Chapter 2914 - Royal Clan’s Prince

Chapter 2914 - Royal Clan’s Prince

After everyone entered the third floor, the grey-haired old man guarding the entrance to the third floor also followed them up to the third floor.

"This old man is in charge of cutting the Black Crystal Stones on the third floor," that grey-haired old man said.

It was no wonder that there was no sign of any elders on the third floor at all. It turned out that the old man was in charge of cutting the Black Crystal Stones there.

That said, this was understandable. After all, the admission fee to the third floor was very expensive. Normally, no one would come go there. As such, there was simply no reason for the Ghost Sect Hall to station people there.

"Chu Feng, let's begin. This time around, we can choose whichever Black Crystal Stone we want. There’s no price restriction. However, the rules remain the same. The person who’s able to produce more Immortal Martial Stones shall be the victor," Song Yunfei said to Chu Feng.

Song Yunfei was extremely confident. He was even more confident than when he was on the second floor. It was as if he possessed absolute certainty in being able to defeat Chu Feng.

"Very well," Chu Feng answered without any hesitation.

However, he knew that Song Yunfei was planning some sort of shenanigan.

Upon arriving at the third floor, Chu Feng realized why Song Yunfei wanted him to come to the third floor, as well as why that grey-haired old man would warn him.

The Black Crystal Stones on the third floor were not only much larger than those from the second floor, but there were also a lot of variations in their grain and shapes.

In other words, if one was to rely purely by one's observation method when judging the second floor's Black Crystal Stones, one would not be able to make proper judgment of the third floor's Black Crystal Stones.

That said, even with this being the case, Chu Feng still accepted the challenge without the slightest hesitation.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was confident enough. He was confident that as long as he gave it a couple tries, he would be able to determine a correct observation method. At that time, he would make accurate selections all the time.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Song Yunfei each selected a Black Crystal Stone. The Black Crystal Stones that they selected were about the same size. It could be said that their Black Crystal Stones were among the smallest ones on the third floor.

However, even Black Crystal Stones of that size cost fifty thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

From this, it could be seen that the Black Crystal Stones on the third floor were indeed not something that ordinary people could bear.

After Chu Feng and Song Yunfei made their selections, the grey-haired old man asked, "Two little friends, are you certain of your selection?"

"I'm certain," Chu Feng and Song Yunfei each nodded.

After the two of them answered, the grey-haired old man's body shifted. Then, he soared into the sky and stood there.

A black blade appeared in his hand. This blade of his was somewhat different from that of the other elders. His blade was actually capable of lengthening and shortening itself, capable of increasing and decreasing in size.

Furthermore, the grey-haired old man's ability was extremely extraordinary. As he brandished the blade in his hand, it fell like a rain of blades.

Blades rained down from the sky. They actually densely covered both Black Crystal Stones. It was an extravagant sight.

When the blades stopped falling, both Black Crystal Stones had been completely peeled open. All that remained were the Immortal Martial Stones within them.

Both Black Crystal Stones contained Immortal Martial Stones.

However... Chu Feng's Immortal Martial Stone was evidently smaller in size compared to Song Yunfei's. In fact... it did not even reach half the size of Song Yunfei's Immortal Martial Stone.


Seeing this scene, many people revealed puzzled expressions.

When they looked to Song Yunfei again, they inevitably felt a great bit of admiration.

Earlier, Chu Feng had defeated Song Yunfei twice on the second floor. Because of this, many people began to think that Chu Feng was not purely relying on his luck. Rather, he possessed a method to examine the Black Crystal Stones.

However, upon reaching the third floor, Chu Feng immediately lost again. Because of this, the crowd immediately discard the idea that they'd just come up with. They all felt that Chu Feng had truly relied on his luck.

If he didn't, why would he lose again immediately, and lose so miserably on top of that?

One must know that Chu Feng and Song Yunfei had been going at it over ten times now. However, Chu Feng had only won against Song Yunfei twice in total.

