Chapter 2947 - Most Likely A Demonic Being

Chapter 2947 - Most Likely A Demonic Being

“Milady Queen, you seem to have scared that little girl,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s impossible! With how beautiful this Queen is, how could I possibly scare her? It’s clearly you that scared her. Quickly, move aside. If you continue to remain here, this Queen will not be able to appease her,” Her Lady Queen said. As she spoke, she was even waving her hand to indicate to Chu Feng to get away.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt very helpless. However, he was unwilling to go against Her Lady Queen. In the end, he moved aside.

That said, Chu Feng did not waste his time. Instead, he began to examine the dead.

The more Chu Feng examined the dead, the more apprehensive he felt.

The inheritance Song Xi had received should be related to poison. However, the people that had died were not killed by poison. Instead, they seemed to have been sucked dry whilst still alive.

This sort of death greatly resembled the death of those people that had died in the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain.

Even though Chu Xingde had mentioned what the corpses of the dead looked like, it remained that this was something that had happened around the Primal Sea Sacred Mountain. Thus, Chu Feng still felt that it was related to Song Xi.

However, upon seeing the corpses for himself, Chu Feng started to suspect that he might’ve made a mistake, and that the demon was not Song Xi at all.

Ignoring the method used to kill those people, Chu Feng was unable to sense even a trace of Song Xi's aura from the corpses.

"Taa, taa, taa~~~"

Right at that moment, Chu Feng heard many hurried footsteps. He turned his head and saw that it was actually that little girl. That little girl was currently rushing toward him. In the end, she smashed into Chu Feng's chest.


Chu Feng was confused.

"This Queen has actually misjudged things. That girl seems to be a bit more fond of you."

Her Lady Queen sighed, and soon arrived before Chu Feng too. She curled her mouth and revealed a helpless expression.

"Little girl, you are unable to distinguish between good people and bad people. That guy over there is a major pervert. How could a little belle like yourself throw yourself into his arms? You have truly grown tired of living," Her Lady Queen pointed at the little girl.

However, the little girl did not even bother to take a glance back at Her Lady Queen. Instead, she firmly grabbed onto Chu Feng's clothes and continued to push her little head into Chu Feng's chest.

"Milady Queen, did you manage to find out anything from her?" Chu Feng asked.

"Look at her attitude towards me. Do you think she'd answer my questions?" Her Lady Queen cast a side eye at Chu Feng. She said, "You should go ahead and ask her. This Queen will return."

After she finished saying those words, Her Lady Queen stepped into the world spirit gate and returned to Chu Feng's world spirit space.

After Her Lady Queen left, the little girl actually slowly raised her head.

"Little girl, what's your name?" Chu Feng asked.


The little girl seemed to want to say something, but ended up hesitating. In the end, she did not say anything, and instead buried herself in Chu Feng's chest again.

She seemed to be feeling very dependent on Chu Feng. In other words, compared to when facing Her Lady Queen, she seemed to trust Chu Feng a lot more.

"This is truly strange. Why would that little girl be so fond of you?" Her Lady Queen spoke in an aggrieved manner. There was actually a trace of jealousy in her tone.

Her Lady Queen was jealous. She was jealous of Chu Feng because the little girl was much more intimate with him than with her.

It could be seen that Her Lady Queen was truly fond of the little girl. After all, she was actually jealous of Chu Feng because of her.

"Chu Feng, careful!"

However, right at that moment, Chu Xingde's voice sounded from afar.

Turning his head up to look, Chu Feng discovered that Chu Xingde was flying over with the people of the Law Enforcement Hall.

In the end, the people from the Law Enforcement Hall surrounded Chu Feng.

After Chu Xingde and the others landed, that little girl revealed even greater fear. Chu Feng was even able to sense her shivering.

At that moment, Chu Xingde and the others were all looking at the little girl with alertness in their eyes.

"Chu Feng, quickly let go of that girl," Chu Xingde said.

Chu Feng realized that something was amiss. However, he did not immediately let go of the girl. Instead, he asked, "Senior, what's wrong?"

"Let go of her first," Chu Xingde repeated. Worry filled his tone.

With the situation being like this, Chu Feng realized that the little girl was most definitely not as simple as he had imagined.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to let go of her. However, the little girl tightly grabbed onto Chu Feng's clothes, unwilling to let go. She was trying to depend on Chu Feng.

With the situation being like this, Chu Feng was somewhat reluctant to let go of her.

Thus, Chu Feng asked, "This little girl couldn't possibly be related to that demon, right?"

This was Chu Feng's guess. After all, he also felt it somewhat unimaginable for the girl to actually be able to survive through the city's massacre.

Furthermore, Chu Xingde and the others were looking at the little girl with such expressions. It once again showed that the little girl was extraordinary.

There could only be one possible explanation as to why Chu Xingde and the others were so nervous; the little girl was related to that demon.

At that moment, Chu Xingde asked, "You found this little girl inside this city, right?"

"Yes," Chu Feng answered.

"This city has just been massacred. We have searched the surroundings, but found no trace of that demon. We suspect that little girl might be the demon," Chu Xingde said.

"What? A little girl like her is the demon?" Her Lady Queen was also very surprised to hear those words.

Chu Feng also felt very surprised. He had only thought the little girl to possibly be related to the demon. Never did he ever imagine that little girl to be the demon herself.

Right at that moment, Chu Xingren arrived before Chu Feng and said to him, "Chu Feng, it's too dangerous. Hand her to me."

At that moment, the little girl started to tremble even more intensely. However, Chu Feng understood how serious the matter was. Thus, in the end, he handed the little girl to Chu Xingren.

Before letting go of the little girl, Chu Feng said, "Senior, you must definitely confirm this matter properly first, and not harm the innocent."

"Rest assured, our Law Enforcement Hall would never bring harm upon the innocent," Chu Xingren said.

After seeing the guarantee in Chu Xingren's gaze, Chu Feng finally let go of the little girl.