Chapter 3067 - Confrontation Between Two Clans

Chapter 3067 - Confrontation Between Two Clans

“What utter shamelessness. We have clearly never confronted one another; yet you all dare to look down on me like this,” Chu Zhiyuan was very furious. His anger was not a pretense. Instead, he was truly angered by the contempt from the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

After all, Chu Zhiyuan was no longer the same Chu Zhiyuan who would silently endure humiliation from others.

He had revealed his true capabilities. Not only had he defeated all of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generations, but he had also defeated Chu Qing.

His cultivation was that of a rank one Heavenly Immortal now, a cultivation surpassing all other younger generations. He was truly deserving of the title of being the number one genius in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

With such glory, how could he possibly endure humiliation from others again?

If he were to endure their humiliation, it would not only be his own humiliation, it would instead be a humiliation to the entire Chu Heavenly Clan.

Furious, Chu Zhiyuan actually turned to clasp his fist at Chu Hanpeng. He said, “Milord, the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations are simply being excessively rude. They are not only not placing this junior in their eyes, but they are not placing our Chu Heavenly Clan in their eyes.”

“This junior requests to be allowed to spar against them. I wish to let them know that our Chu Heavenly Clan is absolutely not something that they can insult like this.”

Once Chu Zhiyuan said those words, the expressions of many people changed. It was not only the bystanders, even Chu Hanpeng and Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather’s expressions changed to that of a frown.

All those with knowledge knew that the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were definitely stronger than the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

Even though Chu Zhiyuan was a rank one Heavenly Immortal now, he would still not have great odds of victory against the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

Chu Zhiyuan’s action could be said to be impulsive.

However, if he were to allow them to insult him without fighting back, it would also become a matter of ridicule for others once it spread.

Thus, Chu Hanpeng did not answer Chu Zhiyuan. Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather also did not attempt to advise his grandson. The reason for that was because not even they knew whether they should have Chu Zhiyuan fight against the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

“Very well, I accept your challenge. Merely, for someone of your strength, you are not qualified to fight against our Li Heavenly Clan’s men. Allow this young lady to spar against you,” right at this moment, a woman from the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations stood forth.

Once she stood forth, the people from the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm began to feel with even greater conviction that the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations had come to seek trouble.

They felt that the declaration of Chu Feng destroying the main formation and injuring them should be a made-up justification.

Their true purpose in coming was to look for trouble.

After all, with the opening of the Upper Realm Gate, the Li Heavenly Clan and the Chu Heavenly Clan were destined to battle one another.

Now that the main formation of the Upper Realm Gate had been destroyed by the Chu Heavenly Clan, and the Upper Realm Gate’s opening speed had slowed, the Li Heavenly Clan’s army would not be able to arrive in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm immediately. As such, the Li Heavenly Clan would naturally harbor hard feelings.

That was the reason why they immediately dispatched those younger generations of theirs to come and provoke the Chu Heavenly Clan.

They even made up an excuse of being injured by a Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation and sought out Chu Feng, a dead man, to be the culprit.

Although their excuse might appear to be absurd, it was actually very brilliant.

After all, since Chu Feng had already died, it would be impossible for him to appear and explain everything. Thus, they could say whatever they wanted.

When thinking of this, the people of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm all felt that they had seen through the Li Heavenly Clan’s plot. Because of that, they felt with even greater conviction that it was Chu Zhiyuan who had destroyed the Upper Realm Gate’s main formation, and that it was the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations that were lying.

“Forget about it, you are a woman, it’s better to have a man come and fight me. Otherwise, it would make it appear as if I am bullying you,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“It is not that I am looking down on you. However, with your cultivation, you are only qualified to fight against me. After all, everyone else is stronger than me,” as the woman spoke, a formless power was released from her body.

At that moment, the crowd’s expressions all changed. The reason for that was because that woman’s cultivation was that of a rank one Heavenly Immortal, the same cultivation as Chu Zhiyuan.

That woman declared that all of the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations present were stronger than her. Wouldn’t this mean that all of the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations apart from her were stronger than Chu Zhiyuan?

“In that case, you all are truly planning to send a woman to spar against me?” Chu Zhiyuan’s gaze turned to Li Yan and the others.

“Enough of your superfluous words. I am more than sufficient to handle you,” that woman’s attitude was very unyielding. At the same time, she had revealed her contempt toward Chu Zhiyuan.

“In that case, you shouldn’t say that I, Chu Zhiyuan, am bullying you when you lose,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

Chu Zhiyuan was saying all this deliberately. He had already realized that the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations must have people stronger than him.

Thus, he had only planned to spar against that woman. If he won against her, he was planning to refuse all further challenges.

That was the reason why Chu Zhiyuan asked those things. Those words would become his excuse in refusing the further challenges from the other Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations.

As for the woman before him, Chu Zhiyuan was actually not worried about her at all. As fellow rank one Heavenly Immortals, Chu Zhiyuan possessed absolute certainty in being able to defeat her.

“I’ve already told you to not bother with your superfluous words. Why are you so naggy? If you want to spar, then accept it. If you are afraid, then scram immediately, and call that Chu Feng out instead of wasting everyone’s time,” at that moment, that woman actually revealed a displeased expression.

“Very well, since that’s the case, I, Chu Zhiyuan, shall experience the strength of a Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generation today.”

“Merely, if you are defeated, I hope you do not look for excuses for your defeat,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“This young lady should be the one to say those words.”


Right at that moment, the woman’s body shifted. She flew down from the war chariot and arrived on the battle stage.

When she arrived on the battle stage, not only was she holding an Incomplete Immortal Armament in her hand, but a Heaven level Lightning Mark was also present on her forehead.

That woman had actually trained in the Heaven Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Once the Heaven level Lightning Mark appeared, her cultivation immediately increased from rank one Heavenly Immortal to rank two Heavenly Immortal. Furthermore, with her Incomplete Immortal Armament in hand, her battle power had reached that of peak rank two Heavenly Immortal.

Moreover, that woman did not have the slightest hesitation upon landing on the battle stage. She immediately started attacking Chu Zhiyuan.

With the situation being like that, how could Chu Zhiyuan possibly dare to hesitate? He also immediately unleashed his Heaven level Lightning Mark, and revealed his own Incomplete Immortal Armament.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them collided with one another.