Chapter 3030 - Strange Formations

Chapter 3030 - Strange Formations

“Big bro, what are you giggling foolishly about?” Seeing that Luo Dali was not only not angry after she mocked him, but instead had a joyous look on his face, Luo Xiaofeng felt very confused.

“Didn’t I say that my benefactor possesses extraordinary strength? Look, not even the waterfall is capable of detecting his cultivation. Didn’t I tell you so?”

“Lil’ sis, just you wait and see. As long as my lord benefactor begins to act, we will definitely be saved,” Luo Dali spoke proudly.

“You… you are simply incurable!” Luo Xiaofeng revealed a helpless expression.

Even after Chu Feng’s cultivation was revealed, her older brother was still saying that Chu Feng would be able to save them. Liu Xiaofeng simply felt that her older brother was deceiving himself.

Afterwards, everyone passed through the waterfall. Among the following people were two more individuals who were concealing their cultivation.

One was a rank five True Immortal, whereas the other was a rank six True Immortal. However, without exception, both of them were killed by the Bandit Beast hidden inside the cave the moment their true cultivations were exposed.

After passing through the waterfall, Chu Feng and the others were finally able to continue entering deeper into the cave.

After walking for only a short while, they entered a region covered in mist. Chu Feng was able to see eight Bandit Beasts there.

Those eight Bandit Beasts all possessed rank nine True Immortal-level cultivation.

However, before entering that region covered in mist, Chu Feng was simply unable to detect the existence of those eight Bandit Beasts.

Likely, they were the ones that had killed the three people that concealed their cultivations.

Soon, Chu Feng and the others walked out of the cave and entered a lake. They passed through a river and entered an underground tunnel. They passed through multiple different locations and continued to journey for two days and two nights straight.

There were many testing formations in every location that were used to test the strength of Chu Feng and the others.

After being repeatedly tested over and over again, Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from gasping with admiration at the Bandit Beasts for possessing so many methods of detection and such vigilance, even though they were not strong at all.

It was no wonder they were able to continue to exist in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm even though they were so weak.

What they relied on were their powerful formations and their determination to never lower their guard.

However, in the end, Chu Feng and Chu Youyuan still managed to successfully enter the Bandit Beasts’ hideout.

It was another mountain. While it appeared to be completely ordinary on the surface, as they walked into the mountain, they soon entered an isolated world.

In that world was a vast amount of palaces. The buildings here were all dazzling with gold. Even the stone slabs on the ground were golden.

When illuminated by the sun, the entire place would shine a bright gold color.

Bandit Beasts were all over this place. A rough estimation would place the number of Bandit Beasts there at over three million.

There were a lot of powerful Bandit Beasts there. In fact, there were even Heavenly Immortals among them.

Chu Feng knew that he had very likely successfully infiltrated the Bandit Beasts’ lair.

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be possible for there to be so many Bandit Beasts gathered in one place.

“Chu Feng, do not be anxious. Make certain that this is their hideout before doing anything,” Chu Youyuan said through a voice transmission.

Even without Chu Youyuan's reminder, Chu Feng would not act right away. He still needed to observe more.

On the way there, he had witnessed too many methods and tricks. Even though this place greatly resembled a hideout, Chu Feng was unable to be sure if it was a fake hideout for diversionary tactics.

Only by verifying this to be the actual hideout would Chu Feng act.

Chu Feng continued to hide his strength, and continued to follow the Bandit Beasts. Soon, they arrived at the depths of the hideout.

There were two giant craters there. The craters were so large that they resembled two enormous ravines. Inside those two enormous craters were hundreds of thousands of humans.

They were lifting a special sort of crystal stone with their naked hands and walking back and forth between the two enormous craters.

Chu Feng noticed that the crystal stones that they were carrying were all the same. However, the crystal stones would change in color depending on which crater they were in.

After they changed color, they would let out a special power that would assimilate into the craters before returning to their original color.

When the crystal stones that were returned to normal were transferred to the other enormous crater, it would give the same sort of response as before.

Like this, the humans continued to travel back and forth between the two craters.

That said, those two enormous craters were definitely not as simple as they appeared to be.

Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that those two enormous craters were two formations.

Those were power-supplying formations, and the crystal stones were the sources of the power.

As the crystal stones were passed back and forth between the two enormous craters, the two formations would be able to produce a sort of power to supply some sort of formation or some sort of existence with a steady flow of energy.

However, most importantly of all, those crystal stones could not be transported with tools. One could only transport them with one's body.

However, those crystal stones were harmful. They would corrode one's soul. If one were to continue to stay in the two formations and transport the crystal stones between them nonstop, one would one day be killed by the corrosion.

That was precisely the reason why all of the people in the craters appeared to be in very weak health.

They were all martial cultivators, and thus they should be very robust and healthy. However, they all seemed to be sick, listless and on the verge of dying.

Apart from doing their work, they seemed to have forgotten about all purpose in life. Those people were truly pitiful.

Chu Feng knew that those people would one day end up dying.

They absolutely weren't going to die because they reached their life expectancy. Instead, they would die from having their souls corroded by the crystal stones.

Likely, that was the reason why the Bandit Beasts decided to capture all those humans. As the people inside the two formations, inside the two craters, would eventually die, they would have to capture new humans as slaves and throw them into the formations as replacements.

"The Bandit Beasts are truly existences lower than dogs and pigs," seeing this scene, the anger in Chu Feng's heart started to surge.

"Chu Feng, you've endured it for so long, just endure it a bit more and make proper observations of the place first," Her Lady Queen felt Chu Feng's anger, and quietly urged him to control himself a bit more.

She did not wish for Chu Feng to ruin everything after going through so much effort to get there.

Chu Feng naturally knew what was meant by failure in toleration would ruin a great scheme. As such, he forcibly restrained his anger. Then, he was pushed into one of the craters by the Bandit Beasts.

"What the hell are you all standing around for? Quickly, get to work! Do you want a beating?!"

After Chu Feng and the others were pushed into a crater, there were immediately Bandit Beasts that raised their long whips and began to urge them to work.

Chu Feng and the others were helpless. As such, they began to work at transporting the crystal stones like the other humans.