Chapter 2882 - The Furious Chu Feng

Chapter 2882 - The Furious Chu Feng

Both inside and outside the Inheritance Cave, all gazes were focused on Chu Feng.

Both the people of the older generation and those from the younger generation revealed the same sort of expression in their gaze.

Amazement, surprise, disbelief, and a great amount of shock.

After all, the title of an Asura World Spiritist was extremely amazing.

There was no need to doubt how strong Chu Feng’s talent in martial cultivation was.

The strength of his world spirit techniques was also revealed when he sparred against the Liangqiu sisters.

If he were to gain the title of an Asura World Spiritist on top of that, it would truly be a grand matter. Likely, the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm would burst into an uproar.

At the moment when the crowd were all longing for an answer, Chu Feng smiled lightly and said, “I’ve never said that I wasn't an Asura World Spiritist.”


Once Chu Feng said those words, the crowd all sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Even though they already had the answer in their hearts, their heartbeat still accelerated upon hearing Chu Feng admitting to it himself.

In terms of martial cultivation, Chu Feng had grasped heaven-defying secret skills, and was trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

In terms of world spirit techniques, he was actually an Asura World Spiritist. To gather such great accomplishments on a single person, it would not be excessive to declare Chu Feng as perfect.

At that moment, the gazes with which people of the younger generation in the Inheritance Cave looked to Chu Feng had all changed.

It was not only those two Starfall Holy Land’s male disciples that started to look to Chu Feng with reverence in their eyes; even the Nine Profound Sect’s disciples were looking at Chu Feng with reverence in their eyes.

In fact, it was not only them. The elders outside the Inheritance Cave were also looking at Chu Feng with changed expressions in their eyes.

It was not that they were making a huge fuss about nothing. Rather, a member of the younger generation as capable as Chu Feng was simply someone that they had to attach importance to.

“Chu Feng, what is the meaning of this?”

“Are you trying to show off that you’re also an Asura World Spiritist?”

At that moment when the crowd were all astonished, a very displeased voice suddenly sounded.

It was Asura Zhao Kun.

Asura Zhao Kun had a face filled with grievance. Evidently, in addition to being greatly shocked, Asura Zhao Kun was more displeased at finding out that Chu Feng was also an Asura World Spiritist.

Because of that, he immediately declared Chu Feng to be deliberately showing off.

It must be said that Asura Zhao Kun was very despicable and treacherous.

After all, after he declared such a thing, the crowd would start to guess the reason as to why Chu Feng revealed his identity as an Asura World Spiritist at that moment.

“I merely want to open the first Inheritance Site faster. After all, only by opening the first Inheritance Site will the puzzle for the second Inheritance Site reveal itself,” Chu Feng said.

“Open the Inheritance Site? What matters the most right now is to find the method to open the Inheritance Site, and not for you to summon your Asura World Spirit.”

“If summoning an Asura World Spirit would be enough to open the Inheritance Site, there would be no need for you at all. My Asura World Spirit would’ve already opened the Inheritance Site,” Asura Zhao Kun said.

“Shut up!”

Right at that moment, a sharp shout was heard.

Perhaps because that voice sounded too suddenly, it startled the unprepared Asura Zhao Kun.

The next moment, the crowd all turned their gaze toward Her Lady Queen.

The reason for that was because that sharp shout was uttered by none other than Her Lady Queen.

At that moment, Her Lady Queen was staring at Asura Zhao Kun with her beautiful eyes.

Had it been others, they would be definitely extremely excited to the point of dying after being stared at by a beauty like her.

However, Asura Zhao Kun was feeling uneasy all over. The reason for that was because he felt fear from Her Lady Queen’s eyes.

But, why would he be afraid? She was only a rank nine Martial Ancestor. Her level of cultivation was the same as his own world spirit.

As for him, he was, no matter what, a True Immortal. Why would he be afraid of a mere rank nine Martial Ancestor-level world spirit?

When he thought of that, Asura Zhao Kun started gaining confidence again. He was planning to lash out at Her Lady Queen.

However, right at that moment, Her Lady Queen’s lily-white hand suddenly streaked across the air in a graceful arc.

With that, a strand of dark black gaseous flames was commanded by Her Lady Queen and instilled into the wheel in the center of the first Inheritance Site.

