Chapter 2899 - Chilliness

Chapter 2899 - Chilliness

After Chu Feng said those words, the Starfall Holy Land’s Elder Tuoba and the Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man looked to one another.

A trace of chilliness emerged in their eyes.

“Elder Tuoba, Exalted Archer’s inheritance is no small matter. I believe that the Immortal Armaments Chu Feng gave miss Xia earlier are but a small portion of the inheritance.”

“As for this inheritance, it originally belonged to your Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect. Yet now, it is being completely monopolized by Chu Feng. Furthermore, he is hogging it in such a righteous and self-confident manner.”

“Forgive me for speaking forthrightly, but that Chu Feng simply does not place your Starfall Holy Land and Nine Profound Sect in his eyes at all,” Zhao Kuangfengyi said.

Zhao Kuangfengyi was clearly trying to sow dissension. He wanted to borrow the strength of the Nine Profound Sect and the Starfall Holy Land to take care of Chu Feng.

Actually, even if he didn’t try to sow dissension, the Nine Profound Sect and the Starfall Holy Land would still not spare Chu Feng.

At the very least, they wouldn’t allow Chu Feng to leave with Exalted Archer’s inheritance.

“Brother Zhao, may I borrow your spirit formation to talk to Chu Feng?” Elder Tuoba turned to ask Zhao Kuangfengyi.

“Of course,” as Zhao Kuangfengyi spoke, he started to activate his spirit formation.

Inside the Inheritance Cave. All of the people of the younger generation inside were staring at Chu Feng. Astonishment filled their eyes. Even Xia Yun’er was reacting the same way.

She had truly never expected that Chu Feng would dare to provoke the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect like that.

That said, there was a reason as to why Chu Feng did this. He most definitely did not do this because he had a deathwish.

Instead, the reason why Chu Feng did this was because he knew very well that the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect would not let him leave peacefully.

Regardless of whether or not Chu Feng admitted that he had obtained the inheritance, they would still not let him leave peacefully.

Chu Feng was convinced that even if he declared that the ninth Inheritance Site was empty, the Starfall Holy Land and Nine Profound Sect would definitely not believe him.

Rather than resigning himself to fate, Chu Feng felt that it was better to clearly show his standpoint. At the very most, it would be a life and death struggle. Chu Feng felt that the one to die might not necessarily be him.

Furthermore, Exalted Archer had said that the inheritance belonged to Chu Feng.

As such, why should Chu Feng share it with them?

If he were to share with them, it would be a sign of goodwill. However, if he didn’t share it with them, it was also completely reasonable.

Chu Feng felt that among the crowd present, the only person that was worthy of him sharing his inheritance was Xia Yun’er.

Apart from her, no one should think about obtaining anything from him.


Right at that moment, a stifled laugh was suddenly heard.

It was Asura Zhao Kun. Originally, Asura Zhao Kun did not even dare to look at Chu Feng after Chu Feng came out because he was afraid that Chu Feng would demand that he change his name.

However, now that Chu Feng had openly challenged the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect, he was truly unable to contain his laughter. The reason for that was because he felt that Chu Feng was truly overestimating himself.

“Brother Zhao, what’s wrong? Are you impatient to change your name?” Sure enough, once Asura Zhao Kun laughed, Chu Feng immediately turned his malicious gaze toward him.

“Change name? Change what name?” Asura Zhao Kun’s complexion turned green. He pretended to be confused.

He would naturally not change his name. He would rather die than change his name.

After all, if he were truly to change his name to Coward Zhao Kun, he would become the object of ridicule for everyone. Should that happen, what meaning would there be for him to live anymore?

“Yoh, it would appear that you’re planning to go back on your promise?” Chu Feng smiled coldly. Then his body shifted, and he arrived before Asura Zhao Kun and kicked him to the ground.

Chu Feng’s foot was on of Asura Zhao Kun’s chest. Then, he clenched his right hand, and a spirit formation sword appeared in his grasp.

“That is?!!!”

After that spirit formation sword appeared, the expressions of both the younger generations inside the Inheritance Cave and the elders outside the Inheritance Cave changed.

