Chapter 2982 - Regarding Chu Zhiyuan

Chapter 2982 - Regarding Chu Zhiyuan

Right at this moment, Chu Ruoshi's sweetheart seemed to have noticed Chu Feng's gaze, and actually turned around to look at Chu Feng.

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually really looking at him, he started to walk toward Chu Feng. After he arrived before Chu Feng, he clasped his fist respectfully and said, "I am Chu Zhiyuan. My father and your father are of the same generation. We are also of the same generation. I am older than you, so, if you do not mind, I should be addressing you as lil brother Chu Feng."

"It would do for you to address me as Chu Feng," Chu Feng also clasped his fist respectfully.

The reason why Chu Feng said that was because he refused to address Chu Zhiyuan as his older brother. Even though it was only intuition, Chu Feng firmly believed in his intuition.

Since Chu Feng already felt danger from this Chu Zhiyuan, Chu Feng would naturally not try to associate himself with him excessively. At the very least... he would not attempt to become brotherly with him.

"Very well, I will address you as Chu Feng then. You can address me as Chu Zhiyuan," Chu Zhiyuan was truly intelligent. He understood Chu Feng's desire to maintain some distance from him.

"Regardless, I must thank you today. Had you not discovered the method to awaken the Flame Extinguishing Pearls, I fear that we would not have been able to awaken our Flame Extinguishing Pearls so easily," Chu Zhiyuan said.

"You don't have to thank me," Chu Feng said indifferently. Then, he looked to Chu Yue, "Big sis Chu Yue, weren't you in a rush to have me return so that you can explain what the Yin Yang Fate Pearls are to me?"

"That's right, you still don't know what the Yin Yang Fate Pearls are. I must explain them to you properly," Chu Yue was quite smart too. She understood Chu Feng's intention, and reacted to Chu Feng's words very smoothly.

"My apologies. Entering the Nine Moons Sacred Domain is a rare opportunity. I'm afraid I will have to take my leave first," Chu Feng said to Chu Zhiyuan.

"Alas, there is no need for the apology. You've already returned to the clan now; we will have many more opportunities to see one another. Let us drink to our heart's content another day," Chu Zhiyuan said with a smile.

"In that case, I will take my leave now," Chu Feng clasped his hand, turned around and left with Chu Yue.

That said, even though Chu Yue had reacted perfectly to Chu Feng's excuse, sinister coldness flashed through Chu Zhiyuan's eyes after Chu Yue and Chu Feng left.

His gaze was very difficult to detect. Not to mention the others, even Chu Feng did not notice it.

Upon returning to Chu Feng's residence, Chu Yue asked, "Little brother Chu Feng, you seem to not be fond of that Chu Zhiyuan. Could it be that you also like Chu Ruoshi?"

"No, that's not it. I am merely truly in a rush to learn about the Yin Yang Fate Pearls. That said... I am a bit curious about that Chu Zhiyuan. Might big sister Chu Yue be able to tell me about him?" Chu Feng said.

"Of course," Chu Yue did not attempt to conceal anything, and began to tell Chu Feng all that she knew about Chu Zhiyuan.

It turned out that Chu Zhiyuan was not a nobody either. In fact, he was even deemed a martial cultivation genius at one point.

Chu Zhiyuan was two years younger than the current number one ranker on the Demon-level Geniuses List, Chu Qing.

When Chu Zhiyuan first started cultivating, he was, together with Chu Qing, deemed to be a candidate to be the next Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief.

Unfortunately, geniuses were separated into two kinds.

The first type of genius continues to shine all the way until they reached the apex of their genius.

As for the second type of genius, they are akin to a shooting star that will only shine for an extremely short period of time.

Chu Qing belonged to the first type.

Unfortunately, Chu Zhiyuan belonged to the second type.

At the age of twenty, Chu Zhiyuan sparred against Chu Qing and lost. That setback completely ruined Chu Zhiyuan's career, causing him to become depressed for a very long time.

