Chapter 3001 - Obtaining Justice

Chapter 3001 - Obtaining Justice

The member of the younger generation emitting the aura of an Exalted and standing before Chu Feng was merely a shell, a disguise.

That man’s true identity was a Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder, Chu Haoyan’s grandfather, Chu Puze.

Although Chu Feng had only met Chu Haoyan’s grandfather once, Chu Feng remembered his voice very well.

“Haha… so what if you know who I am? After all, you’ll be dying today.”

“As such, this old man might as well let you know about certain things.”

“Back then, this old man contributed greatly to your father’s expulsion from the Chu Heavenly Clan and imprisonment in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.”

“If it wasn’t for this old man privately giving those people benefits, they would not have been insulting you in such a manner on the day of your talent exam. If those people didn’t insult you, your father would not have unleashed a massacre.”

“And if your father hadn’t unleashed a massacre, he would naturally not have provoked the people of the Starfield Master Realm. If he didn’t provoke the people of the Starfall Master Realm, the Clan Chief would not have severely punished you and your father.”

“In short, if it wasn’t for the tricks this old man employed back then, even though you did not possess the ability to cultivate back then, you would still have been able to stay in the Chu Heavenly Clan as a young master due to your father’s status,” Chu Haoyan’s grandfather said to Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately narrowed his eyebrows. The anger in his heart was surging like a soon-to-erupt volcano.

It turned out that the reason why Chu Feng and his father were driven out of the Chu Heavenly Clan was all due to him.

Filled with overwhelming rage, Chu Feng flipped his palm and a crimson sword appeared in his hand.

It was… the Evil God Sword!!!

The Evil God Sword was Chu Feng’s final trump card, his strongest trump card.

Unless forced into a corner, Chu Feng would never use it. However the situation at hand was worse than being forced into a corner.

Firstly, Chu Feng had no choice but to use his Evil God Sword, since Chu Haoyan’s grandfather was an Supreme Elder of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Furthermore, even if Chu Feng was capable of avoiding a battle, Chu Feng would not spare Chu Haoyan’s grandfather after hearing what he had done.

At that moment, Chu Feng only wanted to kill him.

He wanted to obtain justice for both his father and himself.

Chu Haoyan’s grandfather looked to the Evil God Sword in Chu Feng’s hand and asked with a beaming smile on his face, “What’s this? Are you angry? Do you wish to kill me?”

“That’s your Demon Armament, right?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled. It was no longer the first time he had taken out the Evil God Sword in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. However, no one had known how powerful the Evil God Sword was. The great majority of people would look to the Evil God Sword with contempt and puzzlement when they saw it.

However, it was different for Chu Haoyan’s grandfather. This meant that Chu Haoyan’s grandfather knew Chu Feng very well. At the very least, he should know about Chu Feng’s accomplishments in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, and the Demon Armament that he possessed.

It appeared that Chu Haoyan’s grandfather had come prepared.

“Since you know, then you should prepare yourself for death,” Chu Feng said, gnashing his teeth angrily. He had expressed his hatred for Chu Haoyan’s grandfather without the slightest reservation.

“Haha. Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, even if you possess that Demon Armament of yours, you shouldn’t be that confident.”

“Did you really think that this old man was the same sort of trash as that Chu Bore?”

“You want to take care of this old man with merely that lousy sword of yours?”

Even though Chu Haoyan’s grandfather knew that the Evil God Sword in Chu Feng’s hand was a remarkable weapon, he still did not consider Chu Feng a threat. It could be seen that he was very confident in his own strength.

“I know that there is an enormous disparity in strength between you and Chu Bore. However, even if that’s the case, I, Chu Feng, will still kill you,” as Chu Feng spoke, he tightly grasped the Evil God Sword in his hand and began to instill his power into it. He was planning to utilize the power of the Evil God Sword to have a life and death confrontation against Chu Haoyan’s grandfather.

“Wait,” however, right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard.

When that voice was heard, a figure also appeared before Chu Feng. It was a very haggard and disheveled-looking old man holding a walking stick in his hand. However, the aura he emitted was extremely powerful. It was actually on par with Chu Haoyan’s grandfather’s.

Chu Feng knew who that person was. He was the person in charge of guarding the Nine Moons Sacred Domain, Lord Youyuan.

However, Chu Feng noticed that Lord Youyuan was a bit different at that moment. Even though he was emitting the aura of a rank two Exalted and still appeared to be very aged and haggard, he gave off the feeling of a person of the younger generation.

The reason for that was because he was wearing special clothes. His clothes were filled with flickering runes and symbols that seemed to fuse together with him. It was his clothes that had changed his aura.

“Chu Feng, put down the sword in your hand,” Lord Youyuan said to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was already overflowing with killing intent, and had activated the power of his Evil God Sword. However, for some unknown reason, Chu Feng felt as if he had found his backer after Lord Youyuan appeared. He truly felt as if there was no need for him to act personally.

However, even though that was the case, Chu Feng still did not immediately stop the flow of his power into the Evil God Sword. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had no idea if that Lord Youyuan was an enemy or a friend.

“Being in the Chu Heavenly Clan, you ought to be protected by someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Rest assured, with this old man here, no one will be able to harm you,” Lord Youyuan added.

Once Lord Youyuan said those words, Chu Feng’s heart was moved. He actually felt a familiar gaze from Lord Youyuan. It was the same sort of gaze that Chu Xuanzhengfa had toward him.

“I will trouble senior then. I hope that senior will help me obtain justice,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured, this old man will definitely obtain justice for you,” Lord Youyuan said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng finally stopped the flow of his power into the Evil God Sword. Furthermore, as he had not put a lot of power into the Evil God Sword, he did not receive any backlash from it.

That said, Chu Feng was still holding the Evil God Sword in his hand. After all, the current situation was extremely dangerous. He had to be extra careful.