Chapter 3002 - Battle of Exalted's

Chapter 3002 - Battle of Exalted’s

“Insolent bastard, this Queen will kill you!” right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. It was Her Lady Queen.

When Lord Youyuan appeared, the oppressive might emitted by Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was restrained. As such, Her Lady Queen, who was previously restricted, finally regained her freedom.

When Her Lady Queen regained her freedom, she immediately controlled a boundless amount of dark black gaseous flames to attack Chu Haoyan’s grandfather.

“Humph, overestimating one’s capabilities, you are truly courting death,” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather snorted coldly. Then, overwhelming oppressive might started to rush toward Her Lady Queen.

Before a rank two Exalted, Her Lady Queen’s dark black gaseous flames were simply unable to withstand a single blow, and instantly shattered. Furthermore, that overwhelming oppressive might was threatening Her Lady Queen’s life this time around.


Right at the moment when the oppressive might unleashed by Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was about to reach Her Lady Queen, it suddenly stopped. It was Lord Youyuan. Lord Youyuan had unleashed his own oppressive might to block Chu Haoyan’s grandfather’s oppressive might.

Furthermore, he released a gentle power that forcibly pushed Her Lady Queen to Chu Feng’s side.


The next moment, Lord Youyuan raised his arm, and a powerful burst of martial power gathered and formed a defensive barrier that surrounded both Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen.

Chu Feng felt that defensive barrier to be very powerful. Likely, not even the oppressive might of Chu Haoyan’s grandfather would be able to breach the defensive barrier to injure them.

If he wanted to cause them harm, he would have to utilize even more powerful techniques.

“Young lady, return to Chu Feng’s body. This old man will handle things here on your behalf.”

“This old man will obtain justice for the grievance you’ve suffered,” Lord Youyuan said.

However, even though Lord Youyuan said those words, Her Lady Queen still had an angry expression on her face. She was still looking at Chu Haoyan’s grandfather with killing intent-filled eyes.

It could be seen that Eggy was intensely displeased to be suddenly restricted by Chu Haoyan’s grandfather when she was about to kill Chu Zhiyuan.

“Eggy, if you feel discontent, I will kill him for you,” Chu Feng said whilst holding the Evil God Sword.

“Are you stupid? Someone is standing up for us, why are you still trying to jeopardize yourself by using that sword?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Her Lady Queen immediately urged him against it.

She added, “Just stand here properly and enjoy the show. As long as that old man is capable of taking care of it, you absolutely must not use the Evil God Sword, understand?”

“Eh… okay then. I will listen to my Eggy,” Chu Feng said.

“Enough talking, this Queen is tired. I will return to rest first,” Her Lady Queen cast a glance at Chu Feng, and then entered the World Spirit Gate and returned to Chu Feng’s world spirit space.

Her Lady Queen’s anger was not quelled. However, she still obediently returned to Chu Feng’s world spirit space.

The reason for that was because Her Lady Queen did not wish for Chu Feng to take risks.

Chu Feng knew all this. Thus, he felt extremely moved.

At the same time, his murderous desire toward Chu Haoyan’s grandfather also grew stronger.

Chu Feng made a firm resolution that he would definitely personally kill Chu Haoyan’s grandfather in the future.

It would not be only to obtain justice for himself and his father, it would also be to obtain justice for Her Lady Queen.

No matter what, such a grievance was something that he must settle personally.

“Chu Puze, you are truly worse than beasts. For the sake of entering this place to take care of Chu Feng, you’ve sacrificed a life of our clan’s younger generation. A person like you is unqualified to be our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder,” Lord Youyuan’s body was trembling when he said those words to Chu Haoyan’s grandfather. It could be seen that he was extremely furious.

After Lord Youyuan said those words, Chu Feng finally realized why Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was able to enter the cave.

It turned out that he had killed a member of the younger generation and seized his body for his own use.

That sort of method was truly crooked. As for those people with their bodies seized, they would generally meet very miserable deaths. To use such a ruthless method on one’s own clan’s younger generation, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was truly vicious and merciless. It was no wonder Lord Youyuan would become so furious.

“Youyuan, oh Youyuan, you know very well the hatred I have for Hanxian, his son and his grandson. Not to mention killing a single person of the younger generation, as long as I can eliminate that Chu Feng, I would be willing to kill all of our clan’s younger generations.”

“That said, I truly never expected that you were actually capable of directly entering the training ground for the younger generations. It would appear that you have not guarded the Nine Moons Sacred Domain in vain.”

“Alas, it’s actually your fault. If you possessed such ability, why didn’t you inform the clan of it? If I also possessed that ability, I would not have had to use this brat’s body, and he wouldn’t have had to die.”

Chu Haoyan’s grandfather showed absolutely no sign of repentance when he said those words. Instead, he was acting as if he were unblamable and righteous. Furthermore, he said those words with a joking tone.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was able to tell that Lord Youyuan was growing even more furious. It was no longer just anger; he was also emitting intense killing intent.

Lord Youyuan had unleashed his killing intent at Chu Haoyan’s grandfather.


Right at that moment, Lord Youyuan suddenly tightened his grasp on his walking stick. The next moment, that walking stick that resembled an ordinary wooden stick started to shine brightly, and emitted an extremely powerful aura.

Immortal Armament, that was actually an Immortal Armament. Furthemore, it was also a very high quality item. It could be said to be a masterpiece-level Immortal Armament.

“You… shall be put to death! However, this old man will not kill you! This old man will bring you to our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Stage and put you on trial before all our clansmen!” Lord Youyuan said with rage fuming between gritted teeth.

“Haha. Youyuan, oh Youyuan, you shouldn’t have involved yourself in this matter. However, since you have, I will have no choice but to eliminate you too,” as Chu Haoyan’s grandfather said those words, he streaked his palm across his Cosmos Sack.

The next moment, a ten-meter-long blade appeared in his hand. It was also an Immortal Armament.