Chapter 2881 - The Appearance Of The Queen

Chapter 2881 - The Appearance Of The Queen

“They all say that the Inheritance Sites differ according to the people it encounters. Seeing it today, that truly seems to be the case.”

“That’s right. This Inheritance Site that only Asura World Spirits can unlock has evidently been prepared precisely for brother Zhao’s grandson.”

At that moment, the people outside the Inheritance Cave had also noticed the Inheritance Site. They began to discuss it among themselves spiritedly. As they spoke, they even deliberately glanced at Zhao Kuangfengyi.

Zhao Kuangfengyi had a pleased expression on his aged face. After all, this had revealed that his grandson was truly extraordinary and unmatched.

Before the focus of the crowd’s attention, Asura Zhao Kun opened his World Spirit Gate. Soon, a world spirit walked out from it.

“So that’s an Asura World Spirit?”

Upon seeing the world spirit that walked out from the World Spirit Gate, many people were very astonished.

The reason for that was because that world spirit was truly different from what they had imagined.

That world spirit was a male. His appearance was practically no different from humans. He was not very tall, and not very handsome. However, he emitted a very distinguished air. He was wearing white clothes and holding a folding fan.

The way he dressed was simply that of a playboy.

As for his cultivation, it was not very strong either. He was only a rank nine Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, one could not sense any trace of fierceness or sense any killing intent from him.

In fact, when he saw Xia Yun’er, his eyes immediately started shining, and were fixed onto her.

How could that world spirit possibly resemble the fierce and fiendish Asura World Spirits that people had imagined?

He was simply an ordinary-looking and ordinary-powered pervert.

“Eggy, it turns out that not all Asura World Spirits are as outstanding as you.”

At the moment when the crowd was astonished, Chu Feng was also very surprised.

Merely, Chu Feng’s surprise differed from that of the others. Chu Feng was able to determine with certainty that that world spirit was indeed from the Asura Spirit World.

Merely, knowing only of Eggy and Xue Ji, Chu Feng had thought that the world spirits from the Asura Spirit World were all beautiful men and women.

When they were quiet, the men would be akin to gods, and the women akin to goddesses. When they were angry, they would become demons and tyrants.

However, that Zhao Kun’s Asura World Spirit had shattered the impression Chu Feng held.

“Ignorant. Of course not everyone would be as outstanding as this Queen.”

Her Lady Queen raised her head proudly.

Compared to that Asura World Spirit, Her Lady Queen was truly unfathomably brilliant by comparison.


Right at that moment, with a sudden thought from that Asura World Spirit, dark black gaseous flames started pouring out of his body.

At that moment, the aura specific to Asura World Spirits was completely unleashed..

“This sensation?”

At that moment, not to mention the disciples from the Nine Profound Sect and the Starfall Holy Land, even Xia Yun’er’s expression had changed.

Even though Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit was not very powerful cultivation-wise, his aura was truly extraordinary. It was an indescribable sort of sensation.

If they must describe it, it was a sort of aura one would be fearful of. Like the devil, that aura would cause one to lose one’s gall.

After that Asura World Spirit unleashed that frightening aura, the crowd believed that it was indeed a world spirit from the Asura Spirit World.

At that moment, both that Asura World Spirit and Asura Zhao Kun revealed a proud smile on their faces.

It could be seen that the Asura World Spirit had deliberately unleashed its aura. It was doing that to prove its strength to the crowd present.

“Yan Xiao, you can begin. Do not waste everyone’s time,” Asura Zhao Kun said.

“Don’t be so anxious. Even if I am to make you wait, I wouldn’t possibly make all the beauties present wait.”

That Asura World Spirit by the name of Yan Xiao swept his eyes over Xia Yun’er and the other females present as he spoke. He did not even spare Liangqiu Lanyue and Liangqiu Hongyue, even though they were wearing masks.

After running his eyes over the beauties present, that Yan Xiao walked over to the Inheritance Site. With a thought, his aura specific to Asura World Spirits turned into black gaseous flames and started flowing into the center of that wheel.


After the gaseous flames were instilled into the wheel, the wheel started spinning even faster. The entire Inheritance Site started to shine with bright light.

Seeing this, the disciples from the Starfall Holy Land immediately revealed overjoyed expressions.

Even though it was also the first time that they’d been there, they knew very well that this was a sign that the Inheritance Site was about to open.

