Chapter 3031 - Mastery Of The Divine Technique

Chapter 3031 - Mastery Of The Divine Technique

Once the crystal stone entered his hand, Chu Feng immediately started to frown.

Not only was the crystal stone corroding his soul, but it was actually even absorbing his soul.

This formation was even more frightening than Chu Feng had anticipated. It was simply a demonic formation.

After discovering the dangers of this place, Chu Feng wanted to leave as soon as possible. He also wanted to quickly rescue the captured people from those formations.

Thus, as Chu Feng started to transport the crystal stones, he began to survey his surroundings with his Heaven's Eyes.

Chu Feng was examining the hideout. He was searching for the place where the treasures were kept.

Fortunately, the people present seemed to be extremely scared of the Bandit Beasts, and thus they were all wholly concentrated on their work. Simply no one dared to slack off.

Because of that, the Bandit Beasts did not continue to pay attention to Chu Feng and the others inside the formation. Seeing that they had started working, the Bandit Beasts decided to leave.

As such, they simply did not notice Chu Feng looking around and observing the place.

"Everyone, from now on, there is no need for you all to subject yourselves to the control of those animals," suddenly, a voice was heard.

It was that man by the name of Xu Jialuo. He had finally regained consciousness.

"Big brother Jialuo, you've finally woke up?" Luo Xiaofeng was overjoyed to see Xu Jialuo waking up.

The others from the Luo Family hurriedly surrounded him. They too had overjoyed expressions on their faces.

"Big brother Jialuo, could you... have successfully made your breakthrough?" Luo XIaofeng asked with overwhelming excitement.

She discovered that not only were the injuries on Xu Jialuo's face gone, but he had also become much more spirited.

It had been over a hundred years since she had last seen Xu Jialuo like this. The reason for that was because ever since Xu Jialuo started training in his so-called divine technique passed down from his ancestor, he became very lifeless.

"Mn," faced with the excited Luo Xiaofeng, Xu Jialuo reacted very calmly, and nodded lightly.

His simple action caused the people from the Luo Family to become endlessly excited. They were feeling so joyous that they were simply about to shout in excitement.

If it wasn't for the fact that they were afraid that they would catch the attention of those Bandit Beasts, they would definitely be cheering excitedly right now.

After all, for the sake of nurturing Xu Jialuo, their Luo Family had invested enormously. At this moment, they would finally be able to reap the harvest of their investment, and see the fruits of their labor. Naturally, they would be very happy.

After all, one must know that this was an effort of over a hundred years, an investment of half of their entire family's wealth.

"Big brother Jialuo, in that case, what is your current cultivation?" Luo Xiaofeng walked toward Xu Jialuo and asked.

"My current cultivation is rank one Heavenly Immortal," Xu Jialuo said.

"Rank one Heavenly Immortal, amazing! Your cultivation actually increased from rank nine Martial Ancestor to rank one Heavenly Immortal directly. That is truly a divine technique, a divine technique!"

"Jialuo, sure enough, I did not misjudge you, you did not disappoint this old man."

"Brother Jialuo, you are the pride of our entire Luo Family."

After hearing what Xu Jialuo said, the people of the Luo Family were all overwhelmed with excitement. Even Luo Dali revealed an astonished expression.

It was only at that moment that he realized that he had underestimated Xu Jialuo.

That said, Chu Feng shook his head when he saw Xu Jialuo, whose cultivation had increased dramatically.

Chu Feng was able to see through Xu Jialuo with a single glance through using his Heaven's Eyes.

His sudden sharp increase in cultivation was not without cause. He had trained in some sort of special martial technique.

Whilst that martial technique did manage to sharply increase his cultivation, he would end up paying disastrously for it.

Likely, Xu Jialuo's cultivation would stay at rank one Heavenly Immortal, and be unable to increase any further for the rest of his life.

"Truly a pity. With that child's talent, it would definitely not have been an issue for him to reach the Martial Immortal Level should he train steadily."

"Unfortunately, he decided to take a shortcut, a wrong path, and harmed his future."

Chu Youyuan also let out a sigh. It seemed like Chu Youyuan had also managed to determine the price Xu Jialuo ended up paying for that martial technique he trained in.

However, Chu Youyuan was able to see more thoroughly than Chu Feng. He was even able to analyze the level of cultivation Xu Jialou would have been able to reach if he had trained steadily.

Unfortunately, due to his ill-considered action, he who was originally capable of reaching the Martial Immortal level of cultivation would ultimately only stay at rank one Heavenly Immortal.

"This is great! We will finally be saved! We will finally be saved!"

"Big brother Jialuo, teach those animals a proper lesson. They've killed two of our family members."

Seeing that Xu Jialuo's cultivation had greatly increased through his successful mastery of his divine technique, Luo Xiaofeng acted as if she had finally found the person she could rely on. Her entire attitude changed.

"Xiaofeng, I can bring you and your family members out. However, there is one thing that I must tell you," Xu Jialuo said.

"Big brother Jialuo, we are family, there is no need to beat around the bush. Go ahead and tell me whatever you want. I will listen to you in regards to everything."

Luo Xiaofeng acted very obedient, like a young married woman. It seemed that she was already prepared to be the woman standing behind her man in everything. From this, it could be seen that she was truly fond of this Xu Jialuo.

"Xiaofeng, I actually already have someone I like. I made a pledge when I was younger that I wouldn't marry anyone besides her. Thus... I'm afraid that I will not be able to marry you," Xu Jialuo said.


His words came like a bolt from the blue.

Luo Xiaofeng's joyous expression immediately disappeared. Her face turned completely pale. She took several steps back, and nearly fell to the ground.

"Xu Jialuo, what are you saying?! Do you dare say it again?!" At that moment, Luo Dali was immediately furious.

"You all have heard what I've said already. I do not care what you think of me. However, I absolutely will not marry Luo Xiaofeng. However, I, Xu Jialuo, will forever remember the help your Luo Family has provided me. In the future, I will definitely repay you all," Xu Jialuo said.

Even though Xu Jialuo was declaring that he would repay the Luo Family, his attitude was extremely cold, and even unyielding. He had an attitude of 'you all will have to listen regardless of whether you want to listen or not'.

"You damned animal!" At that moment, Luo Dali was about to explode with rage. As he spoke, he planned to walk up toward Xu Jialuo and fight him.


However, before he could approach, a powerful hand grabbed his arm.

It was Luo Dali's father, their Luo Family's Family Head.

"Jialuo, things like marriage can be discussed. I believe Xiaofeng would not mind being your concubine," the Luo Family's Family Head said.

"Do you not mind being my concubine?" Xu Jialuo turned to ask Luo Xiaofeng.