Chapter 3029 - Successful Concealment

Chapter 3029 - Successful Concealment

Upon arriving at the waterfall, people began to walk past the waterfall in succession.

While this was happening, a little stone had appeared in the Bandit Beast commander’s hand.

To be exact, it actually resembled a title plate more than a stone.

Whenever someone passed through the waterfall, a series of numbers would be displayed on that title plate. The number indicated the cultivation of the person that had walked through the waterfall.

In the beginning, the numbers that appeared were all the same.

However, when an old man walked past waterfall, the commander’s expression changed enormously.

The Bandit Beast commander pointed to the old man that had stepped through the waterfall and shouted, “Humph, you’re actually concealing your cultivation? Are you trying to infiltrate into our race? Men! Seize him!”

“Wahahaha, this old man was originally puzzled as to why such a waterfall would appear in a place like this. It turns out that this waterfall is actually a formation capable of exposing one’s cultivation.”

“That said, so what if I am discovered by you all? With your mere strength, how could you possibly arrest this old man?”

“Bunch of animals, this old man will not only kill you all, but I will also seize your treasures.”

After having his cultivation exposed, that old man immediately changed his demeanor and began to laugh mockingly.

At that moment, his cultivation also changed enormously. From a rank nine Martial Ancestor, he became a rank five True Immortal.

His strength surpassed all of the Bandit Beasts present. After all, the Bandit Beast commander was only a rank three True Immortal.


However, right at the moment when that old man was feeling immensely proud with himself, right when he was about to slaughter all of the Bandit Beasts, a light ray suddenly flew out from deep inside the cave and pierced into the old man.

The next moment, that old man fell to the ground in disbelief. He had died.

“There’s an expert inside the mountain. It’s a rank nine True Immortal.”

Chu Feng’s expression changed. Before that rank nine True Immortal acted to slaughter the old man, not even Chu Feng had been able to detect his existence inside the cave.

Moreover, after that individual attacked and killed the old man, his aura immediately disappeared.

However, his aura was clearly captured by Chu Feng the moment he attacked that old man.

There was indeed a rank nine True Immortal hidden inside the cave. Furthermore, that individual should possess superb concealment ability. Otherwise, it would be impossible for even Chu Feng to only be able to detect his existence when he attacked.

“Humph, did you really think our race to be full of fools? A mere rank five True Immortal wanted to infiltrate into our race?” Seeing the fallen corpse of that old man, the commander let out a mocking laugh. Then, he shouted, “Continue!”

Urged by the Bandit Beasts, the other humans began to walk past the waterfall in succession. Soon, it was Chu Feng’s turn.

At that moment, Chu Feng was slightly worried. It was not that he was worried about his safety.

After all, he was already a Heavenly Immortal expert. Furthermore, behind him was Chu Youyuan, a rank two Exalted.

A rank two Exalted cultivation was a level of cultivation that stood at the apex of the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. 

Even though Chu Youyuan was seriously injured, it remained that he was a rank two Exalted. He was still so overwhelmingly powerful that he could easily massacre all existences beneath the rank two Exalted level of cultivation.

With such an existence by his side, how could Chu Feng be worried about his own safety?

What Chu Feng was worried about was his cultivation being exposed.

Should his cultivation be exposed, he would lose this opportunity to infiltrate the Bandit Beasts’ hideout. Should that happen, Chu Feng would have gone through all this trouble in vain.

When Chu Feng was about to pass through the waterfall, Luo Dali revealed a worried expression.

He knew that Chu Feng should be very powerful, and was definitely not an ordinary True Immortal. However, he only imagined Chu Feng’s cultivation to be at most rank three of rank four True Immortal.

That old man earlier was a rank five True Immortal. Yet, he was still killed by a single attack.

Luo Dali was worried that Chu Feng’s cultivation would be exposed, and that he would end up suffering the same fate as the old man earlier.

If that were to happen, Luo Dali would feel extremely guilty. After all, this matter was originally unrelated to Chu Feng. It was he who asked Chu Feng to save them. If Chu Feng were to suffer any sort of misfortune, he would feel as if he were the one to have harmed him.

While Luo Dali was looking at Chu Feng with a worried expression on his face, Luo Xiaofeng was observing Chu Feng and the title plate in that Bandit Beast commander’s hand with an interested expression on her face.

Even though she did not believe in Luo Dali’s claim of Chu Feng being a martial cultivation expert, she still wanted to verify her guess. At the same time, she was feeling a slight amount of hopeful anticipation.

However, when Chu Feng successfully passed through the waterfall, Luo Xiaofeng revealed a disappointed expression. Furthermore, she looked to Luo Dali and said through a voice transmission, “Is he the martial cultivation expert you spoke of?”

The reason why Luo Xiaofeng was acting with such disdain was because she had noticed that Chu Feng’s cultivation was indicated by the title plate to only be a mere rank one Martial Ancestor.

A mere rank one Martial Ancestor. Not to mention saving them, he would not even have the strength to protect himself. He was simply the weakest individual among everyone present.

As for Chu Youyuan, his cultivation was also displayed on the title plate after Chu Feng. His indicated cultivation was much stronger than Chu Feng’s. However, his cultivation was displayed as only a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

Likewise, he was unable to enter Luo Xiaofeng’s discerning eyes. After all, she was a rank one True Immortal.

However, Luo Dali had a joyous expression on his face. Although he did not know Chu Youyuan was a rank two Exalted and Chu Feng was a rank four Heavenly Immortal, he knew that Chu Feng was definitely not as weak as a rank one Martial Ancestor.

This indicated two things. One, that Chu Feng’s cultivation had not been exposed. At least, this meant that he was safe.

Two, Chu Feng might even be stronger than he had anticipated. Otherwise, how could his cultivation not be exposed when that old man with the cultivation of a rank five True Immortal was exposed?