Chapter 2912 - Chu Feng’s Comeback

Chapter 2912 - Chu Feng’s Comeback

After the agreement was reached, Chu Feng and Song Yunfei began to choose Black Crystal Stones again.

Song Yunfei’s behavior was the same as before. He soon chose a Black Crystal Stone.

As for Chu Feng, he slowed down. He spent a bit more than double the amount of time Song Yunfei used to select his Black Crystal Stone.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had gradually grasped the trick to using his Heaven’s Eyes to distinguish between the Black Crystal Stones.

This time around, Chu Feng wanted to win. However, he was unable to be certain as to whether or not his observation was accurate. With the situation being like this, Chu Feng would naturally end up taking a bit more time.

That said, Song Yunfei naturally had no idea what Chu Feng’s intention was. To Song Yunfei, Chu Feng was still a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, someone that could be a toy in his palm.

Thus, even though the Black Crystal Stone Chu Feng had meticulously chosen was placed before him, he was still looking at Chu Feng with a gaze of contempt.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’ve actually taken so long to make your selection this time around. It would appear that you are determined to win against me, Song Yunfei. No wonder you wanted to increase the stake. You are truly cunning,” Song Yunfei was clearly looking down on Chu Feng, and still made cutting remarks against him.

He was deliberately raising Chu Feng’s worth so that Chu Feng would lose even in an even more unsightly manner afterwards.

That said, Chu Feng merely smiled at Song Yunfei’s cutting remarks. He did not bother paying attention to him. Instead, he said to the Ghost Sect Hall’s elder, “Senior, I will have to trouble you again.”

Then, the two elders began to cut open Chu Feng and Song Yunfei’s Black Crystal Stones respectively.

At that moment, the eyes of everyone present were shining particularly brightly.

At that moment, there was actually no sound besides the sound of the two elders raising their blades and cutting the Black Crystal Stones.

No, there was still a sound. It was the sound of heartbeats. Many people’s heartbeats had accelerated as they continued to watch.

It was an understandable bodily reaction. After all, this was not an ordinary gamble. Instead, it was an enormous gamble with a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones at stake.

That said, while the surrounding crowd had become extremely tense, Song Yunfei remained completely calm and collected. He was practically certain that Chu Feng would end up losing.

The reason for that was because, with his experience, he was able to tell that even if Chu Feng’s Black Crystal Stone did contain Immortal Martial Stones, it would not be a large amount. It would be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat him.


However, as the two respective Black Crystal Stones were cut open more and more, Song Yunfei’s expression changed. He, who had previously held a look of extreme contempt on his face, was no longer able to remain calm and collected.

It was not only him who was no longer calm. Many of the people present were no longer capable of keeping their calm.

The reason for that was because Immortal Martial Stones soon appeared from Chu Feng’s Black Crystal Stone.

Even though Song Yunfei’s Black Crystal Stone also managed to produce Immortal Martial Stones, the final result ended up with Chu Feng winning.


Song Yunfei was stunned.

He had simply never imagined that he would end up losing.

Thus, he was unable to accept the outcome before him.

After all, the gambling stake this time around had increased tenfold.

In other words, his loss this time had returned to Chu Feng all the Immortal Martial Stones he won from Chu Feng before.

Even though he had won ten times and lost only once, he did not win anything at all.

“Brother Song, it would appear that it’s your loss this time around.”

Seeing Song Yunfei standing there stunned like a chicken and not saying anything at all, Chu Feng had no choice but to speak.

Chu Feng was reminding Song Yunfei that he had lost, and was telling him to pay up.

“Humph, why are you urging me on? Do I, Song Yunfei, resemble someone who can’t take defeat with grace?”

Song Yunfei laughed coldly. Then, he returned the hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones he had won earlier to Chu Feng.

After that, Song Yunfei said, “Brother Chu Feng, don’t you decide to run after winning once.”

“Don’t worry. I, Chu Feng, have never said that I will not continue to gamble with you,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well, since that’s the case, let us continue,” Song Yunfei said coldly.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Song Yunfei began to choose Black Crystal Stones again.

This time around, Song Yunfei no longer picked his Black Crystal Stone so casually. Instead, he started picking his Black Crystal Stone earnestly.

As for Chu Feng, he too was very serious while making his selection.

This time around, the two of them actually took two entire hours to making their selection.

Fortunately, the two of them both ultimately chose a Black Crystal Stone to their fancy.

When the two Black Crystal Stones were being cut, even the bystanders started feeling nervous.

After all, regardless of which party lost, they would have to pay the other party a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones. This number was truly frightening.

As the Black Crystal Stones continued to be cut open, Song Yunfei, who was originally confident in himself, started to grow somewhat panicky.

The reason for that was because the Black Crystal Stone selected by Chu Feng this time around immediately revealed its Immortal Martial Stones right after being cut.

