Chapter 3068 - Extremely Disgraced

Chapter 3068 - Extremely Disgraced

“That Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generation is truly powerful.”

Seeing that the two fighters were locked in battle with victory undetermined, the people from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm started to frown.

After all, Chu Zhiyuan was the strongest member of their Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generation, whereas that woman was the weakest among the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations present.

Even though this was merely a match between two people of the younger generation, it would, nevertheless, illustrate the disparity between the Li Heavenly Clan and the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Even though it was already obvious that the Li Heavenly Clan was much stronger than the Chu Heavenly Clan, the people from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm were still astonished to personally witness this. At the same time, they started feeling much more uneasy.

Although the Upper Realm Gate’s opening speed had decreased, it would still one day open completely.

If the Li Heavenly Clan was determined to attack their Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, they would still be unable to escape this calamity.


Right at that moment, a loud explosion was suddenly heard. Powerful energy ripples began to scatter about in all directions like massive waves.

It was Chu Zhiyuan and that Li Heavenly Clan’s woman. The two of them had an intense confrontation.

Turning their eyes toward the two fighters, the expressions of the older generation’s experts present all changed.

They were able to see through the ripples that Chu Zhiyuan was lying on the ground. Furthermore, that woman had arrived before Chu Zhiyuan, and was stepping on Chu Zhiyuan’s head with her foot.

Chu Zhiyuan was actually defeated in their match.

Chu Zhiyuan, the number one genius of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, was actually defeated by a woman of the Li Heavenly Clan.


Right at that moment, the woman waved her sleeve, and the vast amount of energy ripples that covered the battle stage immediately dispersed.

After the energy ripples dispersed, the image of the woman and Chu Zhiyuan were both present before the crowd.

Earlier, it was only the experts of the older generation that knew what had happened on the battle stage.

Those from the younger generation were simply unable to see through the energy ripples and, had no idea that Chu Zhiyuan had already been defeated.

However, everything was now clear to their eyes. Seeing this, those people of the younger generation all revealed a massive change in expression.

“Heavens, this!!!”

All of the people from the younger generation were stunned. They simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

The strongest member of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generation was not only fallen to the ground, but his head was also being stepped on by a woman. This scene was simply too difficult to accept.

The reason for that was because this not only meant Chu Zhiyuan’s defeat and humiliation, but it was also their entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s defeat and humiliation.

“Trash. With this bit of strength, you have the nerve to say that you were the one who destroyed the Upper Realm Gate’s main formation?”

“You should go and call that man by the name of Chu Feng out here, for you are not even qualified for this young lady to go all-out against.”

Not only was that woman from the Li Heavenly Clan stepping on Chu Zhiyuan’s head, but she was also ridiculing him.

Hearing those words, Chu Zhiyuan was immediately furious. If that woman were to use anyone else to insult him, he would be able to tolerate it.

However, that woman actually used Chu Feng to insult him; this was simply intolerable in Chu Zhiyuan’s eyes.

Overwhelmed with rage, the expression in Chu Zhiyuan’s eyes started to change. It turned into one of extreme ruthlessness. It was simply not a gaze that ordinary humans should emit.

Soon, Chu Zhiyuan’s eyes started to change. His eyes turned crimson.

It was not only his eyes; crimson symbols also appeared on his body. The symbols were flickering with light that shone through his clothing.

Even though he was wearing clothes, one could still clearly see the crimson symbols that covered his body.

At the same time, a powerful aura was being emitted from Chu Zhiyuan’s body.

The power was so strong that it directly beat back the woman who was stepping on Chu Zhiyuan’s head.

“This guy?”

Looking to Chu Zhiyuan again, it was not only that woman from the Li Heavenly Clan that revealed a greatly alarmed expression; practically everyone present was greatly alarmed.

At that moment, Chu Zhiyuan was emitting a crimson gaseous aura from his body.

Being enveloped by the crimson gaseous flames, Chu Zhiyuan’s body, which was seriously injured by that woman, was actually healed instantly. Moreover, his body enlarged ten-fold. Chu Zhiyuan now resembled a small giant.

Looking like that, Chu Zhiyuan simply no longer resembled a human. Rather, he resembled a demonic being.

Most importantly, Chu Zhiyuan’s aura had increased again. Accompanying the appearance of the crimson runes, Chu Zhiyuan obtained a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a single level of cultivation.

“This is… a demonic technique?”

At that moment, the expressions of everyone present changed. They were all able to sense the aura that Chu Zhiyuan was currently emitting. It was no ordinary aura, but was filled with evil tendencies. It was a demonic technique, something that had been cultivated using countless lives.

Chu Zhiyuan was enraged by that woman and lost his reasoning. He simply no longer cared about the crowd’s opinion of him. At that moment, he was determined to kill that woman.

“Damn bitch, your daddy will rip apart that mouth of yours!”

As Chu Zhiyuan spoke, he began to walk toward that woman.

Seeing that the situation was bad, the woman planned to escape. However, she was astonished to discover that she was unable to move a single step.

It was Chu Zhiyuan. Chu Zhiyuan had used his power to restrict that woman’s ability to move.

Earlier, under the same level of cultivation, Chu Zhiyuan was indeed inferior to that woman, and ended up being defeated by her.

However, at this moment, Chu Zhiyuan had unleashed his Bloodcurse Demonic Technique and obtained heaven-defying battle power. That woman was simply no match for him now. In fact, just by using his oppressive might, Chu Zhiyuan managed to restrict that woman’s movements.

At that moment, Chu Zhiyuan was emitting frightening killing intent from all over his body.

Seeing such a Chu Zhiyuan walking toward her, that woman was extremely scared. She did not doubt Chu Zhiyuan’s claim of ripping her mouth apart at all. Furthermore, she felt that Chu Zhiyuan would even take her life.

Seeing that the situation was amiss, the woman planned to speak out and call for help from her fellow clansmen.

However, before she could even say anything, a figure landed before her.

It was Li Youbin. Li Youbin was a rank three Heavenly Immortal. At that moment, he had also unleashed his Heaven level Lightning Mark, and thus increased his cultivation to rank four Heavenly Immortal.

With a single thought from Li Youbin, boundless oppressive might descended from the sky.

Before this oppressive might, Chu Zhiyuan immediately crashed onto the battle stage. Like a dying dog, he was suppressed to a state of being unable to move at all.

“He’s actually a rank three Heavenly Immortal! That’s too powerful, no?”

The majority of the people present had only heard about how powerful the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were. When they witnessed exactly how powerful the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were, they were immediately tongue-tied with shock.

“Is this the strongest member of your Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation?”

“Turns out, the strongest member of your Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation is actually someone that increased his cultivation through slaughtering innocents to train in his demonic technique.”

“From this, it is obvious as to exactly what sort of Heavenly Clan your Chu Heavenly Clan is,” Li Youbin mocked.

At that moment, not to mention the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan, even those of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm felt extremely disgraced.