Chapter 2901 - Extremely Frightened

Chapter 2901 - Extremely Frightened

Even though the intense light brought great pain to their eyes, Elder Tuoba and the others still forcibly endured the pain and looked attentively ahead.

They had to determine who that powerful existence was. Even if they were to be killed, they must figure out who killed them.

As they continued to look ahead, Elder Tuoba’s gaze gradually became clear.

Gradually, Elder Tuoba was able to see a figure in the center of the intense light. That person was not very tall, and was standing in a slouching manner. In that person’s hand was a tobacco pipe. Currently, that person was sucking on the pipe.

Although it was somewhat indistinct, Elder Tuoba was able to tell that this person would be an old lady, a very old lady.

At that moment, Elder Tuoba started to filter through the experts capable of suppressing him in his mind. However, he was unable to recall an existence like that old lady.

Confused, Elder Tuoba asked, “Who are you?”

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is what I am going to tell you all next.”

An aged yet somewhat hoarse voice sounded. Sure enough, that wasn’t a male’s voice. Instead, it was an old lady’s voice.

That old lady was truly old. Her voice even sounded somewhat weak.

However, even though that was the case, no one dared to doubt her strength. She was someone who could take their lives with a single thought.

Thus, Elder Tuoba and the others simply did not dare to act rashly. They began to wholly concentrate on listening to what that old lady would tell them next, for it was highly possible that her words would determine their fate.

“Remember, there are people who you all cannot touch. If you are to touch them, it would not be a question of your own death. Instead, it would become a question of the continued existence of the powers behind you all.”

“Do not think that I am scaring you all. If you do not believe me, you can very well give it a try.”

After the old lady said those words, she suddenly started laughing. Her laughter sounded very frightening, so very strange and unsettling.

That simply did not resemble the laughter of a human. It was even more frightening that the laughter of monstrous beasts and demonic substances.

As her laughter was heard, the bell started ringing once again. Both her laughter and the ringing gradually distanced themselves from the crowd of elders. Soon, they disappeared completely.

The old lady had left. After she left, the elders present were finally able to move again.

However, at that moment, they were all covered in cold sweat.

The oppressive might they had felt earlier was simply too powerful. Even someone as powerful as Elder Xingyi was shiverings involuntarily.

As for those with strength weaker than his, they fell directly on their butts, and were panting and sweating profusely. They did not even have the strength to stand up. It was as if they had experienced a life or death crisis.

In fact, even existences like Elder Tuoba and that silver-haired old man had turned paper white. Their hands were trembling.

“With an oppressive might that powerful, she is most likely an Exalted-level expert,” The silver-haired old man said.

“Mn,” Elder Tuoba nodded. His eyes were still somewhat sluggish. He had yet to walk out from the fear.

“Didn’t you say that Chu Feng was not someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan? Why would he have such a powerful existence shielding him?” The silver-haired old man asked angrily.

It was impossible for him to not be angry. Fortunately, they had yet to attack Chu Feng. If they had attacked Chu Feng, they would definitely not be standing there like that.

Likely, they would already be dead.

No, it wasn’t likely. Rather, they would definitely be dead. That expert would not have spared them.

“You can’t blame me for this. It was that Chu Feng who personally declared himself to not be from the Chu Heavenly Clan, declared that he was from an Ordinary Realm.”

“When he started confronting those smaller powers, no one did anything to those smaller powers either. Thus, we all felt that he did not possess any backing, that he really was from an Ordinary Realm. We thought that he was merely talented, and obtained some fortuitous encounters.”

“Who would’ve expected that he actually possessed such a backer behind him? That guy is simply too treacherous.”

“That said, he is most likely not someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Even if his background is extraordinary, he can only be someone from another Upper Realm.”

“The reason for that is because that Exalted-level expert earlier was definitely not from our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm,” Elder Tuoba said.

He was feeling a great amount of grievance, and was also feeling very angry. He felt as if he had been deceived by Chu Feng.

He truly thought that Chu Feng did not possess any backing. Because of his carelessness, he had nearly brought death upon himself.

“Regardless, you nearly got me killed,” The Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man still had a furious expression on his face.

It was too narrow of an escape, truly too narrow. They were only a hair away from making a major blunder.

When the two most powerful existences present were already scared into such a state, there was no need to mention how scared the others were.

Zhao Kuangfengyi, that world spiritist who had been plotting about how to take care of Chu Feng and avenge his grandson, was also shivering fiercely at this moment.

He was not shivering simply because of that oppressive might he felt earlier. More than that, it was because he was feeling fear from the bottom of his heart.

That person earlier was an Exalted-level expert, someone capable of drowning him with a single spit, someone capable of shattering his soul with a single thought.

Chu Feng possessed an existence like that behind him. Yet, he actually had the delusion of taking care of Chu Feng earlier. He was simply too foolish, too overwhelmingly foolish.

Zhao Kuangfengyi incessantly began to curse at himself for how foolish he was in his heart. With how talented Chu Feng was and how many techniques he had grasped, how could he not possess any backing?

Zhao Kuangfengyi felt so much regret that his intestines turned green. He was loathing himself for how careless he had been, so careless to think that Chu Feng had no backing, and nearly losing his life because of it

While the crowd were all panic-stricken, Elder Xingyi started to ponder.

If Chu Feng possessed such a powerful backer, why would he seek his help; why would he want him to accompany him to the Ghost Sect Hall’s Grand Auction Assembly?

Was Chu Feng deliberately pretending that he didn’t possess a backer?

Or could it be that Chu Feng truly had no idea that he possessed an Exalted-level existence who was secretly protecting him from the shadows?

Regardless, what happened had caused Elder Xingyi to have a whole new level of acknowledgement toward Chu Feng.

At the moment when all of those grand characters outside the Inheritance Cave were scared pale with fear and making a firm resolution in their hearts to never attempt to do anything to Chu Feng again, the younger generations present inside the Inheritance Cave were all feeling extremely delighted as they moved from one Inheritance Site to another.

Before entering them, they had had no idea what was in there. However, upon entering them, they discovered that the contents of the Inheritance Sites were truly no small matter this time around. It must be said that this was a sort of compliment for them.

That said, it was human nature for one to not know how to be grateful. For example, those two Starfall Holy Land's male disciples were like that.

When they discovered that the Inheritance Sites that which they'd entered possessed large amounts of treasures, they began to think about what sort of inheritance Chu Feng had obtained from that Legacy Inheritance.

They were certain that what Chu Feng had obtained was most definitely much greater and simply incomparable to what they'd obtained.

When they thought of this, they started to feel with even greater certainty that they must not let Chu Feng get away with it. When even they were feeling this way, what would their Starfall Holy Land's elders be feeling?

When they thought of this, they suddenly came to a realization. They felt that their Lord Supreme Elder would definitely not let Chu Feng get away, that he was deliberately appeasing Chu Feng earlier so as to lure him out.

When they thought of this, they immediately started feeling much more at ease. When they looked at Chu Feng again, a glint of coldness was present in their gazes.

They thought to themselves, ‘Just you continue to act arrogant. Once you get out, you'll come to suffer.'

When even these two blockheads were capable of thinking that there would be dangers for Chu Feng outside, how could Chu Feng possibly not have thought of that?

Chu Feng already secretly held his Evil God Sword in his hand. At the same time, Chu Feng had also concealed one of the powerful concealment talismans within his cuff.

Finally, the Starfall Holy Land and the Nine Profound Sect's disciples obtained all of the inheritances.


At this moment, the Inheritance Cave started to tremble violently.

At that moment, cracks began to appear in both the ground and the sky. Furthermore, they were expanding nonstop.