Chapter 2946 - Exceptionally Beautiful Little Girl

Chapter 2946 - Exceptionally Beautiful Little Girl

From their conversation, Chu Feng was able to tell that Chu Kongxun should be very strong.

However, those Law Enforcement Hall members present were all Martial Immortal-level experts already. That Chu Kongxun was likely even stronger than them. From this, it could be seen that this demon was truly powerful.

If it was truly Song Xi, then Song Xi had truly become quite powerful after obtaining the inheritance.

“Milords, you absolutely cannot allow that demon to die just like that. You must make him suffer so much that he’ll wish he was dead. You must make him pay the price for his actions,” The members of the Law Enforcement Hall spoke with fuming rage between gritted teeth.

It could be seen that they were truly filled with hatred for that demon.

It was not the sort of hatred caused by being personally affected. Rather, it was the hatred toward something evil.

“I’m afraid we cannot kill that demon,” Chu Xingde shook his head.

“Lord Xingde, why is that the case?” The Law Enforcement Hall members revealed puzzled expressions.

“That demon might be Chu Feng’s good friend,” Chu Xingde said.

“Ah?” Hearing those words, the Law Enforcement Hall members revealed the same sort of surprised expression that Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren had revealed earlier.


Right at that moment, the title plates at the Law Enforcement Hall members’ waists started to emit a red light.

“Milords, the demon has appeared again,” The Law Enforcement Hall members said simultaneously.

It would appear that the light emitted by their title plates should be some sort of signal.

“Lead the way,” Chu Xingde said.

After he finished saying those words, Chu Xingde, Chu Xingren, Chu Feng and the others all started flying toward the location of that demon.

Soon, they arrived at a city. Corpses covered the city. Those corpses had died in frightening manners. Their clothes were completely intact. However, they were all lying on the ground like dried corpses. There was no trace of life in them at all.

They had all died. Their eyeballs had rolled up into their heads and their mouths were open. It was as if all the blood and flesh on their bodies had been sucked dry. One and all, they were naught but skin and bones.

Their skin had turned green. Dark black patterns similar to veins had appeared on their green skin.

At a glance, they appeared even more frightening than ghosts.

Most importantly, corpses like that covered the entire city. Everyone in the city had died.

However, the food in the city was still giving off steam. This meant that these people had only just recently died.

“That demon was just here! Give chase!” Chu Xingde shouted.

Then, he led the crowd and began to search for the demon in all directions.

However, Chu Feng did not leave. He had felt an aura of life. There was still someone alive in the city. However, that aura of life was simply too faint.

Even a world spiritist of Chu Feng’s level had to carefully search for it in order to find out where it was.

Chu Feng finally managed to track down the location of that faint aura. He immediately flew over. In the end, he saw a little girl in a courtyard.

Several dried corpses were lying in the courtyard; that little girl was the only survivor.

That little girl was wearing very tattered and dirty clothes. However, strangely, her skin was extremely clean and spotlessly white like jade.

She was currently squatting on the ground and crying.

After Chu Feng landed in the courtyard, she immediately curled up. Her body started to tremble violently.

“Little girl, don’t be scared. I am here to save you,” Chu Feng walked toward her and spoke carefully.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, the little girls crying eased a bit. She slowly raised her head and looked at Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng was able to see the little girl’s facial features clearly. She should be around twelve years old.

Strictly speaking, she could not be considered a young girl. She was still a child. However, she had already grown into a radiant and vivacious beauty.

Beautiful. Even though Chu Feng had seen many beauties before, he had to admit that the little girl was extremely beautiful.

Her main feature would be her fair and tender skin. Her skin resembled water-soft tofu. One would not dare to touch her skin out of fear of harming it with even the gentlest touch.

The little girl’s facial features were also extremely refined. This was especially true for her large eyes. They were very pretty. However, what caught Chu Feng’s eyes the most was her gaze.

That gaze was very clean and pure. It was truly an innocent gaze, untainted by even a speck of dust. Chu Feng had never seen such a clear gaze before. Not even among kids hd he ever seen such a gaze before.

“Wow, what a beautiful little doll,” While Chu Feng was astonished by the little girl’s beauty, Her Lady Queen let out a cry of surprise.

That girl’s beauty had actually managed to conquer even Her Lady Queen. It could be seen that Her Lady Queen was immediately very fond of the little girl.

“Chu Feng, let this Queen out. Quickly, quickly. Let this Queen out,” Her Lady Queen urged impatiently.

Under such circumstances, Chu Feng hurriedly opened his world spirit gate.

A figure flew out from his world spirit gate and landed directly before that little girl.

It was Her Lady Queen.

Her Lady Queen’s speed was too quick. By the time Chu Feng had managed to react to it, she had not only landed before the little girl, but she had also embraced the little girl within her bosom.

Although Her Lady Queen’s figure was superb, she was not very tall. Her height was merely in perfect proportion to her build.

Strictly speaking, Her Lady Queen was a petite beauty.

As for that little girl, even though she was not very old, her body had already begun to mature.

She did not look like a child being embraced by Her Lady Queen. Instead, it more resembled an older sister hugging her younger sister.

After all, Her Lady Queen’s appearance remained that of a young girl the entire time.

“Aiyoyo, little girl, why are you so radiant and vivacious? You most likely survived because your appearance is truly too cute. Not even that demon was willing to kill you, no?”

Her Lady Queen was hugging the little girl fondly.

This was the first time Chu Feng had ever seen Her Lady Queen reacting in such a manner to a little girl.

However, being held by Her Lady Queen, the little girl had a completely confused expression. She was actually looking to Chu Feng with an expression seemingly crying for help.