Chapter 2900 - Absolute Grand Character

Chapter 2900 - Absolute Grand Character

Afterwards, the disciples from the Nine Profound Sect and the disciples from the Starfall Holy Land began to enter their respective unlocked Inheritance Sites.

As Chu Feng had already obtained Exalted Archer’s inheritance, he decided to not enter the remaining Inheritance Sites. Instead, he handed them to Xia Yun’er and the others.

Like Chu Feng, the Liangqiu sisters also did not enter their unlocked Inheritance Sites.

However, their reasoning for not entering the Inheritance Sites was different from Chu Feng.

Chu Feng didn’t enter them because he felt that it was unnecessary for him to enter them. Even if the Inheritance Sites possessed an enormous amount of inheritance, it would definitely not be as precious as that of the ninth Inheritance Site.

As for the Liangqiu sisters, the reason why they didn’t enter the Inheritance Sites was because they did not have the heart to enter them. Currently, the two of them were completely focused on healing their injuries. As for the whole episode of sparring against Chu Feng, they kept completely quiet about it.

As the saying goes, a man should not argue with women. Seeing the two of them acting like this, Chu Feng did not attempt to make things difficult for them. As such, he did not pursue the matter regarding the sparring.

Instead, he sat down cross-legged and began to meticulously study the Weaponry Reconstruction Technique.

Even though Chu Feng was already certain that the Weaponry Reconstruction Technique was incomplete, Chu Feng was still unwilling to give it up. He still decided to delve into it.

Meanwhile, outside the Inheritance Cave. Elder Xingyi from the Starfall Holy Land walked over to Elder Tuoba. With a low voice, he asked, “Lord Supreme Elder, you couldn’t possibly be really planning to let Chu Feng go, right?”

“Let him go? How could I? If he does not provide a proper explanation today, he can forget about leaving here safely.”

“Brother Li, what do you think?” Elder Tuoba looked to the silver-haired old man from the Nine Profound Sect.

It turned out that he had deliberately chatted with Chu Feng earlier so as to appease Chu Feng and lure him out through deceit.

As long as Chu Feng made his exit, he would immediately turn hostile and force Chu Feng to hand over Exalted Archer’s inheritance. This move of his was truly vicious and treacherous.

“If the inheritance is retrieved, how are we to settle it?” The silver-haired old man asked. After all, the ninth Inheritance Site was opened by Chu Feng. As such, it should belong to the Starfall Holy Land.

“This matter is of great importance. I must return to our Holy Ruler to consult with him. However, we will definitely not hog everything ourselves,” Elder Tuoba said.

“Your Starfall Holy Land would be sensible, if that’s the case,” that Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man finally smiled.

Even though the Starfall Holy Land possessed a great amount of strength, they were much weaker when compared to the Nine Profound Sect. After all, the Nine Profound Sect was the overlord of an Upper Realm.

Even though Exalted Archer’s inheritance was very precious, if the Starfall Holy Land was able to achieve a deeper relationship with the Nine Profound Sect through it, it would definitely be something that was only beneficial, and not detrimental, to the Starfall Holy Land.

Suddenly, that Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man revealed a worried expression.

“That said, Brother Tuoba, I feel that this Chu Feng is no ordinary person.”

“Not only is he an Asura World Spiritist, but he’s actually also trained in the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. His identity is definitely not simple.”

“Is he related to that individual from the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

Chu Feng was very outstanding. He could simply be considered to be a rare genius in the entire Starfield.

Thus, the silver-haired old man was unable to keep himself from guessing at Chu Feng’s identity. Furthermore, he just so happened to think of a person. As for that person, he was also called Chu Feng.

If that person were still alive, his age would be similar to Chu Feng’s. That said, that silver-haired old man from the Nine Profound Sect would definitely not fear someone from the younger generation. The person he feared was that youngster’s father.

As for that person’s father, he was Chu Xuanyuan.

Even though the Nine Profound Sect was not located in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, Chu Xuanyuan’s reputation was known throughout the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

As for that silver-haired old man, he was someone who had witnessed Chu Xuanyuan’s might before.

It was during a Starfield training session. Many people from the younger generation were participating in that training session.

However, during that training session, an issue occurred. A group of demonic beasts appeared, and not even the experts present were able to contend against them.

