Chapter 3072 - The Confident Chu Youyuan

Chapter 3072 - The Confident Chu Youyuan

“Chu Youyuan, I have truly underestimated you. Never would I have imagined that you were so capable of fabricating nonsense.”

“I truly do not know what sort of benefit you’ve received from Chu Feng to frame the two of us like this.”

“No matter what, we are the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders. What you are doing right now is equivalent to going against your superiors.”

After hearing what Chu Youyuan said, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather were both unable to tolerate it anymore. The two Supreme Elders pointed at Chu Youyuan and began to lash out at him.

Compared to the two of them, who were trying extremely hard to defend themselves, Chu Youyuan was extremely undisturbed.

“The two of you need not dispute it, this old man came here today precisely to declare the truth and retrieve justice for Chu Feng,” Chu Youyuan said.

“What arrogance. Who do you think you are for you to say that whatever you say is the truth?” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather asked angrily.

“With undeniable evidence, I truly do not know how the two of you can refuse to admit to it,” Chu Youyuan said.

“Undeniable evidence? Why don’t you take out this evidence and let us see it instead of spouting baseless lies,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather grew even more spirited upon hearing what Chu Youyuan said.

He firmly believed that Chu Youyuan would definitely not be able to provide evidence. The fact that Chu Youyuan had declared that he had undeniable evidence served to provide Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather with an opportunity to strike back. As long as he insisted on this point, and Chu Youyuan fail to provide evidence, the people would start to think that Chu Youyuan was the liar.

At that moment, everyone turned their eyes to Chu Youyuan. They wanted to see what sort of evidence Chu Youyuan possessed.

After all, the story that Chu Youyuan told was very detailed. Many people felt what Chu Youyuan said to be the truth, and that Chu Feng might’ve really suffered this injustice.

“What this old man saw with my eyes is the evidence,” Chu Youyuan pointed to his eyes.

“What? This…”

Once Chu Youyuan said those words, the crowd were all taken aback.

What he saw was the evidence? This was simply too unreasonable. He was simply taking everyone present to be fools.

At that moment, those that were originally thinking what Chu Youyuan said to be true all began to suspect his statement.

At the very least, he was unable to provide the so-called evidence. This meant that he was making baseless accusations.

“Youyuan, if you are trying to obtain justice for Chu Feng, you must provide definitive evidence. Your words alone are not evidence. No one will believe them,” Chu Hanpeng said.

“I’ve said it already. What this old man saw is evidence, undeniable evidence,” Chu Youyuan said.

“Lord Youyuan, this junior has respected and revered you in vain! Never would I have expected you to deliberately distort the truth and wrongly accuse your fellow clansmen just because you’ve received some benefits from Chu Feng!”

“Lord Hanpeng, you must uphold justice for this junior!”

At that moment, Chu Ruoshi, who had been quiet the entire time suddenly kneeled on the ground and began to kowtow to Chu Hanpeng. Not only were her eyes red, but tears were also rolling down her cheeks. It was as if she was truly wronged.

“Lord Hanpeng, this Chu Youyuan is going against his superiors and blurting nonsense. Please uphold justice for us,” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather half-kneeled on the ground.

“Lord Hanpeng, with Lord Clan Chief not being present, you are the person who possesses the greatest authority in the clan. What Chu Youyuan is doing is equivalent to betraying our clan. Lord Hanpeng, please handle this matter as per our clan’s laws and punish him severely,” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather also half-knelt on the ground.

Compared to Chu Haoyan’s grandfather and Chu Ruoshi’s words, his words were spoken with much more malice. He actually wanted Chu Hanpeng to directly punish Chu Youyuan.

“Lord Hanpeng, one cannot go against the Supreme Elders, much less make false accusations against Supreme Elders to publicly smear their reputation. Lord Hanpeng, you must uphold justice for our Supreme Elders.”

“Lord Hanpeng, you must uphold justice for our Supreme Elders.”

At that moment, many of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s elders actually stood up and then knelt on the ground to plead for Chu Hanpeng to punish Chu Youyuan.

“Good, very good. It would appear that you all possess quite a relationship with these two. This old man will remember you all,” Chu Youyuan looked to the elders kneeling on the ground.

“You dare to threaten our elders. Chu Youyuan, did you really think that our Chu Heavenly Clan could do nothing about you?” Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather berated Chu Youyuan. Then, he turned his eyes to Chu Hanpeng.

As for Chu Hanpeng, he was feeling enormous pressure after being faced with all those elders’ requests.

“Chu Youyuan, if you are unable to provide definitive evidence today and insist on continuing to babbler nonsense, this old man will really have to punish you according to our clan’s laws,” Chu Hanpeng said to Chu Youyuan.

Compared to the other elders that were determined to severely punish Chu Youyuan or even kill him, Chu Hanpeng’s tone was that of a warning. He was warning Chu Youyuan to speak no more, or else he would have to punish him.


However, at that moment, Chu Youyuan burst into sudden laughter. His laughter was very resounding and heart-rending. It was as if he simply did not place any of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s elders, including even Chu Hanpeng, in his eyes.

“Chu Feng, why do I suddenly feel that this Chu Youyuan is acting strange?”

“Back in the Chu Heavenly Clan, he was very humble and modest. Why would he be so arrogant and domineering now?”

“He is simply not helping you obtain justice by acting like this. Instead, he is making the situation even worse,” at that moment, even Her Lady Queen began to worry.

Logically, Chu Youyuan should carefully talk the matter over and explain everything to Chu Hanpeng in detail. Then, he should confront the two Supreme Elders until he found a mistake in their story.

However, Chu Youyuan had reacted so very unyielding from the very start.

Yet, whilst Chu Youyuan possessed strength equivalent to that of Supreme Elders, he did not possess the status of a Supreme Elder.

As such, he did not possess the qualifications to act so unyieldingly. By acting like that, he would instead make the situation much worse for himself, and make people feel like he was spouting sophistry and deliberately causing trouble.

“I also do not understand why Lord Youyuan is acting like this. However, I think he has his own reasoning. We should continue to watch,” Chu Feng said.

Compared to Her Lady Queen, Chu Feng was much more calm.

Although he did not understand why Chu Youyuan was acting like that, he knew that he was powerless at that moment and that no one would believe him even if he spoke up.

Furthermore, while Chu Youyuan appeared to be deliberately causing trouble, he was filled with confidence from the very start.

While Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather and Chu Haoyan’s grandfather, the two Supreme Elders, revealed panic on their faces, Chu Youyuan did not.

On the contrary, he was confident the entire time. It was as if everything was within his grasp.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that things would definitely not be as simple as they appeared to be, that Chu Youyuan must have some sort of hidden trump card.

Chu Feng also wanted to see exactly what sort of trump card Chu Youyuan might have to allow him to be so confident, so confident that he dared to confront the two Supreme Elders before all those experts of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, and before Chu Hanpeng.