Such an enormous difference in the amount of victories illustrated which among them was stronger, and which was weaker.

Even if Chu Feng really possessed an observation method, his observation method was evidently inferior to Song Yunfei's. 

"Brother Chu Feng, don't say that I am looking down on you. I truly thought that you possessed some sort of method to examine the Black Crystal Stones. But it turns out that your mastery in it is insufficient."

"Say, if it wasn't because of luck, how else were you able to win against me before?" Song Yunfei asked.

"You will come to know whether or not it was luck," as Chu Feng spoke, he took out a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones and tossed them to Song Yunfei.

"You mean to say that you're still planning to continue?" Song Yunfei asked with a beaming smile.

"Of course," Chu Feng said.

"Very well, let's continue then," Song Yunfei said with a faint smile on his face.

Chu Feng's continued gamble with him was precisely what he wanted. He made the decision in his heart that he would make Chu Feng lose all of his wealth.

"What a lively atmosphere this place has," right at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the entrance.

When that voice sounded, the crowd immediately turned their gazes over.

The reason for that was because a powerful aura was also felt alongside that voice.

That aura was at least that of a Martial Immortal-level expert.

Once they turned to look, the expressions of the crowd all changed.

The ones that came were an old man and a young man.

That old man was the person with the powerful aura. Chu Feng felt that this old man was stronger than even Elder Xingyi and that Ghost Sect Hall's grey-haired old man.

Likely, that person was a peak Martial Immortal, or an existence close to becoming a peak Martial Immortal.

As for that young man, he was a member of the younger generation. He should be roughly eighty years of age. Among martial cultivators, he was very young.

However, among those of the younger generation, his age was near the limit.

That said, his cultivation was not weak at all. He was a rank seven True Immortal.

Although his cultivation was a level below Song Yunfei's, it was superior to all of the younger generations present with the exception of Song Yunfei.

Those two men were both wearing golden gowns. The title plates on their waists revealing their identity.

Those two people were from the Goldenstone Royal Clan.

Although the majority of the people present were gamblers, there were also experienced, knowledgeable and well-informed people among them.

Through the discussion from the surrounding crowd, Chu Feng came to know that that young man was the Goldenstone Royal Clan's youngest prince. He was also the number one genius among the younger generations of the Goldenstone Upper Realm.

As for that old man, he was an Supreme Elder of the Goldenstone Royal Clan. When disregarding their strength, those two men were both people of extraordinary status.

"This person here must be the Starfall Holy Land's Holy Daughter, Miss Xia Yun'er, right? You are truly as beautiful as a celestial fairy."

"Miss Xia, this our first meeting. Please excuse myself for making a self-introduction."

"I am Jinshi Bo, the three hundred and seventy-fifth prince of the Goldenstone Royal Clan." [1. Jinshi --> Goldenstone.]

"I have come here today for no other reason than because I've heard that the Starfall Holy Land's Holy Daughter was here. Because of that, I intentionally came here to meet you for the first time."

This fellow by the name of Jinshi Bo was extremely thick-skinned. After he saw Xia Yun'er, not only did his eyes started to shine with light, not only did he start to lecherously examine Xia Yun'er's enchanting curves, but he even took the initiative to make a self-introduction.

Of course, he deliberately mentioned his status as a prince of the Goldenstone Royal Clan.


Upon hearing his self-introduction, Her Lady Queen was actually unable to contain herself, and burst into laughter.

"Three hundred and seventy-fifth prince? In that case, it would mean that he has three hundred and seventy-four elder brothers. How many elder sisters does he have? His father is truly capable of making children," Her Lady Queen said with a mocking laugh.

Hearing what Her Lady Queen said, Chu Feng also revealed a faint smile on his face.

It must be said that the Goldenstone Royal Clan's Clan Chief was truly capable of producing children. This was truly what they meant by a whole audience of heirs.