Chapter 2913 - Completely Different World

Chapter 2913 - Completely Different World

"What use is there in saying that? If you have the ability, continue with the gamble," Song Yunfei said in a very annoyed manner.

"Don't be so anxious. I, Chu Feng, have never said that I wouldn’t continue to gamble," Chu Feng said with a faint smile.

That smile of his appeared very repulsive to Song Yunfei.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had never placed Song Yunfei in his eyes the entire time.

In fact, there was even a trace of ridicule in his smile. It was as if Chu Feng was certain that he would destroy him; Song Yunfei.

As such, how could Song Yunfei possibly tolerate this?

"Very well, since that's the case, let us make this gamble a bit larger."

"This time around, let us proceed to the third floor. Do you dare to do so?" Song Yunfei asked.

"What? Third floor?!” Hearing those words, the crowd all revealed startled expressions.

Reportedly, the third floor's Black Crystal Stones were completely different. They were all premium quality Black Crystal Stones. Their sizes were all extremely large. Furthermore, the largest among them was said to be the size of a small hill.

By the same accord, Black Crystal Stones of such quality were extremely precious. Ordinary people would simply not be able to afford them.

After all, the fee to enter the third floor was already ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones. Very few people would be willing to pay such a fee.

Thus, to the people there, the third floor was akin to a mystery. It was extremely mysterious. After all, extremely few people would be willing to pay ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones as an entrance fee.

"Very well, let's go to the third floor," Chu Feng agreed to Song Yunfei's proposal without the slightest hesitation.

Chu Feng had already gradually gained knowledge of how to observe the Black Crystal Stones. The two successive times he’d won against Song Yunfei were a display of his actual strength, and not luck. Thus, how could Chu Feng fear Song Yunfei?

Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed to it, Song Yunfei snorted coldly. Then, he took out ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones and proceeded toward the third floor's entrance.

"There's no need for it," after Song Yunfei approached, the grey-haired old man guarding the third floor suddenly stood up. He moved to the side and opened up the path to the stairway to the third floor for Song Yunfei.

"Senior, what are you...?" Song Yunfei was surprised.

"There is no need for you to pay the fee of ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones," the grey-haired old man said.

Hearing those words, Song Yunfei immediately revealed a joyous expression. A slightly moved emotion even emerged in his eyes.

Earlier, when Chu Feng wanted to cut open his first Black Crystal Stone, the Ghost Sect Hall's elder accompanying him had told him that he would not have to pay. When Song Yunfei heard those words, he felt extremely displeased.

However, never would he have expected that he too would receive that sort of treatment in the blink of an eye.

One must know that the fee to enter the third floor was ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones, many times more expensive than the fee for a Black Crystal Stone on the second floor.

At that moment, Song Yunfei suddenly felt that he was being given enormous face. Although the Ghost Sect Hall was inferior to the Starfall Holy Land, they remained a huge monster in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. It was extremely rare for one to obtain such treatment from them.

Extremely pleased with himself, Song Yunfei deliberately took a glance at Chu Feng. He seemed to be saying to Chu Feng, 'Do you think that you're the only one that receives special treatment? I, Song Yunfei, also receive special treatment.'

Even though Song Yunfei's heart was already blooming with happiness, Song Yunfei pretended to be calm. He shook his head at the grey-haired old man and said, "Senior, these are the rules. How could this junior ignore the rules? You must definitely accept my fee."

"Young Master Song, I'm afraid that you didn't understand what this old man said," the grey-haired old man said.

"Ah?" Song Yunfei was startled. He thought to himself, 'What didn't I understand? What do you mean by I didn't understand?'

Song Yunfei was confused. He did not understand what that grey-haired old man meant.

"What this old man meant to say is that I will make an exception today. All the people present will be able to enter the third floor without any fee," the grey-haired old man said.

Hearing those words, Song Yunfei was so furious he nearly vomited blood.

What the hell was this? It turned out that it was not a special privilege for him. Rather, everyone present would be able to enter the third floor free of charge. It turned out that he was imagining that he was being given special treatment.

"Young Master Chu Feng, please go on ahead," right at that moment, the grey-haired old man actually looked to Chu Feng with a smile on his face.

