Chapter 3004 - The Correct Decision

Chapter 3004 - The Correct Decision


Right at that moment, following a loud explosion, the cave started to tremble again. Furthermore, the trembling this time around was even stronger than before.

“It really is going to collapse! Everyone, quickly, get out of here!”

“If we continue to stay here, we will truly be buried alive!”

This time around, the crowd started to panic completely. They turned around and began to flee in the direction they had come from.

Everyone was fleeing. However, Chu Lingxi was still standing there. She was still attacking the sealed entrance.

“Lingxi, why are you still standing there? Do you wish to die here?” Chu Huanyu asked.

However, Chu Lingxi did not even bother to pay attention to his words. It was as if she could not hear him.

“Gone mad, you’ve truly gone mad!”

“Since that’s the case, you might as well die here together with that Chu Feng!” Unable to contain his anger, Chu Huanyu cursed loudly. Then, together with the rest of the crowd, he left the cave.

The cave that was previously filled with people now only had Chu Lingxi..

As the trembling around her continued to become more and more intense, she held her Incomplete Immortal Armament in her hand and continued to unleash powerful Immortal Techniques.

She appeared to be quite lonely. However, her stubbornness and her determination in the face of death was something worthy of being revered.

Unfortunately, those Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were not going to revere her.

To them, Chu Lingxi’s actions were foolish and mad.

Only Chu Lingxi knew that she could not abandon Chu Feng and escape by herself. After all… ever since they had fused their Yin Yang Fate Pearls, their fates would be bound to one another as long as they were there.

At present she did not feel anything peculiar. This meant that Chu Feng was still alive.

However, with what was happening, it was very possible that Chu Feng had encountered some sort of problem.

Thus, she could not give up. As long as Chu Feng was still alive, she could not give up on him.



Suddenly, another loud explosion was heard. The explosion this time was much more ear-piercing than all the previous explosions. It was as if the explosion had gone off somewhere very close. The frequency of the quaking was frighteningly abnormal.

However, after the loud explosion was heard, everything seemed to have returned to normal.

“Damn it, exactly what happened in there?”

“Chu Feng, no matter what, you must stay alive in there. Otherwise, this young lady will end up suffering a calamity too,” Chu Lingxi was startled by the explosion. However, she soon started to continue using her Incomplete Immortal Armament to attack the power sealing the entrance.

Even though the explosions and shaking had stopped, Chu Lingxi felt even more uneasy. She was truly afraid that something might’ve happened to Chu Feng.

It was not that she was afraid of being implicated. Rather, she truly did not wish for anything to happen to Chu Feng.

Meanwhile, inside the deepest region of the cave, Chu Feng was still standing there. Since he was protected by the defensive barrier, he was completely unscathed.

Not only that, but a cheerful look had also appeared in his eyes.

Even though the energy ripples were still surging about the cave, Chu Feng was able to see through his Heaven’s Eyes that Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was lying in a corner. His body was completely covered in blood.

However, when he looked to Lord Youyuan, he was completely unscathed.

Although they were both rank two Exalted, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was no match for Lord Youyuan.

“Youyuan, I’ve underestimated you. Never would I have expected that you… a foreign dog, would possess this sort of power.”

“However, today, you are still going to lose,” right at that moment, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather suddenly turned around. He was flying toward the other member of the younger generation present.

Due to the fact that Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was very close to that man, it was already too late by the time Lord Youyuan noticed his intention.

Chu Haoyan’s grandfather grabbed the neck of that member of the younger generation and lifted him up before him.

“Release him,” Lord Youyuan said.

“Release him? Sure, I can do that. Let go of the Immortal Armament in your hand,” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather said.

“You want me to let go of my Immortal Armament? You are truly delusional,” Lord Youyuan said.

“Chu Youyuan, I will say it again. Let go of the Immortal Armament in your hand. Otherwise, I will kill him,” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather threatened with a malevolent expression.

Faced with Chu Haoyan’s grandfather’s threat this time around, Lord Youyuan did not even bother to utter a word. However, his determined expression had given Chu Haoyan’s grandfather his answer.

“Chu Youyuan, it turns out you’re also someone who doesn't care about the lives of your fellow clansmen.”

“Chu Youyuan, do you not feel ashamed?!!!” Seeing that his plan had failed, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather started to shout angrily.

Even though he was faced with mocking words from Chu Haoyan’s grandfather, Lord Youyuan remained extremely calm.

“The one that wants to kill him is you and not me, why should I feel ashamed?” Lord Youyuan said.

“You, since you have no regard for the lives of others why must you pretend to be righteous?” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather asked.

“This old man has never feigned righteousness, nor have I disregarded the lives of others. Merely, I know how to make appropriate decisions at appropriate times.”

“If I am to let go of my Immortal Armament, I would not be a match for you. At that time, it would not only be me who will be killed, Chu Feng and that person you’ve captured will also be killed.”

“However, if I persist, the only one that will die will be that person you’ve captured. Although I will not be able to save him, at least Chu Feng would still be alive. To this old man, that would be a worthy decision,” Lord Youyuan said.

“Enough of this rubbish! I knew that you felt Chu Feng’s life to be more important than the lives of other younger generations!” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather shouted.

“If you insist on saying it like that, this old man will not argue with you,” Lord Youyuan said.


Hearing those words, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather turned completely red with anger. However, he was also speechless.

Faced with such a Chu Youyuan, he truly had no words to say.

However, Chu Feng was surprised.

He truly did not expect for his life to be viewed with such importance by Chu Youyuan.

Suddenly, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather shouted, “Chu Youyuan, drop dead!” Then, he tossed the member of the younger generation in his hand toward Lord Youyuan. After that, he turned around and began to fly toward the cave’s exit.

The strength with which he tossed that member of the younger generation was no small matter. If someone could catch him, then he might be fine. However, if someone didn’t catch him, he would definitely meet a horrible death when he smashed into the ground.

Although Lord Youyuan felt that man’s life to not be as important as Chu Feng’s life, that did not mean that he didn't consider his life to be important.

At the very least, when faced with the choice of saving that member of the younger generation or chasing after Chu Haoyan’s grandfather, Lord Youyuan chose to save that member of the younger generation without the slightest hesitation. He leapt up and caught him.