Furthermore, as more and more Black Crystal Stone layers were removed from the Immortal Martial Stone, the form of the Immortal Martial Stone gradually appeared. That Immortal Martial Stone was actually equally matched with his own.

Originally, he had thought that his meticulously chosen Black Crystal Stone would be able to steadily defeat Chu Feng.

After all, he had felt that Chu Feng was only able to win against him purely by luck.

However, the current situation was quite upsetting. Even if Chu Feng had relied on his luck, his luck was simply too good.

In the end, the two Black Crystal Stones were completely cut apart. The two Immortal Martial Stones that emerged afterwards, although different in appearance, were practically the same size.

“Young Master Chu Feng, you are simply too amazing. You actually managed to choose two such high quality Black Crystal Stones in succession.”

At that moment, a cry of alarm was heard. It was Xia Yun’er.

“Young Hero Chu Feng, congratulations, congratulations. You have managed to get hold of the hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.”

At the same time, many people began to congratulate Chu Feng.

Even though the two Immortal Martial Stones appeared to be the same size when looking at them externally, the people present were all martial cultivators. Thus, they were able to tell which Immortal Martial Stone was heavier merely by looking at them.

Even though Chu Feng had truly only managed to win by a narrow margin, it remained that Chu Feng had won.

“What are you all congratulating him for?! How could you know that he is the victor?!” Song Yunfei shouted in a very displeased manner.

Once he shouted those words, the surrounding crowd immediately shut their mouths.

After all, Song Yunfei was the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Son. Very few people among the crowd would dare to offend him.

“Young Master Song, this isn’t proper, no? Can you not tell that little friend Chu Feng’s Immortal Martial Stone is heavier than yours?”

Right at that moment, an old man’s voice was heard. It was the Ghost Sect Hall’s elder who had cut out Chu Feng’s Immortal Martial Stone for him.

“Humph, if size could be determined using only one’s eyes, what use would there be in having The Immortal Martial Scale?” Song Yunfei spoke coldly.

The Immortal Martial Scale was a tool especially used to determine the weight of an Immortal Martial Stone.

Even though martial cultivators were capable of judging the weight of an object using only their eyes, the Immortal Martial Scale was the publicly-accepted fairest appraisal method.

“Since you are unwilling to give up, let us use the Immortal Martial Scale to measure it then,” That Ghost Sect Hall’s elder took out the so-called Immortal Martial Scale.

After measuring them, Chu Feng’s Immortal Martial Stone was nevertheless a bit heavier. However, it was only a bit heavier.

If one had to determine how much heavier it was, it would roughly only be about half an Immortal Martial Stone heavier.

This caused Song Yunfei to become extremely furious. He was so furious that he started to clench his fists tightly and gnash his teeth with reddened eyes.

He had lost due to half an Immortal Martial Stone’s difference in weight. This loss was simply filled with too much grievance.

“Brother Song, what’s wrong? If you do not possess enough Immortal Martial Stones, we can forget about it. After all, it’s merely a game. If you’re unable to afford the loss, I wouldn’t look further into the matter,” Chu Feng said to Song Yunfei.

Even though Chu Feng said those words with a smile on his face, his words were filled with mockery.

“Humph, it is but a mere hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones. To me, Song Yunfei, that is simply nothing.”

As Song Yunfei spoke, he took out a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones. Even though he said it didn’t matter to him, he still revealed a pained expression on his face.

Even though he was the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Son, he could not disregard an amount as great as a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

“Brother Chu Feng, your luck is truly good. You actually managed to win against me twice in succession.”

Even though Song Yunfei had lost, he still continued to mock Chu Feng.

“Brother Song, this isn’t proper, no? Earlier, when you were gambling against me, you declared that I had grasped an observation method. Why do you say that I have relied on my luck now that I’ve won?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“How could you win against me without your luck?” Song Yunfei raised his eyebrows and asked mockingly.

Even now, he firmly believed that Chu Feng was only able to win against him through luck.

“It would appear that you’re determined that I have only won against you with luck, that it would only be natural for me to lose against you. If that’s the case, why did you seek to gamble against me? Aren’t you deliberately bullying me then?”

“Brother Song, oh brother Song, I never expected you to be that sort of person. I, Chu Feng, had thought too highly of you before,” Chu Feng shook his head.


Hearing those words, Song Yunfei was so furious his complexion turned deathly pale.

He had clearly already lost a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones to Chu Feng. Yet, Chu Feng was still insulting his character.

Most importantly, judging from the gazes of the crowd, they seemed to be agreeing with Chu Feng’s opinion.

With the situation like this, he would not be able to argue back. Even if he wanted to quibble with Chu Feng, he wouldn’t be able to.

At that moment, Song Yunfei was so furious that he felt as if his heart, liver, spleen and lungs were all about to explode.

To be insulted after losing so many Immortal Martial Stones, no one in his situation would be able to tolerate it.