Witnessing this scene, Song Yunfei's raging anger immediately boiled over. His anger was nearly about to erupt out of him.

He was a frequent guest of the Ghost Sect Hall's Stone Gambling Hall. He had met that Ghost Sect Hall's management elder multiple times too.

However, every time he came, the grey haired elder would show indifference on his face. He had practically never smiled at him before.

Song Yunfei had thought that he simply did not know how to smile. However, seeing how he currently reacted, he had been mistaken.

It wasn't that the elder did not know how to smile, but rather that he did not smile at him.

Furthermore, when Song Yunfei saw the polite gaze that old fart had when he looked to Chu Feng, he came to a sudden realization. It would appear that the special privilege to enter the third floor for free wasn't created for everyone. Rather, it was meant for Chu Feng.

After all, as long as no one had to pay a fee, Chu Feng would naturally not be able to forcibly pay a fee.

Seeing this, an expression of grievance filled Song Yunfei's face.

However, after another thought, Song Yunfei started sneering in his heart, 'Damned old fart, did you think that you were giving Chu Feng face by doing this? You have no idea that you're only bringing harm upon Chu Feng.'

'If you had made everyone pay the fee as usual, only Chu Feng and I would enter the third floor. At the very most, only Ren Xiaoyao and junior sister Xia would be able to enter too.'

'As for those bystanders, it would simply be impossible for them to spend ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones to follow us up there. Even if they are capable of taking out ten thousand Immortal Martial Stones, they would definitely not be willing to spend that sort of price for the sake of seeing a show.'

'However, with what you've done now, practically everyone will follow us up. After all, not only would they be able to enjoy a show, but those gamblers would also be able to witness what the third floor looks like, something even more enticing to them.'

'Originally, only those few people would witness me defeating Chu Feng. Even if Chu Feng ended up being humiliated, he would only be ridiculed by a few people.'

'However, with the current situation, all these people present will witness the sight of me defeating Chu Feng. At that time, Chu Feng's face will be sweeping the floor.'

When he thought of all this, Song Yunfei revealed a cold smile on his face. Then, he took a fierce glance at Chu Feng and took the lead to enter the third floor.

Chu Feng followed after Song Yunfei. That said, when he arrived before the grey-haired old man, Chu Feng still respectfully clasped his fist and said, "Thank you senior."

When even Song Yunfei was able to guess that the old man had acted for Chu Feng's sake, how could someone as smart as Chu Feng not be able to guess that?

"Little friend Chu Feng, the third floor is different from the second floor. You must be more cautious," the grey-haired old man said to Chu Feng.

"Thank you," Chu Feng expressed his thanks again. He was able to tell that the grey-haired old man was warning him that there was a difference between the third and second floor.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and the others present all stepped onto the third floor.

"Wow! This place... is actually an isolated space!"

Upon reaching the third floor, Her Lady Queen's beautiful eyes went wide. Unable to contain herself, she exclaimed in surprise.

In fact, it was not only Her Lady Queen. Practically everyone that entered the third floor revealed astonishment in their eyes. Chu Feng and Xia Yun'er were no exception. In fact, even Elder Xingyi reacted in a similar manner.

When judging from the outside, the Stone Gambling Hall was merely a palace with three floors.

Thus, before arriving at the third floor, the crowd all felt that the third floor would still be a part of the palace. At the very most, it would be more luxurious and exquisite than the other floors.

However, in reality, that wasn't the case at all.

The Stone Gambling Hall's third floor was a spirit formation. Ascending to the third floor was like entering a completely different world.

There was a blue sky and white clouds, singing birds and fragrant flowers. At a glance, the boundless world was filled with mountain ranges.

However, those were not actual mountains. Instead, they were Black Crystal Stones.

The smallest Black Crystal Stone there was several tens of meters tall. As for the largest one, it reached a thousand meters tall. It was like a heaven-reaching mountain that pierced through the clouds.

It was much larger than Black Crystal Stones were rumored to be.

"Heavens! Such a large Black Crystal Stone, how many Immortal Martial Stones is it composed of?!"

At that moment, those sorts of cries of alarm were heard nonstop.