Chapter 2948 - Monster From Hell

Chapter 2948 - Monster From Hell


After the little girl was handed to Chu Xingren, she was no longer as quiet as she was when being held by Chu Feng. She began to flail around. Furthermore, she became more and more frantic.

"Sure enough, it's fishy."

At that moment, Chu Feng also felt a bit of lingering fear. That little girl was simply too strong. Even though Chu Xingren was a peak Martial Immortal, he was actually unable to control her.

Although Chu Feng was unable to sense the little girl’s cultivation, her enormous strength was sufficient to prove that she was no ordinary person.

"Xingren, use this."

Right at that moment, Chu Xingde tossed a golden rope to Chu Xingren.

Chu Xingren caught the rope and tied the little girl up.


The little girl began screaming after being tied up.

Her screams were ear-piercing. It was not as simple as a roar from a ferocious beasts. Instead, it more resembled the roars of a monster from hell.

As she started screaming, the little girl's strength grew even stronger. She actually managed to forcibly escape from Chu Xingren, who was holding her down.

"Demon, it sure is you!" Chu Xingren let out a shout of anger.

He took out his Immortal Armament as he spoke and slashed it at the little girl.

What Chu Xingren used was not an Incomplete Immortal Armament, but rather an actual Immortal Armament. Furthermore, it was an excellent Immortal Armament.

Chu Xingren, with his cultivation, was capable of unleashing the full might of his Immortal Armament.

At the moment when Chu Xingren unleash his attack, Chu Feng felt that the little girl would be killed.


However, when that Immortal Armament reached the little girl, a loud sound rang out as a dark black gaseous flame erupted from the little girl.


The next moment, a scream was heard as Chu Xingren was shot flying. He crashed into the city walls and shattered many on his way. He was forcibly shot out of the city. When he landed, he was unable to move at all.


At that moment, the expressions of everyone present had changed enormously.

That was Chu Xingren, a peak Martial Immortal-level expert.


Right at that moment, that frightening scream was heard once again.

That scream had become even more frightening. It was several hundred times more ear-piercing than before.

At the same time as that scream was heard, boundless black gaseous flames erupted forth like a volcanic eruption. With a fatal aura, they started to rush to attack Chu Feng and the others.


Right at that moment, a golden light emerged before Chu Feng and the others.

It was the defensive treasure that Chu Xuanzhengfa had handed to Chu Xingde.

At that moment, that little golden house that was originally the size of half a palm turned into a colossus over a hundred meters tall. It had completely covered Chu Feng and the others.

Chu Feng was able to tell that that golden house possessed an extremely powerful defense.

However, the black gaseous flames did not retreat with just this. On the contrary, they turned into countless sharp claws. Those claws were very fierce. It was as if they came from hell itself.

The claws began to move about nonstop, and started to bombard the golden house.

Being bombarded by the claws, the golden house trembled nonstop. Furthermore, cracks actually appeared.

"Crap! That demon is actually this powerful!"

At that moment, not only were the people from the Law Enforcement Hall panicked, but even Chu Xingde had an expression of panic on his face.

After all, that golden house was a treasure capable of shielding one from a rank one Exalted.

Wouldn't that mean that this little girl was stronger than a rank one Exalted?

"Damn it! We will all end up dying here today! We must spread this news! This demon must be eliminated! Otherwise, it might become a threat to our Chu Heavenly Clan!" As Chu Xingde spoke, he took out a treasure. He was planning to transmit what word of what had happened.

After that, Chu Xingde pinched the treasure. That treasure turned into a ray of light and started flying out with an extremely fast speed. It was flying toward the direction of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

However, right after that ray of light flew out of the golden house, it was captured by a black claw.

At that moment, Chu Xingde's expression turned ashen. He was able to tell that the message he sent out had been damaged by that demon.

"Chu Feng, do not go there! It's dangerous!" Right at that moment, a worried shout was heard.

Chu Xingde turned his head, and discovered that Chu Feng was actually walking over to the wall of the golden house. That wall was where the attacks were most concentrated, and it was already filled with cracks. That wall could end up shattering at any moment.

"Chu Feng, get back!" Chu Xingde shouted. Then, his body shifted, and he arrived beside Chu Feng. He wanted to forcibly bring Chu Feng back.

However, Chu Feng waved his hand to indicate to Chu Xingde not to touch him.

Chu Xingde was startled. He did not understand what Chu Feng was planning to do.

Chu Feng looked to the direction where the little girl was and said, "What are you exactly?"

Right after Chu Feng said those words, the black claws that were violently attacking the golden house actually stopped.

The next moment, an even more astonishing scene occurred. The overflowing black gaseous flames started to retreat. In the end, they turned into the size of a person.

The little girl once again appeared before the crowd's field of view.

Merely, the little girl now was no longer the same as before.

Her long hair was fluttering in the wind. Her entire body was covered with spiraling black gaseous flames. Even her eyes had turned pitch-black.

Although the little girl was still very beautiful, she was also extremely frightening.

Seeing her looking like this, the crowd were able to tell what she was without others telling them: a demonic being. The little girl was most definitely not an ordinary human. Rather, she was a demonic being.

The little girl looked to Chu Feng with her frightening gaze. However, it seemed that she did not have the intention to bring harm upon Chu Feng.

"Exactly what are you? Do you know me?" Chu Feng asked.


The little girl's body shifted. She soared into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

She had left, and only the confused crowd remained.