Even though Chu Zhiyuan gradually regained his fighting spirit and started to cultivate again after being comforted and accompanied by Chu Ruoshi, he was already cast far behind by Chu Qing by then.

The Chu Qing of that time was the publicly accepted number one genius of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation.

As for Chu Zhiyuan, the person who had once fought with Chu Qing for the number one spot, he had fallen to only being among the mid-upper tier. He had become inferior to even Chu Ruoshi.

In the blink of an eye, several decades had passed. Apart from Chu Qing and Chu Ruoshi, Chu Huanyu, Chu Haoyan and Chu Lingxi, those three geniuses, appeared in succession.

As for Chu Zhiyuan, he had never been able to return to the peak.

Fortunately, Chu Ruoshi continued to stand by him. The relationship the two of them possessed was truly excellent.

As for Chu Zhiyuan, his nature also changed completely. He no longer fought for reputation and benefits. Even when others declared him to be a toad that successfully managed to eat a swan’s meat, he still reacted as if he did not hear them, and did not try to fight those people.

“Actually, Chu Zhiyuan’s character is very good. He is very friendly to us of the younger generation. He behaves very much like an older brother,” Chu Yue said to Chu Feng. It could be seen that her impression of Chu Zhiyuan was quite decent.

“If he truly is like an older brother, why didn’t he say a single word for you when no one was willing to help you awaken your Flame Extinguishing Pearl today?” Chu Feng asked.

“This…” Chu Yue grew silent and began to ponder. Soon, she thought of something and said, “I think it should be because he also knew that his words would be ineffective.”

“Even though he was born of great status, and his grandfather is one of our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders, his grandfather had never attempted to involve himself with Chu Zhiyuan’s business. Even when others spoke of him being a toad and Chu Ruoshi being a swan before his grandfather’s face, his grandfather would only pretend not to hear them.”

“Our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders are all existences that will bring about fear just from seeing them. However, Chu Zhiyuan’s grandfather is the only Supreme Elder who allows us to remain calm and relaxed in his presence.”

“Perhaps because his grandfather is too easy to get along with, no one ended up becoming afraid of Chu Zhiyuan.”

“I guess this is what it means by ‘one will be taken advantage of by others should one be too benevolent, a horse will be ridden by another should it be too benevolent.’ Actually, I feel Chu Zhiyuan to be quite pitiful, much more pitiful than us even.”

“The reason why we were unable to raise our heads in the Chu Heavenly Clan is because our background is insufficient, and we didn’t have anyone to back us up. However, it is different for Chu Zhiyuan.”

“His grandfather is clearly capable of standing up for him. Yet, he refuses to do so. Furthermore, both of his parents are dead. His only relative right now is his grandfather,” When Chu Yue spoke till this point, sympathy actually filled her eyes.

Chu Feng knew that Chu Yue had been deceived by Chu Zhiyuan’s disguise.

Regardless of what sort of past, what sort of backstory, Chu Zhiyuan might possess, regardless of how pitiful he might seem, Chu Feng firmly believed that Chu Zhiyuan was not as simple as he appeared to be, that he was in fact very dangerous.

Thus, Chu Feng no longer wanted to continue with this topic. He said, “Big sis Chu Yue, you should tell me about the Yin Yang Fate Pearls.”

“Ah, okay,” Chu Yue nodded repeatedly. Then, she began to tell Chu Feng about the Yin Yang Fate Pearls.

Meanwhile, in the Chu Heavenly Clan’s most sacred palace hall. Three old men were gathered.

That palace hall was called the Chu Clan’s Main Palace. Apart from the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, only the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders were allowed to enter.

Apart from them, not even the Law Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master possessed the qualifications to enter that palace hall.

Thus, the three old men in this palace hall were all Supreme Elders of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Exiled trash is still exiled trash. I strongly disagree with emphasizing the nurture of that Chu Feng.”

One of the three old men spoke with an incomparably firm tone.