Chapter 3000 - Chu Zhiyuan’s Trump Card

Chapter 3000 - Chu Zhiyuan’s Trump Card

“Go ahead and tell me, how do you wish to die?” Her Lady Queen said to Chu Zhiyuan.

“How do I wish to die? You really are capable of boasting. It would appear that if I do not reveal my strength, you will not know how powerful I really am,” After saying those words, Chu Zhiyuan tossed out the Incomplete Immortal Armament in his hand.

Once his Incomplete Immortal Armament left his hand, it immediately let out boundless crimson gaseous flames. The crimson gaseous flames emitted by the Incomplete Immortal Armament started to fuse with Chu Zhiyuan’s crimson gaseous flames, and actually formed a giant beast composed of crimson gaseous flames.

That giant beast somewhat resembled Chu Feng’s Four Symbols Secret Skill. However, not only was this crimson gaseous beast enormous in size, but it also possessed a very fierce and malevolent appearance. It was a bloodthirsty demonic being.

After the crimson gaseous giant beast appeared, Chu Zhiyuan’s crimson gaseous flames that were originally shivering in fear actually stopped shivering. They now seemed to be capable of contending against Her Lady Queen.


Suddenly, a roar was heard. That enormous crimson gaseous beast actually pounced toward Her Lady Queen.

“Humph,” However, although she was facing that powerful gaseous beast, Her Lady Queen merely snorted lightly.

She stood where she was without moving in the slightest. However, her dark black gaseous flames were already rushing toward Chu Zhiyuan’s enormous crimson gaseous beast from all directions.

That enormous crimson gaseous beast appeared very imposing. However, before Her Lady Queen’s dark black gaseous flames that originated from the Asura Spirit World, it still looked very small.

After fighting for a while, the enormous crimson gaseous beast was soon suppressed by Her Lady Queen’s dark black gaseous flames, seemingly no match for them.

Even though Her Lady Queen had shown absolute dominance from the very start, Chu Feng was still frowning. Unable to contain himself, he warned Eggy, “Eggy, you must be careful. That Chu Zhiyuan seems to still possess trump cards he hasn't unleashed yet.”

Chu Feng had been observing Chu Zhiyuan the entire time. He had discovered that even though Chu Zhiyuan’s enormous crimson gaseous beast was clearly being suppressed by Her Lady Queen, even though he himself was in imminent peril, Chu Zhiyuan only possessed an expression of displeasure and irreconcilation, and not fear.

Chu Feng realized that Chu Zhiyuan must possess more tricks up his sleeve. Otherwise, he would not be so confident.


Right at that moment, a roar was heard. The next moment, boundless crimson gaseous flames started to surge forth like a volcanic eruption.

Chu Zhiyuan’s enormous crimson gaseous beast had been shattered.

The dark black gaseous flames emitted by Her Lady Queen were like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses from hell. They completely surrounded Chu Zhiyuan.

However, even with this being the case, Chu Zhiyuan was still confident.

“Chu Feng, do you still remember what I said earlier?” Chu Zhiyuan asked Chu Feng.

“What was that?” Chu Feng asked.

“I said that you will definitely end up dying here today,” Chu Zhiyuan said.

“What arrogance. You are already powerless to defend yourself, yet you dare to continue saying this sort of thing. You are truly one that refuses to be convinced until you are faced with the grim reality. This Queen will have you experience the torture methods of the Asura Spirit World today. I will make you feel so miserable that you’ll beg me to kill you,” Her Lady Queen was enraged by Chu Zhiyuan’s words.

As she spoke, her dark black gaseous flames turned into sharp claws and began to move toward Chu Zhiyuan. The claws were not only planning to seize Chu Zhiyuan’s life.

Her Lady Queen was truly planning to make Chu Zhiyuan pay considerably.


However, at the moment when the countless dark black claws were about to reach Chu Zhiyuan, everything in the region seemed to have frozen.

Her Lady Queen and the dark black gaseous flames she emitted were instantly stopped, unmoving in the slightest.

“This sensation?”

At that moment, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. He felt the aura of an Exalted. It was an Exalted’s aura that had stopped Her Lady Queen.

“Who are you?” In panic, Chu Feng turned his gaze toward Chu Ruoshi.

However, the person Chu Feng was looking at was not Chu Ruoshi. Instead, it was a person behind her.

That person was one of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation. Earlier, Chu Feng had never paid attention to him because he gave off a very ordinary sensation. As such, Chu Feng did not consider him a threat.

However, this seemingly ordinary person was now emitting the aura of an Exalted. Furthermore, his aura was most definitely not that of a rank one Exalted.

Rank two Exalted. He was a rank two Exalted. Most importantly, his aura was very familiar. Sensing that aura, Chu Feng had a feeling of deja vu. However, Chu Feng was unable to think of who he might be.

Furthermore, how could a person of the younger generation possibly possess an Exalted-level aura?

However, since he did possess the aura of an Exalted, it could only mean one thing… this man possessed another identity.

Furthermore, that person’s gaze had changed too. His gaze was no longer that of a person of the younger generation. Instead, it was a shrewd, ruthless, experienced, unflustered and scheming gaze.




Faced with Chu Feng’s questioning, that man did not answer immediately. Instead, he started to clap his hands. He walked past Chu Ruoshi and began to slowly walk toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng discovered that when that person unleashed his Exalted-level aura and shrewd gaze, only himself and that other person of the younger generation that had also entered the cave were surprised. Both Chu Ruoshi and Chu Zhiyuan were extremely calm.

This meant that they knew of that person’s existence to begin with.

It was no wonder Chu Zhiyuan would say such words to Chu Feng. It turned out that his trump card was an Exalted-level expert.

“Exactly who are you?” Chu Feng asked again.

Faced with Chu Feng’s questions, that man still did not answer him. Instead, he continued to clap, and was looking at Chu Feng with his shrewd and ruthless gaze. His gaze caused Chu Feng to feel extremely uneasy.

After all, that man was a rank two Exalted. Faced with someone of that level of cultivation, Chu Feng could die at any moment.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt as if his life and death were in that man’s grasp. Because of that, he felt extremely displeased.

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, regardless of how much this old man detests you, I must admit that you’ve inherited your grandfather and father’s demon-level talent. Thus… you truly cannot be spared,” Finally, that man spoke.

When he spoke, his voice was no longer that of a young man. Instead, it had turned into an incomparably aged old man’s voice.

Chu Feng had heard that voice before.

“So it was you,” Chu Feng came to a sudden realization. He finally understood who that Exalted, who Chu Zhiyuan’s trump card was.