Chapter 2915 - A Convenient Point

Chapter 2915 - A Convenient Point

Likely, it was not only Her Lady Queen and Chu Feng who felt Jinshi Bo’s self-introduction to be ridiculous.

However, not a single person dared to express it.

In fact, many people even revealed eagerly attentive expressions. They seemed to want to find an opportunity to worm their way into being friends with Jinshi Bo.

It was understandable. After all, the Goldenstone Royal Clan was the overlord of an Upper Realm. It was an existence that not even the Starfall Holy Land could compare to. It was a colossus on the same level as the Chu Heavenly Clan.

“Nice to meet you,” faced with such an eagerly attentive Jinshi Bo, Xia Yun’er also returned a courteous greeting.

Xia Yun’er was such a person. Even if she didn’t like someone, she would not openly express it.

“Miss Xia, this place is too stuffy and boring.”

“I wish to invite you out to take a stroll. Miss Xia, might you be willing to do so?” Jinshi Bo said to Xia Yun’er with a shining smile on his face as he swept his lecherous eyes over her.

“Stroll? The way I see it, you’re trying to take advantage of her, no?” Song Yunfei said coldly.

As the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Son, Song Yunfei had always considered Xia Yun’er as his fiancee. How could he allow someone to try to court his fiancee right in front of him?

“Who are you? I’m not talking to you, why are you interrupting?” Jinshi Bo stared at Song Yunfei in a very displeased manner.

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that you’d best keep your distance from my junior sister. Otherwise, do not blame me for being impolite towards you,” as Song Yunfei spoke, he revealed his rank eight True Immortal aura and sent it to oppress Jinshi Bo.


Right at that moment, that Supreme Elder from the Goldenstone Royal Clan shouted angrily. Then, he waved his sleeve, and a boundless oppressive might was emitted from his body.

That oppressive might was very powerful. At the moment it was released, all of the younger generation present, Chu Feng included, felt their hearts tighten. It was a sensation akin to facing hell.

“Rank eight Martial Immortal.”

At that moment, Chu Feng was practically certain that that Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Supreme Elder was a rank eight Martial Immortal.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had felt an aura as powerful as his from the Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elder, Elder Tuoba, before.

A rank eight Martial Immortal would naturally be very powerful.

Instantly, he dispersed Song Yunfei’s oppressive might.

However, he did not give up with just this. His frightening oppressive might moved toward Song Yunfei to suppress him.

He was actually unleashing an attack at Song Yunfei.


However, that powerful oppressive might was actually stopped before Song Yunfei.

“That is?”

Chu Feng’s expression changed. He was feeling the oppressive might of another rank eight Martial Immortal. It was precisely that oppressive might that had stopped that Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Supreme Elder’s oppressive might.

However, both Elder Xingyi and that Ghost Sect Hall’s grey-haired old man evidently did not do anything.

This meant that there was another expert present.


Sure enough, the space before Song Yunfei started to distort. Then, an aged figure appeared.

That person was an old lady. She had lived for at least ten thousand years. Her face was filled with wrinkles, and her skin was completely stuck to her bones. There was no trace of vitality in her at all. At a glance, her appearance was somewhat frightening.

That old lady’s outfit resembled Elder Tuoba’s outfit. Chu Feng felt that she was very likely an Supreme Elder-level character from the Starfall Holy Land. Likely, she was Song Yunfei’s guardian, just like how Elder Xingyi was Xia Yun’er’s guardian.

“As a person of the older generation, to attack a person of the younger generation is unbefitting of your demeanor, no?” That old lady did not become angry at the attack. Instead, she spoke with a very tranquil tone.

Even though that old lady appeared somewhat frightening because of how old she was, her temperament seemed to be very gentle. At the very least, she revealed a very gentle temperament at that moment.

Even though someone had attacked the person she was tasked with guarding, she did not become angry.

“This place is our Ghost Sect Hall’s territory. Fighting is prohibited. If anyone is to fight here, do not blame our Ghost Sect Hall for not welcoming them,” the Ghost Sect Hall’s grey-haired old man said.

“Humph,” at that moment, the Goldenstone Royal Clan’s Supreme Elder snorted lightly.

Even though he did not attack again, his attitude had revealed that he did not put the Starfall Holy Land’s old lady and the Ghost Sect Hall’s grey-haired old man in his eyes.

“It would appear that you should be that Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Son, right?”

“Judging from things, you seem to be an expert at Stone Gambling?”

Jinshi Bo looked to the giant piece of Immortal Martial Stone beside Song Yunfei.

“You’re correct. I am indeed very proficient in Stone Gambling. What about it?” Song Yunfei spoke with a very haughty attitude.

“That’s perfect. I happen to know a bit about Stone Gambling myself. How about you and I gamble with one another, with me representing our Goldenstone Upper Realm and you representing your Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm?” Jinshi Bo asked.

“Haha,” hearing those words, Song Yunfei laughed. In terms of Stone Gambling, Song Yunfei had never feared anyone.

Thus, he spoke frankly, “If you’re willing, that’s naturally not an issue. Merely, the gambling stake would be a bit large.”

“How large?” Jinshi Bo asked.

“Earlier, I was gambling with him. Let’s make the gambling stake the same, a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones for each attempt,” Song Yunfei pointed to Chu Feng.

“It would appear that you’ve won against him?” Jinshi Bo asked.

“Naturally,” Song Yunfei said.

Hearing those words, Jinshi Bo cast a glance of contempt at Chu Feng.

Jinshi Bo looked down on Song Yunfei. After hearing that Chu Feng had lost to Song Yunfei, Jinshi Bo felt that Chu Feng was inferior to even Song Yunfei.

“Very well, a hundred thousand Immortal Martial Stones per attempt will do. However, there must be no restriction upon the Black Crystal Stone that can be chosen,” Jinshi Bo said.

“Of course,” Song Yunfei said.

“Let us begin then.”

After Jinshi Bo said those words, Song Yunfei snorted lightly, and immediately started searching for a Black Crystal Stone that suited his fancy.

However, Jinshi Bo continued to stand there without even moving.

He instead turned to Xia Yun’er, “It would appear that your senior brother is interested in you.”

“However, Miss Xia, please excuse me for speaking forthrightly. I’m afraid that there is no one within our generation in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that could match you. However, I am different.”

“Oh, what’s different about Young Master Jinshi?” Xia Yun’er asked.

“I am capable of matching you,” Jinshi Bo said.

Hearing those words, Xia Yun’er smiled lightly. She did not say anything anymore.

As for Jinshi Bo, he laughed proudly. It would appear that, to him, being able to take such liberties with Xia Yun’er was extremely satisfying.

In the blink of an eye, Song Yunfei made his selection. When he saw that Jinshi Bo was still standing there and teasing his junior sister, Song Yunfei immediately grew displeased. He said, “Are you going to make your selection or not? The Grand Auction Assembly is about to begin. Don’t waste everyone’s time.”

“Rest assured, I will not waste your time,” Jinshi Bo said. Then, he pointed to a Black Crystal Stone and said, “That one will do.”