They were all able to clearly recognize that the spirit power that Chu Feng’s spirit formation sword was composed of was actually Exalted level.

Chu Feng had revealed to the crowd that he had become an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

“Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, is that the inheritance Chu Feng obtained?”

“Damn it!”

Upon seeing the spirit formation sword in Chu Feng’s grasp, regret filled the Liangqiu sisters’ eyes.

They hated themselves for choosing the wrong gate. Otherwise, it might've been them that ended up becoming Exalted-cloak World Spiritists.

“Chu Feng, what are you trying to do?!”

Right at that moment, a frightened shout was heard.

It was Asura Zhao Kun. He was truly frightened when Chu Feng pointed that spirit formation sword at him.

After all, even a fool could tell that Chu Feng was going to attack him.

“Since you’re unwilling to change your name, I have no choice but to help you with it. The words ‘Coward Zhao Kun’ will forever be carved on your face,” after saying those words, Chu Feng was planning to act.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please wait,” right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard.

That was not Zhao Kuangfengyi’s voice. However, it originated from the outside of the Inheritance Cave.

Xia Yun’er and the others had already managed to tell that it was their Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elder’s voice.

Upon hearing the voice of their Supreme Elder, the two male disciples from the Starfall Holy Land immediately revealed sneers on their faces.

They knew that their Supreme Elder would definitely not let Chu Feng get away.

Chu Feng was soon going to end up suffering.

However, when Elder Tuoba spoke, the two male disciples were immediately stunned.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I am the Starfall Holy Land’s Supreme Elder, Tuoba Duxiong.”

“I feel that what you’ve done here today is reasonable. If it wasn’t for little friend Chu Feng, we would likely not have been able to see the Legacy Inheritance at all.”

“Thus, the inheritance that you’ve obtained all belongs to you. Merely, there is one thing that this old man hopes for little friend Chu Feng’s assistance in.”

What was going on?!

Their Supreme Elder Tuoba, who had always been an aggressive and tyrannical person, actually did not attempt to make things difficult for Chu Feng, and even wanted to reach terms with him?

At that moment, the Starfall Holy Land's two male disciples were completely stunned. Even Xia Yun'er felt very surprised. None of them expected that Elder Tuoba would actually yield to Chu Feng in such a manner. This simply did not resemble the Elder Tuoba that they knew.

"Senior is being too courteous. Please go ahead and tell me what it might be," Chu Feng said.

"Little friend Zhao Kun is young and frivolous. His words were indeed a bit excessive earlier. However, it would truly be a bit difficult on him to have him change his name."

"Little friend Chu Feng, might you be willing to give this old man face and not look further into this matter?" Elder Tuoba said.

"Chu Feng naturally will have to give senior face. However, if I am to let Asura Zhao Kun off just like this, I'm afraid that he would not learn from this lesson."

"He does not have to change his name to Coward Zhao Kun. However, he must rid it of the word Asura. It would do for him to be called by his original name, Zhao Kun. He should not proclaim himself as some Asura Zhao Kun."

"The reason for that is because I do not wish to see him insult the word Asura again," Chu Feng said.


Hearing those words, Asura Zhao Kun grew so furious that his face turned deep red. However, he did not dare utter a single fart.

After all, he was currently a fish on a chopping block. How could he dare to act impudently against Chu Feng again?

That said, Elder Tuoba did not answer Chu Feng's proposal. Instead, he looked to Zhao Kuangfengyi.

Zhao Kuangfengyi understood Elder Tuoba's intention.

Thus, he immediately said, "Kun'er, from today on, your name shall be just Zhao Kun."

After his grandfather spoke, Zhao Kun immediately started nodding his head in agreement.

After all, compared to being called Coward Zhao Kun, just Zhao Kun was enormously better.

After Zhao Kun agreed to it, Chu Feng finally removed his foot from Zhao Kun's chest. Furthermore, he revealed a harmless smile on his face, "Brother Zhao, come on, get up. In the future, do not make arbitrary promises. After all, not everyone is as easy to talk to as me, Chu Feng."

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Zhao Kun felt like crying.

'You're easy to talk with? If you're easy to talk with, who in this world would not be easy to talk with?'