Asura Zhao Kun was a world spiritist invited by them. If he was to successfully open the Inheritance Site, this first Inheritance Site would belong to them. As such, how could they not be overjoyed?

However, the opening that they anticipated did not arrive as planned. Instead, the dazzling light started to dim. Even the speed of the spinning wheel started to slow down.

Even though that Yan Xiao was still instilling his Asura World Spirit’s aura into that wheel nonstop, it was to no avail.


Seeing this, the crowd looked to one another. As for Asura Zhao Kun, he revealed an embarrassed expression on his face.

“Yan Xiao, what is going on?” Asura Zhao Kun grew somewhat emotional.

Evidently, he was greatly embarrassed at this failure.

“Let me try again.”

As Yan Xiao spoke, he began to try again. In fact, he attempted many more times in succession.

He was no longer only using the aura specific to Asura World Spirits. In fact, he even started touching the Inheritance Site with his body, and even attacked the Inheritance Site.

However, no matter what he did, the Inheritance Site did not give the slightest response.

“Exactly what is going on here? This Inheritance Site is not something that can be opened merely by Asura World Spirits?” Someone asked.

“No, it’s written very clearly on it. This Inheritance Site can only be opened by Asura World Spirits. There is no mistake,” Liangqiu Lanyue said.

“What my big sister said is extremely correct,” Liangqiu Hongyue added.

Hearing those words, the crowd were all puzzled.

The words spoken by Liangqiu Lanyue and Liangqiu Hongyue possessed great authority.

However, if they were not mistaken in their comprehension, then why would the Inheritance Site not open?

“If you all do not mind, I will consult my grandfather,” Asura Zhao Kun said.

Hearing those words, the crowd reacted as if they’d seen hope.

That’s right, they were no longer struggling without support. Zhao Kuangfengyi’s spirit formation was connected to the outside.

They were not unable to obtain guidance from Zhao Kuangfengyi.

However, it remained that this was a competition to unlock Inheritance Sites. If Asura Zhao Kun wanted to consult Zhao Kuangfengyi, he must first receive consent from the Nine Profound Sect’s disciples.

“Since we all have no idea how to open the Inheritance Site, let’s just consult Senior Zhao about it,” the Nine Profound Sect’s disciples said.

Hearing those words, Zhao Kuangfengyi, who was outside the Inheritance Site, started to frown.

He had been observing the situation the entire time. However, what he had managed to deduce was the same as what Chu Feng and others had managed to deduce.

That Inheritance Site could only be opened by an Asura World Spirit. There was no alternative apart from that.

Thus, if the people of the younger generation inside were to truly consult him, he would have no feasible suggestions either.

Should that happen, he would be placed in an embarrassing state.

“How about you all allow me to try?”

Right at that moment, inside the Inheritance Site, Chu Feng suddenly spoke.

“What? You want to try?”

Hearing those words, Asura Zhao Kun’s expression immediately changed. Then, with a mocking tone, he said, “Chu Feng, can’t you tell that this Inheritance Site can only be opened by Asura World Spirits?”

“I can tell,” Chu Feng said.

“If you can, then why are you still wanting to try? Are you not stirring up trouble?” Asura Zhao Kun immediately narrowed his brows.

In fact, it was not only Asura Zhao Kun that was confused. The others present were also confused.

This Inheritance Site could only be unlocked by Asura World Spirits. Even if Chu Feng were to attempt to open it, he would not be able to do anything. Yet, he insisted on trying. This was indeed no different from deliberately stirring up trouble.


Right at that moment, with a thought from Chu Feng, a World Spirit Gate opened beside him.

The next moment, boundless dark black gaseous flames emerged prominently from that World Spirit Gate.

At the same time as the set of black gaseous flames, an exceptionally beautiful figure walked out of the World Spirit Gate.

That person was simply stiflingly beautiful.

Even a beauty like Xia Yun’er dimmed greatly by comparison.

Being offset by the dark black gaseous flames, that beauty looked both mysterious and dangerous. Immediately, she caught the attention of everyone present.

Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm.

“This sensation, it’s an Asura World Spirit!”

Once that cry was heard, a huge commotion was immediately raised. It woke up all the startled crowd.

That’s right, wasn’t this aura the aura specific to Asura World Spirits?

Furthermore, that aura was many times more intense than the aura emitted by Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit.

At that moment, the crowd present all uttered the same question at practically the same time.

“Chu Feng, you’re also an Asura World Spiritist?”