no one would respect them should they obtain their cultivation through slaughtering innocent lives.

At that moment, it was not only the people from the Li Heavenly Clan that looked down on Chu Zhiyuan; even the people from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that had declared Chu Zhiyuan to be their hero were looking at him with contempt on their faces.

“Exactly what is going on here?!” Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard.

It was Chu Hanpeng. Chu Hanpeng’s angry shout was aimed at Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather.

Evidently, Chu Hanpeng had also only just discovered that Chu Zhiyuan had trained in a demonic technique. As for that, it was something that Chu Hanpeng found intolerable.

“Lord Hanpeng, I also have no idea. I don’t know when Zhiyuan learned a demonic technique,” at that moment, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather started to panic. Then, he pointed at Chu Zhiyuan and loudly shouted, “You disappointing failure, who taught you that demonic technique?!”

“Grandfather, this here is not a demonic technique. It is a forbidden medicine. I have merely taken a forbidden medicine. I have never willfully slaughtered the innocent,” being suppressed by Li Youbin, Chu Zhiyuan regained his reasoning and realized how grave the situation was. He immediately provided an excuse for himself.

Unfortunately, simply no one believed his excuse.

After all, there were many renowned individuals among the people present.

Those grand characters were naturally capable of easily determining whether the power Chu Zhiyuan had unleashed was from a forbidden medicine or from a demonic technique.

Thus, they all believed that Chu Zhiyuan was lying; that he was trying to provide an excuse.

Merely, for the sake of protecting the Chu Heavenly Clan’s face, none of them exposed Chu Zhiyuan.

“Not only did you train in a demonic technique, but you’re even lying in plain daylight. With how shameless you are, it is no wonder you would pretend to be the one to destroy the Upper Realm Gate’s main formation.”

“That said, that Chu Feng is likely a coward too.”

“Back in the Upper Realm Gate, he was acting so high and mighty. Yet here today, he does not even dare to show his face.”

“So this is all that the Chu Heavenly Clan is capable of,” right at that moment, Li Tianyou began to ridicule them all.

“Who told you that I, Chu Feng, am a coward?”

Right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the direction of the crowd.

Once that voice was heard, Chu Hanpeng, Chu Zhiyuan, Chu Ruoshi, Chu Xuanzhengfa and everyone else from the Chu Heavenly Clan, as well as everyone from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, all revealed a change in expression.

The crowd turned their gazes toward the direction of the sound. Immediately, their expressions changed even more.

The reason for that was because they were able to see a figure from among the crowd.

As for that person, he was none other than Chu Feng.

“Heavens! It’s Chu Feng, it really is Chu Feng!”

“Chu Feng, you didn’t die?”

The crowd all felt deep disbelief upon seeing Chu Feng.

People like Chu Xuanzhengfa, who were worried about Chu Feng, even stood up emotionally.

However, Chu Zhiyuan, Chu Ruoshi, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather were panicking slightly.

They felt that Chu Feng should’ve undoubtedly died. How could he still be alive?

If Chu Feng was alive, wouldn’t that mean that what the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations said was true?

Was it really Chu Feng who entered the Upper Realm Gate and destroyed the main formation to postpone the opening of the Upper Realm Gate?

“Chu Feng, wasn’t it said that you were already dead? Why would you still be alive?”

At that moment, many people began to question Chu Feng.

Faced with these questions, Chu Feng waved his hand and said, “I will explain what happened to me. However, before that, I must first speak with these Li Heavenly Clan’s guests. After all, they have called upon me, I, Chu Feng, couldn’t possibly refuse their challenge.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his body shifted, and he arrived on the battle stage.

“Chu Feng, in that case, it was truly you who destroyed the main formation of the Upper Realm Gate?” At that moment, there was someone among the crowd that was unable to keep themselves from questioning Chu Feng.

It was Chu Xuanzhengfa. Chu Xuanzhengfa wanted to verify the matter before everyone. After all, it was no small matter, as it was an endlessly glorious accomplishment.

Chu Feng turned to Chu Xuanzhengfa and said, “Senior Zhengfa, that was indeed done by me.”

Then, he looked to Chu Zhiyuan, who was lying on the ground. He chuckled coldly. “Merely, I would’ve never expected Chu Zhiyuan to be so shameless. Likely, he did not even enter the Upper Realm Gate. Yet, he dared to proclaim himself to be the one to destroy the Upper Realm Gate’s main formation.”

Hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd all involuntarily turned their gazes to Chu Zhiyuan with contempt-filled eyes.

As matters stood, they were convinced that Chu Zhiyuan was assuming Chu Feng’s glory.

Thinking about it, Chu Zhiyuan went as far as to train in a demonic technique for the sake of power, and went as far as to deceive everyone for the sake of his honor. As matters stood, the crowd’s impression of Chu Zhiyuan had taken a dive.

From a hero that stood high and above, Chu Zhiyuan became a vile man that they looked down on.

“Traitor Chu Feng, you dare to still boast so shamelessly?! Today, this old man shall execute you on the spot!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. Following it, an enormous oppressive might, one that contained killing intent, swept toward Chu Feng.

It was Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather.

How could Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather possibly allow Chu Feng to live? He had decided to attack and kill Chu Feng.


However, even though Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather’s oppressive might had approached Chu Feng, it was suddenly dispersed.

The crowd’s expressions all changed upon seeing this scene.

This was especially true for the experts present. They were able to tell that Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather’s oppressive might had been neutralized by someone. Someone was helping Chu Feng.

“Chu Heavenly Clan, are you all trying to silence Chu Feng?”

Right at that moment, a voice was heard. Following that, a figure appeared in the sky.

It was an old lady. That old lady was dressed very plainly.

She was not very tall, and was even slouching. In her hand was a long tobacco pipe. She was currently sucking on that pipe.

When the crowd saw the old lady, they all revealed confusion in their eyes. Even Chu Feng was reacting like that.

The reason for that was because the great majority of the people present did not know that old lady. Even Chu Feng did not know her.

Right at that moment, that old lady waved her sleeve, and boundless power covered the entire region.

That old lady’s aura was actually that of a rank three Exalted, an entire level above Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather.

After unleashing her oppressive might, an extremely sharp gaze appeared in that old lady’s aged eyes.

“Chu Heavenly Clan, you bunch of despicable and shameless individuals. For the sake of your own personal gain, you went so far as to try to assassinate a member of the younger generation.”

“Today, this old lady will help Chu Feng obtain justice.”

After she finished saying those words, the oppressive might in the sky started to change. Suddenly, the entire region became chilly. Everyone present revealed frightened expressions.

The reason for that was because that chilly sensation was killing intent. Contained within that oppressive might was boundless killing intent. The killing intent had covered everyone present.

That old lady was actually planning to unleash a massacre!!!