Chapter 2911 - Increasing The Gambling Stake

Chapter 2911 - Increasing The Gambling Stake

“Brother Chu Feng, do you want me to give you another opportunity to win these back?” Song Yunfei asked.

“Let’s continue,” Chu Feng said.

After this, Chu Feng and Song Yunfei continued to gamble nine more times. Even though Chu Feng never opened another worthless lump of stone after that first time, he never managed to defeat Song Yunfei.

Chu Feng lost ten times in succession. Not taking into account the Immortal Martial Stones used to purchase the Black Crystal Stones, Chu Feng had already lost a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones to Song Yunfei.

At that moment, Song Yunfei was already grinning from ear to ear. He was feeling extremely pleased with himself. He was also feeling extremely rejuvenated. It was the sort of carefree sensation one felt after obtaining revenge.

“Brother Chu Feng, do you still want to continue?” Song Yunfei asked Chu Feng.

“Yunfei, it’s enough.”

Right at that moment, Elder Xingyi, who had kept his silence the entire time, was finally unable to contain himself.

As matters stood, everyone was able to tell that Song Yunfei indeed possessed some sort of technique that was capable of letting him determine the value of the Black Crystal Stones. However, Chu Feng possessed no such technique.

If they were to continue gambling, Chu Feng would only continue to lose.

When even the bystanders were able to tell, how could Chu Feng possibly be unable to tell?

If he were to still insist on continuing the gambling with Chu Feng under this sort of situation, it would be no different from openly bullying him.

It must be said that Song Yunfei’s current behavior was a bit too excessive.

“Elder Xingyi, it is a gamble between brother Chu Feng and me. Whether or not we are to stop this gamble must be up to him, not me.”

“If he wants to win back what he has lost, yet I decided to stop gambling with him, wouldn’t it make me, Song Yunfei, appear to be very lacking in terms of manners?”

After he finished saying those words, Song Yunfei looked to Chu feng and said, “Brother Chu Feng, do you still want to continue? If you wish to continue, I will accompany you till the end. If you wish to stop, we will stop right away. Everything depends on your decision.”

Who would’ve thought that Song Yunfei would actually refuse to give face even to Elder Xingyi.

It would appear that his hatred toward Chu Feng was truly deep. He wanted Chu Feng to lose completely. He was determined to make Chu Feng admit defeat before he was willing to let things go.

At that moment, many people started to send voice transmissions to Chu Feng telling him to not let his emotions affect his decisions. They were telling him to not continue to gamble against Song Yunfei for the sake of face. After all, the price of losing would be an enormous amount of Immortal Martial Stones.

However, how could Chu Feng admit defeat like this? If he were to admit defeat, wouldn’t he be doing exactly what Song Yunfei wanted?

At the moment when Chu Feng was planning to declare that he was going to continue to gamble with Song Yunfei, a soft palm suddenly grabbed Chu Feng’s arm. It was Xia Yun’er.

“Young Master Chu Feng, you shouldn’t continue,” Xia Yun’er said.

After Xia Yun’er spoke, Song Yunfei’s expression suddenly changed. He who was extremely pleased earlier immediately revealed an extremely displeased expression.

Thus, he said to Chu Feng using an extremely annoyed tone, “Brother Chu Feng, you’re a man, so give me a straightforward answer. Do you want to continue with the gamble? With the way you’re hesitating, you’re acting like a woman.”

Hearing those words, not to mention Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er, even the Ghost Sect Hall’s elders and the surrounding crowd revealed a change in their expressions.

This was simply too excessive.

Those words were simply an insult to Chu Feng.

However, compared to the others, Chu Feng remained unaffected. He said, “Continue. Of course we’re going to continue. Merely, the gambling stake needs to be altered.”

“Decrease the stake, is it? That’s fine,” Song Yunfei said.

“No, I want to increase the stake,” Chu Feng said.

“Increase the stake?!”

The crowd were all stunned upon hearing those words.

What was Chu Feng thinking? He had already lost ten times in succession, yet he still wanted to increase the stake? Could he have gone mad?

Even Song Yunfei was bewildered. He asked, “Increase the stake? Are you certain you want to increase the stake?”

“That’s right,” Chu Feng said in a manner of absolute certainty.

“How much do you want to increase it by?” Song Yunfei asked.

“A hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones each time,” Chu Feng said.

“A hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones?!”

The expressions of everyone present changed upon hearing Chu Feng’s words. In fact, even the grey-haired old man who was sitting and guarding the entrance to the third floor opened his eyes abruptly.

Everyone was looking at Chu Feng with disbelief in their eyes.

Mad, Chu Feng had simply gone mad. How could it still be considered a gamble? He was simply giving Song Yunfei money.

“Young Master Chu Feng, you…”

Xia Yun’er immediately wanted to urge Chu Feng against it. She felt that Chu Feng had already allowed his emotions to affect his decisions. Otherwise, he wouldn’t possibly suggest an increase to a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones.

However, before Xia Yun’er could even say anything, Chu Feng suddenly looked to her. He didn’t say anything. He only gently patted her hand that was still holding onto his arm.

At that moment, Xia Yun’er was stunned. She actually felt confidence from Chu Feng’s gaze.

This sort of confidence was something she had witnessed before. She had seen it when Chu Feng was planning to confront the Liangqiu sisters in terms of world spirit techniques.

At that time, no one was hopeful of Chu Feng winning. Xia Yun’er was no exception either. However, Chu Feng just so happened to defeat the Liangqiu sisters.

With the situation like that, Xia Yun’er was at a loss as to how to urge Chu Feng against this.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. It was Song Yunfei.

“Chu Feng, move your repulsive hand! Since when has our Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Daughter become someone who you can touch?!” Song Yunfei shouted while pointing at Chu Feng.

It turned out, he was furious because Chu Feng was touching Xia Yun’er’s hand.

At that moment, Xia Yun’er suddenly became aware of the situation and hurriedly pulled back her lily-white hand. Furthermore, she even took two steps back.

At that moment, her devastatingly beautiful face had actually turned deep red.

“It is not you who I’m touching, why are you so excited?” Chu Feng said to Song Yunfei.

“You! You are truly impudent!!!”

Seeing Chu Feng daring to act so indifferently after touching Xia Yun’er’s hand, Song Yunfei’s expression changed completely. At that moment, he had completely unleashed his killing intent. He was planning to attack Chu Feng.

However, at that moment, Xia Yun’er said, “Senior brother Song, it’s alright.”

“Junior sister, you…” Hearing those words, Song Yunfei was nearly about to vomit blood. He was truly enraged.

Only he knew how many times he had attempted to get close to Xia Yun’er and become intimate with her.

Yet, Xia Yun’er had continued to evade him the entire time. He had known her for so long. Yet, he had not even managed to touch her clothes, much less her lily-white hands.

However, Chu Feng had actually touched her hand. Furthermore, Xia Yun’er was telling him to let it be?

How… how could he possibly tolerate this?

Overwhelmed with rage, Song Yunfei said to Chu Feng, “A hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones each time, was it?”

“Very well, very well, I satisfy you. Come, come, come, let us begin right away.”

He was impatient to continue the gamble with Chu Feng.

He wanted to teach Chu Feng a lesson. He wanted to obtain revenge against Chu Feng. He wanted to vent his anger, his resentment.

The only thing he could do at that moment was continue the gamble against Chu Feng.

He was determined to make Chu Feng lose all of his fortune.