Chapter 3003 - The Stubborn Chu Lingxi

Chapter 3003 - The Stubborn Chu Lingxi

“Prepare to die!” A furious shout was suddenly heard. Lord Youyuan had unleashed his attack.

At practically the same moment when Lord Youyuan unleashed his attack, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather also soared into the sky and unleashed his own attack.

Powerful energy ripples started to spread. The two rank two Exalted experts had collided in battle.

To Chu Feng, Exalted-level experts were existences so powerful that he was simply powerless by comparison. It would not be excessive to even call them gods.

Although the two Exalted-level experts were currently fighting before Chu Feng’s eyes, Chu Feng was unable to see their movements, and had no idea what sort of abilities they were using. The only thing he was capable of seeing was the powerful energy ripples that were scattering in all directions and battering everything in their surroundings nonstop.

Even space itself shattered around them. As the energy ripples continued, Chu Feng felt as if he had been placed in hell.

If it wasn’t for the defensive barrier that Lord Youyuan placed around him to protect him, Chu Feng would likely have already met a violent death.

“Fortunately, that old man by the name of Youyuan came. Otherwise, not even your Evil God Sword would likely be able to handle that fellow, no?” Her Lady Queen said.

Chu Feng nodded sternly at Her Lady Queen’s words.

Earlier, Chu Feng had thought that he would be able to kill Chu Haoyan’s grandfather with the Evil God Sword.

However, after actually witnessing their powers, Chu Feng was no longer confident.

Exalted-level experts that possessed Exalted-level martial power, existences above Martial Immortals, were simply too powerful.

How was Chu Feng going to contend against existences like that?

The current Chu Feng was not even a match for Heavenly Immortals, much less Martial Immortals.

As for Exalted, they were existences that even peak Martial Immortals looked up to.

Furthermore, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was not a rank one Exalted. Instead, he was a rank two Exalted.

Chu Feng felt that even if he possessed the Evil God Sword, he would likely not be a match for an existence like that.


Meanwhile, as the intense battle continued in the cave, the people waiting outside were already in an upheaval.

Chu Lingxi, Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan, those three geniuses, were actually working together.

They were jointly attacking the cave wall before them.

The wall that they were attacking was the entrance to the path that Chu Feng and the others had entered through.

For some unknown reason, the entrance had just been sealed off.

They had no idea what was happening inside.

Chu Lingxi was worried for Chu Feng.

As for Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan, they were worried that the treasures would be embezzled by Chu Feng and Chu Ruoshi.

That was the reason why the three of them were jointly attacking the cave wall, jointly attempting to breach the power that was sealing the entrance to the path so that they could enter it and investigate what had happened.

Unfortunately, no matter what sort of method they attempted, they were still incapable of breaching the power sealing the entrance.

After attempting to breach the power sealing the entrance for some time, Chu Haoyan stopped. He declared, “Forget about it. That is simply not something that we can destroy. It would appear that… it is not something Chu Feng and the others did. Likely, they must’ve triggered some sort of trap to awaken that sealing power.”

Following him, Chu Huanyu also stopped. They both felt that it would be impossible for them to breach the seal. As such, they decided to give up on attempting to continue attacking it.

However, Chu Lingxi did not stop her attacks. Instead, her attacks grew more and more intense. However, she was still unable to cause any damage to the power sealing the entrance.

“Lingxi, just forget about it. It’s useless. With our strength, it is impossible for us to shatter that power. Not to mention us, likely not even Heavenly Immortals would be able to,” Chu Huanyu urged.

“Shut up. You can stop if you want, no one would urge you to continue. By the same accord, you do not possess the rights to urge me to stop,” Chu Lingxi turned around and took a fierce glance at Chu Huanyu and Chu Haoyan. Then, she continued to attack that sealing power.

“Humph, you are truly unable to recognize the good intentions of others,” faced with such a stubborn Chu Lingxi, Chu Huanyu snorted coldly and stood to one side.

He was feeling very displeased. From his understanding of Chu Lingxi, he knew very well that she would not be putting forth so much effort for treasures.

However, if it wasn’t because of the treasures, then why would Chu Lingxi act like that?

There could only be one possible explanation -- Chu Feng.

Chu Lingxi was worried about Chu Feng’s safety. That was the reason why she was trying so hard.

Upon thinking of how cold Chu Lingxi was toward him and how concerned she was about Chu Feng, Chu Huanyu started to feel extremely displeased.

“Oh Huanyu, you are truly miserable. You like that Chu Lingxi so much, yet she only cares about that Chu Feng with all her heart and soul. I am truly feeling pity for you,” Chu Haoyan walked over to Chu Huanyu’s side and sighed and spoke with a mocking tone.

“Feel pity for me? You’re actually feeling pity for yourself, no? Both you and I know each other very well. There’s no need to play dumb,” Chu Huanyu said.

“Haha…” Chu Haoyan was actually not angered by Chu Huanyu’s words. Instead, he laughed. It was such a relaxed laughter.

“I have already given up on Chu Lingxi. A girl like her is not someone we can obtain.”

“However, I am truly unable to understand. Exactly what did that Chu Feng do to her to make her so tempted by him?” Chu Haoyan asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Chu Huanyu cast a side-eye glance at Chu Haoyan. Displeasure filled his eyes.

What Chu Haoyan was puzzled by was actually also what he was puzzled by.


Right at that moment, the cave suddenly started to tremble.

“What’s happening?” The sudden trembling caused the crowd’s expressions to all change.

“Chu Feng and the others must’ve triggered something. Everyone, quickly, get out of this place. This place might collapse at any moment,” Chu Haoyan said.

Hearing Chu Haoyan’s words, the crowd grew even more panicky, and actually began to move back.

The reason for that was because the rock walls of the cave were no small matter. At the very least, they would not be able to shatter the rocks with their strength. If the cave were to collapse, they would be trapped inside, and all that would await them then would be death.