“It’s useless. My world spirit has already attempted that. That’s simply useless.”

Seeing Her Lady Queen attempting to unlock the first Inheritance Site right away, and doing so in the same manner as his world spirit, Asura Zhao Kun revealed a mocking smile on his face.

In fact, it was not only him who was thinking this way. Practically everyone was thinking this way.

For something that had been attempted before, no matter how many times one attempted it again, it would remain ineffective.

If it works, then it works. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. This was irreversible.


Right at that moment, the first Inheritance Site started to shine brightly. The next moment, the tightly-closed gate started opening.

“It actually worked?!”

Seeing the gate of the Inheritance Site opening, the people of the younger generation all opened their eyes wide with disbelief.

What was going on? Why would Chu Feng’s world spirit be able to so easily open what Asura Zhao Kun’s world spirit failed to open?

However, in terms of being astonished, the person that was the most astonished would be none other than Asura Zhao Kun.

“What did you do?!” Asura Zhao Kun asked Her Lady Queen.

He felt that Her Lady Queen had most definitely used some sort of special method. Otherwise, she couldn’t possibly open the Inheritance Site.

“You are not qualified to speak with this Queen.”

As Her Lady Queen spoke, she cast a gaze of contempt at Asura Zhao Kun.

Her Lady Queen’s gaze was not as simple as merely that of contempt. She simply did not consider Asura Zhao Kun a person. In fact, in Her Lady Queen’s eyes, Asura Zhao Kun was inferior to even animals.

As for Asura Zhao Kun, he was an extremely proud and arrogant individual. As such, how could he possibly tolerate someone looking at him with such contempt?

Thus, when he felt the gaze of contempt from Her Lady Queen, the anger in his heart immediately exploded like a volcanic eruption.

He raised his hand, and boundless Immortal-level martial power emerged from his body.

At the same time, he shouted at Her Lady Queen, “You, a mere world spirit, dare to speak to me in such a manner?! Today, I will teach you a proper lesson on behalf of Chu Feng!”



However, right after Asura Zhao Kun said those words, before he could even do anything, a strong martial power engulfed him like a flood.

That martial power was surging and raging about like a violent flood.

Due to the fact that it had appeared too suddenly, the crowd were all startled. Even Her Lady Queen’s expression changed.

When that martial power dispersed, Asura Zhao Kun was already blown several thousand meters away. At that moment, there was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. His long hair was completely disheveled. He was lying on the ground with shattered clothes. His appearance like that of a beggar.

Although he was not seriously injured, he was left in a very sorry state.

Asura Zhao Kun had always been a very proud individual. As such, how could he tolerate being attacked by someone?

He immediately pointed his finger at Chu Feng, and was about to lash out at him. The reason for that was because the person that had attacked him was none other than Chu Feng.

However, when he saw Chu Feng, he was immediately petrified.

The reason for that was because lightning was surging in Chu Feng’s eyes. On his forehead was the character ‘Divine’, formed with lightning.

Not only that, but a golden-bright and dazzling giant sword was floating above Chu Feng. It was the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

However, the reason why Asura Zhao Kun was petrified was not because of those. Rather, he was petrified upon seeing Chu Feng’s fiendish gaze and feeling his surging killing intent.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Seeing that Chu Feng had actually unleashed killing intent, Xia Yun’er’s expression changed.

She had known Chu Feng for a while now. However, this was the first time she had seen Chu Feng react like this.

Xia Yun’er was a seasoned veteran. Thus, she knew that Chu Feng’s killing intent was most definitely not a joke. She feared that Chu Feng would really end up killing Asura Zhao Kun.

“Chu Feng, do not be impetuous.”

Even though she was feeling extremely confused, Xia Yun’er instinctively spoke to dissuade Chu Feng from his urges.

After all, both Chu Feng and Asura Zhao Kun were helpers requested by their Starfall Holy Land. She did not wish for any sort of disagreement to happen here.

However, Chu Feng reacted as if he did not hear Xia Yun’er’s words at all.

Chu Feng’s gaze was fixed onto Asura Zhao Kun the entire time. One word at a time, using a very fierce tone, Chu Feng said, “If you dare attempt to attack her again, I will end your life here.”