Chapter 2981 - Absolutely Not A Benevolent Individual

Chapter 2981 - Absolutely Not A Benevolent Individual

Holding the Flame Extinguishing Pearl in his hand, Chu Haoyan mocked, "Chu Feng, are you disappointed?"

"Disappointed? I am indeed disappointed. You, the person ranked fifth on the Demon-level Geniuses List, actually needed to be given a Flame Extinguishing Pearl by another in order to gain the qualifications to enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain. How could I not be disappointed by you?"

"Chu Haoyan, where is your Flame Extinguishing Pearl? Oh, I'd nearly forgotten, you lost it to someone in a match," Chu Feng mocked.

"You!!!" At that moment, Chu Haoyan was so furious his face turned deep red. He was simply on the verge of exploding.

"Well then, since the people of the younger generation that will be entering the Sacred Domain have been decided, I will be providing you all with your Yin Yang Fate Pearls now," Lord Youyuan waved his sleeve, and sixty pearl-sized crystal balls started floating toward Chu Feng and the others, landing in their hands.

Chu Feng inspected the so-called Yin Yang Fate Pearl in his hand, and discovered that while the pearl appeared to be clear and transparent, one would notice a substance that resembled a speck of dust in the center of the pearl should one pay close attention.

While ordinary people might not be able to determine what it was, Chu Feng was capable of determining it to be a formation, a Yin Yang formation.

"Not only does the Yin Yang Gate require Yin Yang Fate Pearls, but it also requires a man and a woman to enter at the same time. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to pass through it, but you will instead be injured by the Yin Yang Gate."

"After entering the Yin Yang Gate, your Yin Yang Pearl will activate. With that, your fates will be completely bound to it."

"With your talent, you all will be able to awaken your Yin Yang Fate Pearls in two days’ time. However... finding a well-coordinated partner is extremely important."

"Right now, you all must select your partner to enter the Yin Yang Gate together with you," Lord Youyuan said.

Right after Lord Youyuan said those words, Chu Yue immediately said to Chu Feng, "Little brother Chu Feng, let us enter together."

"Sure," Chu Feng accepted it without even thinking.

Chu Yue was the only person in the Chu Heavenly Clan that Chu Feng could think of that would be willing to enter the Yin Yang Gate together with him.

However, Chu Feng did not notice that when he accepted Chu Yue's request, Chu Lingxi, who had taken a step forward, quietly retrieved her extended foot. At the same time, a faint disappointed expression appeared on her confident face.

"Little sister Lingxi, let us join hands. Should the two of us work together, we will definitely be able to put on a good performance," Chu Huanyu walked over to Chu Lingxi.

"Little sister Lingxi, it's better that we work together. How could this Chu Huanyu possibly match me?" Immediately after that, Chu Haoyan also arrived beside Chu Lingxi.

The two of them both knew that Chu Ruoshi would definitely not enter the Nine Moons Sacred Domain with them. Thus, Chu Lingxi became their most optimal partner.

"Chu Haoyan, are you stating that you're stronger than me? In that case, why don't we have a match right now?" Chu Huanyu said in a very displeased manner after seeing Chu Haoyan coming over to compete with him.

"Come at me, how could I fear an injured man like you?" Chu Haoyan accepted without any hesitation.

"You're speaking as if you aren't injured yourself. Come, let us fight right now," As Chu Huanyu spoke, he soared into the sky.

Chu Haoyan was not to be outdone either. He also soared into the sky.

For the sake of fighting over the opportunity to partner with Chu Lingxi and enter the Yin Yang Gate with her, Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu, two of the strongest members of the younger generation in the Chu Heavenly Clan, were actually going to fight one another.

Right at that moment, Chu Lingxi suddenly said, "Don't bother fighting. Chu Huanyu, we will enter together."

"Little sister Lingxi, you're... really planning to choose him? How is he stronger than me?" Chu Haoyan was very shocked. At the same time, he also felt extremely unwilling to accept Chu Lingxi's decision.

"There is no need for you to question this young lady's decision," Chu Lingxi said disapprovingly. As she spoke, she turned around and left.

Compared to Chu Haoyan, Chu Huanyu was overjoyed at this turn of events. He immediately descended to the ground and arrived beside Chu Lingxi. With a very gentle tone, he asked, "Little sister Lingxi, when should we awaken our Yin Yang Fate Pearls together?"

"There's no need to do it together. It would do for each of us to awaken our own Yin Yang Fate Pearls," Chu Lingxi did not stop her footsteps. In fact, she did not even bother to take a glance at Chu Huanyu.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Huanyu still smiled and didn't say anything, even though he clearly knew that the Yin Yang Fate Pearls would be more effective should the two of them attempt to awaken them together.

"Ruoshi," Right at that moment, a man walked over to Chu Ruoshi.

That man was very handsome and honest-looking. With a smile on his face, he appeared very amiable and approachable. This was especially true for the gaze that he looked at Chu Ruoshi with; it was filled with gentleness.

As for the man's cultivation, although it was decent, it was much weaker than Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu's cultivations.

He was only a rank five True Immortal.

Everyone knew who he was. He was Chu Ruoshi's childhood sweetheart. Thus, the crowd didn't pay much attention to it when he walked over to Chu Ruoshi. Even for those people that did look at him, their eyes were only filled with disgust.

The reason for that was because the people of the Chu Heavenly Clan simply considered him to be a toad that had successfully managed to consume a swan's meat.

That said, Chu Feng's attention was actually caught by Chu Ruoshi's sweetheart.

"What's wrong? You couldn't possibly have fallen for that Chu Ruoshi, right?" Her Lady Queen joked as she saw Chu Feng being so interested in Chu Ruoshi's sweetheart.

"How could I?" Chu Feng smiled.

"Then why are you paying so much attention to him?" Her Lady Queen asked.

"I feel that person is very strange," Chu Feng said.

"What's wrong about him?" Her Lady Queen asked.

"He appeared very unremarkable in the crowd. In fact, I didn't even notice him."

"However now, after he walked out from the crowd, I feel him to be extremely extraordinary," Chu Feng said.

"What's extraordinary about him?" Her Lady Queen asked.

"It's hard for me to tell. However, my intuition tells me that that person... is absolutely not a benevolent person," Chu Feng said.