At the moment when everyone felt that they would lose their lives, a member of the younger generation stood forth. As for that person, he was none other than Chu Xuanyuan.

He clearly remembered the scene of Chu Xuanyuan slaughtering all of the demonic beasts alone with a sword in hand.

At that moment, all of the famous people present had been overshadowed.

In the entire world, Chu Xuanyuan was the only person that everyone focused on.

Since that day, Chu Xuanyuan’s magnificent accomplishments continued to appear one after another.

Chu Xuanyaun could be said to be the only member of the younger generation that the experts from the Upper Realms feared.

And now, Chu Xuanyuan was no longer a member of the younger generation. Furthermore, the silver-haired old man had also heard about what had happened to him. He knew that Chu Xuanyuan had made an enormous mistake, and was imprisoned by the Chu Heavenly Clan.

However, If Chu Xuanyaun was still alive. Who knew how powerful an existence like that would have become by now?

If that Chu Feng was truly Chu Xuanyuan’s son, the Nine Profound Sect would not dare to touch him.

The reason for that was because their Nine Profound Sect would not be willing to ruin their future that was built on a foundation of tens of thousands of years for a single Exalted Archer’s inheritance.

“Rest assured, there is no relationship between Chu Feng and that person from the Chu Heavenly Clan. This is something that he personally declared,” Elder Tuoba said.

“Brother Tuoba, are you certain of this matter? If you’re not, it will cause no end of trouble,” The silver-haired old man said.

“Rest assured. If I were not certain about this, I would not dare touch him either,” Elder Tuoba said.

“But, even if that’s the case, we should not make things too difficult for him. After all, he is a rare sapling.”

“As long as he is willing to hand over the inheritance and allow us to examine his soul, we shall spare him,” the silver-haired old man said.

“Of course. We are upright powers, and not evil powers. We will naturally not murder innocent people,” Elder Tuoba said.

“Merely, we will have to trouble Brother Zhao with inspecting Chu Feng’s soul to determine what sort of inheritance he possesses,” Elder Tuoba turned to Zhao Kuangfengyi.

Those shrewd old men would definitely not only demand Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack, and spare him after obtaining it.

They were also planning to use world spirit techniques to inspect Chu Feng’s soul to see if he contained even more important items within his soul.

After all, generally speaking, true inheritances would always assimilate with one’s soul directly. They knew of this matter very well.

“‘Tis but a trivial matter,” Zhao Kuangfengyi had a faint smile on his face. Even though that smile of his was very faint, one could tell that he was extremely excited.

Seeing this, Elder Xingyi started to frown.

The soul was the most important aspect to world spiritists. It was the source of one’s life.

After reaching the True Immortal realm, cultivators would not be affected even if their bodies were destroyed. However, if their souls were destroyed, they would be killed.

Based on Elder Xingyi’s understanding, regardless of how powerful a world spiritist might be, if they attempted to forcibly inspect another person’s soul to determine what sort of abilities and techniques they possessed, and then forcibly stripped that person of those abilities and techniques, it would bring about enormous harm to that person. As for that sort of damage, it would very likely be permanent.

That Zhao Kuangfengyi possessed hatred for Chu Feng to begin with. If Chu Feng were to end up in his hands, he would likely suffer disastrously.

At that moment, Elder Xingyi felt extreme guilty. He wanted to save Chu Feng. However, he knew very well that he was simply powerless to save Chu Feng before Elder Tuoba and that silver-haired old man.


Suddenly, a bell’s ringing was heard from behind the elders.

All of the elders were gathered there. Thus, how could a bell suddenly ring from behind them?

Confused, the crowd all turned their heads around to look toward the direction of the ring.


However, once they turned around, all of the elders present, including the Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elder Tuoba and the Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man, immediately closed their eyes. Their aged faces twisted with pain.

The reason for that was because a dazzling powerful light was actually shining from the direction that they were looking toward. Like the bright sun, it was right before their eyes and basking everything with light. The light was simply too intense, so intense that they were feeling enormous pain in their eyes. They did not dare look at the light head-on, and could only close their eyes.

At that moment, they were frightened. The reason for that was because they discovered that their bodies were being restricted by some sort of power.

However, one should know that the Starfall Holy Land’s Elder Tuoba and the Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man were both rank eight Martial Immortals.

Existences in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that were capable of suppressing them were all extraordinary people, absolute grand characters.