Chapter 2983 - Chu Qing’s Challenge

Chapter 2983 - Chu Qing’s Challenge

“Exiled trash is still exiled trash. I strongly disagree with emphasizing the nurture of that Chu Feng.”

The person who said those words was none other than Chu Haoyan’s grandfather.

Apart from Chu Haoyan's grandfather, there were two other Supreme Elders present in this palace hall.

One of them was Chu Hanpeng.

As for the other, he possessed a benevolent-looking face. Furthermore, his appearance somewhat resembled that of Chu Ruoshi's sweetheart.

That person was Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather.

Inside the palace hall, the main seat was completely empty. No one dared to sit on it. The reason for that was because that seat was something that only the Chu Heavenly Clan's Clan Chief could sit in.

As such, the three of them were all seated beneath the main seat.

Chu Hanpeng was currently enjoying tea. He was acting calm and indifferent; it was as if he had not heard what Chu Haoyan's grandfather said.

However, Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather immediately started refuting Chu Haoyan's grandfather. He said, "Chu Feng was deemed to be trash back then because he was deemed to be unable to cultivate. However, he has now revealed his talent for cultivation. No matter what his father has done, he remains a member of our Chu Heavenly Clan. If we do not emphasize the nurture of a talent like him, what sort of people should our Chu Heavenly Clan nurture?"

"What use is there in nurturing him? Are you not afraid that he will end up like his father and become an enemy of our Chu Heavenly Clan?" Chu Haoyan's grandfather said.

"That claim is too excessive, no? Since when has Chu Xuanyuan become an enemy of our Chu Heavenly Clan?"

"Furthermore, what happened in one's father's generation is unrelated to the younger generation."

"Even though your grandson has been defeated by Chu Feng, you shouldn't deliberately try to make things difficult for him like this," Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather said.

Chu Haoyan's grandfather did not become angry after hearing those words. Instead, his eyes narrowed, and he sneered, "We should judge the matter as it stands. There’S no need to involve Haoyan. In all these years, I have never deliberately made things difficult for anyone because of Haoyan."

"Is that so? Why is it that I've heard that you will deliberately make things difficult for anyone that dares to speak ill of your grandson?" Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather said.

"You are simply spouting nonsense and framing me!" Chu Haoyan's grandfather shouted.

"Have the two of you finished quarreling?" Right at that moment, Chu Hanpeng, who had been quiet the entire time, finally spoke.

Once Chu Hanpeng spoke, Chu Haoyan's grandfather and Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather immediately shut their mouths and said no more.

From this, it could be seen that even though they were all one of the Chu Heavenly Clan's nine Supreme Elders, Chu Hanpeng's status surpassed their own.

"Chu Feng's return to the clan is already a reality. As such, he should receive the normal treatment provided by our clan. I have already decided upon this matter, do you have any objections?" Chu Hanpeng looked to Chu Haoyan's grandfather.

"I wouldn't dare," Chu Haoyan's grandfather spoke with a soft voice. His gaze was actually filled with nervousness.

"It's good that you don't," Chu Hanpeng stood up and looked to Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather, "I will continue with my closed-door training now. You will handle things in the clan while I'm training."

"Yes," Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather hurriedly stood up and bowed respectfully to Chu Hanpeng.

As for Chu Hanpeng, after he finished saying those words, he walked out of the palace hall.

After Chu Hanpeng left, Chu Haoyan's grandfather revealed a dark and sinister expression.

"It would appear that you will not be able to stand up for your grandson," Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather said with a smile on his face. His smile contained a trace of mockery.

"No matter what, my grandson surpasses your grandson," Chu Haoyan's grandfather said.

"Haha..." Hearing those words, Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather burst into loud laughter.

"Humph," Chu Haoyan's grandfather was utterly flustered. He waved his sleeve and left.

He knew very well what Chu Hanpeng's intention was.

The reason why Chu Hanpeng had Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather handle the important matters within the clan during his closed-door training was because Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather had shielded Chu Feng.

While Chu Haoyan's grandfather was not afraid of Chu Zhiyuan's grandfather, it was impossible for him to not be afraid of Chu Hanpeng.

Thus, he knew that regardless of how much he detested Chu Feng, he could not touch him.


Chu Feng had no idea about this conversation between the three Supreme Elders.

While they were having their conversation, Chu Feng had been listening to Chu Yue explaining the Yin Yang Fate Pearls to him.

"I truly never expected that there would be so much to the Yin Yang Fate Pearls," Chu Feng was very excited.

He had learned from Chu Yue that the Yin Yang Fate Pearls were separated into many different levels.

From weak to strong, they were respectively, Microstar, Macrostar, Half-moon, Full-moon and Sun-moon.

The cooperation between the two people was extremely important to determining what level of Yin Yang Pearl one would obtain. That was the reason why two people had to awaken the Yin Yang Pearls together.

Different level Yin Yang Fate Pearls possessed different effects inside the Yin Yang Gate. Thus, awakening a stronger Yin Yang Fate Pearl was simply something that everyone wanted to accomplish.

"With little brother Chu Feng's talent, it will definitely be a walk in the park for you to awaken a powerful Yin Yang Fate Pearl. You might even be able to awaken a Half-moon Yin Yang Fate Pearl."

"Little brother Chu Feng, wait here for a moment. I will go and prepare the materials we need. After that, we shall awaken the Yin Yang Fate Pearls," after saying those words, Chu Yue quickly left. It could be seen that she was extremely enthusiastic about being able to train in the Nine Moons Sacred Domain.

After Chu Yue left, Chu Feng looked to the direction of the gate. He said, "Since you've come, why not show yourself?"

"As expected of an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist. Your perception is truly extraordinary."

After Chu Feng said those words, a person really appeared.

That person was a young man. He possessed a tall stature and dark skin. He had a brilliant smile on his face from the moment he revealed himself.

Most importantly, that person's aura was very strong. Chu Feng was actually incapable of determining his cultivation. However, Chu Feng was able to determine that he should be a member of the younger generation.

"Could you be... Chu Qing?" Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng had met practically all of the Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation's geniuses. The only person he hadn't met yet was Chu Qing.

The strength of the man before him matched that of the rumored Chu Qing greatly.

"It would seem that little brother Chu Feng has heard of me. That's right, I am Chu Qing," Chu Qing said with a smile on his face.

"He is that person who was ranked first on the Demon-level Geniuses List five times in succession, the rival of Chu Zhiyuan when he was younger, the Chu Heavenly Clan's current strongest member of the younger generation, Chu Qing?" Even Her Lady Queen's eyes started to shine upon seeing Chu Qing.

The reason for that was because that Chu Qing was truly renowned.

"What might have brought big brother Chu Qing here today?"

After verifying the man’s identity, Chu Feng immediately addressed him as 'big brother.' The reason for that was because Chu Feng now felt a completely opposite feeling from the feeling he got from Chu Zhiyuan.

While Chu Zhiyuan felt very dangerous to him, Chu Qing gave off a feeling of righteousness.

"I wish to spar against little brother Chu Feng," Chu Qing said.