Chapter 2880 - Shocking Everyone

Chapter 2880 - Shocking Everyone

Soon, the fifth Inheritance Site appeared before the crowd’s watchful gazes.

However, to the crowd’s astonishment, after the fifth Inheritance Site appeared, the space behind the fifth Inheritance Site was actually trembling and emitting light.

“Heavens! There’s a sixth Inheritance Site?!”

At that moment, it was no longer only the Starfall Holy Land’s elders that were astonished; even the Nine Profound Sect’s elders were unable to keep calm.

Their expressions had all changed.

One should know that the ten individuals that set the record of five Inheritance Sites not only became grand characters in the Starfall Holy Land, but also became grand characters in the Nine Profound Sect.

Those five grand characters became existences that pushed their Nine Profound Sect to an unprecedented height.

Because of that, the record of five Inheritance Sites was something that the Nine Profound Sect was immensely proud of.

If that record was truly broken, it would most definitely not be something that the Nine Profound Sect would wish to witness. They did not want that record to be broken.

However, this was not something that they could control. The ones that would be able to control this were the people inside the Inheritance Activation Formation, Chu Feng, Xia Yun’er, Liangqiu Lanyue, Liangqiu Qiuhong and the others.


At the moment when the elders from the Nine Profound Sect were all on edge, rumbles could be heard. As the rumbles sounded, the sixth Inheritance Site finally appeared.

However, the sixth Inheritance Site that shattered the previous record was still not the end.

After the sixth Inheritance Site appeared, a seventh, eighth and ninth Inheritance Site started appearing in succession.

In the end, Chu Feng and the others managed to activate nine Inheritance Sites.

That ninth Inheritance Site in particular was a never-before-seen existence.

The reason for that was because the ninth Inheritance Site was ten times larger than the other Inheritance Sites.

Not only did it possess an enormous size, but it was also filled with mysterious colors. It was an Inheritance Site like no other.

Through their years of experience, the crowd was able to tell the different functions of the Inheritance Sites through the differences in their appearances.

Of the nine Inheritance Sites that’d been activated at that moment, two of them were World Spirit Inheritance Sites. Those Inheritance Sites contained source energies that could increase the strength of one’s world spirits.

Three were Immortal Technique Inheritance Sites. Contained within them were Immortal Techniques.

The other three were Spirit Formation Inheritance Sites. Contained within them were world spirit formations.

However, the crowd had no idea what was contained inside the ninth Inheritance Site.


At the moment when the crowd were all confused, blue light emerged from the top of the ninth Inheritance Site.

As the blue light scattered, it was a truly dazzling sight. However, after the blue light scattered, two large words appeared.

‘Legacy Inheritance!!!’

“Legacy Inheritance?”

Seeing those two words, even the elders were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

Legacy Inheritance, the meaning of those two words was truly no small matter.

It was simply saying that the contents of the other Inheritance Sites were all minor matters.

As for the contents of that Inheritance Site, it was the actual inheritance.

“Amazing! Grandmaster Liangqiu’s disciples are truly amazing!”

“Not only did they activate nine Inheritance Sites, but they actually managed to activate a never-before-seen Legacy Inheritance site!”

The elders were all exclaiming in astonishment. This was truly too shocking.

Suddenly, someone asked worriedly, “Legacy Inheritance, that is no small matter. What are we to do if Grandmaster Liangqiu’s disciples are to obtain it?” 

Hearing those words, the Starfall Holy Land’s elders and the Nine Profound Sect’s elders all revealed worried expressions.

The Inheritance Cave belonged to their Starfall Holy Land and Nine Profound Sect.

If that Legacy Inheritance truly contained some sort of extraordinary treasure, they would suffer enormously should it be obtained by Grandmaster Liangqiu’s two disciples.

After all, they were, in the end, outsiders.

“Worry not. Grandmaster Liangqiu is definitely not a petty person. If his disciples are to obtain benefits from the Legacy Inheritance, he will most likely return them to us.”

“Even if he doesn’t return them to us, he will most definitely compensate us with treasures. Thus, we do not have to worry about this.”

“Besides, if it wasn’t for Grandmaster Liangqiu’s two disciples, we might never have had the chance to witness this Legacy Inheritance Site. Say, am I not right?” The Nine Profound Sect’s silver-haired old man said.

“That’s true.”

Many people started to force a smile.

Before this, five Inheritance Sites was already the record. Furthermore, it was something set by ten extraordinary characters.

As for Nine Inheritance Sites?

Before this, they had never imagined such a thing before.

If they were to rely only on their Starfall Holy Land and Nine Profound Sect, they might never be able to accomplish this feat of Nine Inheritance Sites appearing.

Thinking of that, the elders managed to calm themselves a lot.

However, intentionally or otherwise, they had overlooked Chu Feng.

They all felt that even if someone were to obtain that Legacy Inheritance, it would be Grandmaster Liangqiu’s two disciples. No one thought of Chu Feng at all.

This wasn’t their fault. After all, Grandmaster Liangqiu was simply too famous. Even though Chu Feng had defeated Grandmaster Liangqiu’s two disciples in their sparring earlier, the crowd did not think Chu Feng to be stronger than Grandmaster Liangqiu’s two disciples.

After all, offensive and defensive formations could not represent the true capabilities of a world spiritist.


“Legacy Inheritance, what is that?”

Meanwhile, Chu Feng and the others had left the Inheritance Activation Formation and arrived before the ninth Inheritance Site.

That Inheritance Site was simply too eye-catching. Compared to the other eight Inheritance Sites, practically everyone was more interested in that one.

From the expression in their eyes, it could be determined that they all wanted to enter that Inheritance Site.

After all, the name ‘Legacy Inheritance’ had already revealed to them how extraordinary the Inheritance Site was.

Who would not wish to obtain treasures worthy of being called a Legacy Inheritance?


Right at that moment, the first Inheritance Site started to shine brightly.

“I’ve heard that the puzzles of the Inheritance Sites will appear in sequence. Furthermore, only when the puzzle appears will one be able to start deciphering it. Seeing things now, that would appear to be the case,” Liangqiu Hongyue said.

After she finished saying those words, Liangqiu Hongyue looked to Chu Feng. She said, “Come, let me witness your abilities.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng revealed a smile. However, Asura Zhao Kun was displeased.

He was originally the Starfall Holy Land’s representative. However now, the status that was originally his had been taken by Chu Feng. Furthermore, he was outshined now, while Liangqiu Hongyue simply did not place him in her eyes at all.

In this sort of situation, Asura Zhao Kun made a firm resolution in his heart.

He was determined to prove himself. Only by opening an Inheritance Site first would he be able to prove to everyone that he, Asura Zhao Kun, was stronger than Chu Feng.

Under those circumstances, Asura Zhao Kun’s fighting spirit became extremely ample.

The crowd arrived before the first Inheritance Site. The wheel in the center of the Inheritance Site was already spinning. The spinning runes and symbols formed a puzzle.

Upon seeing the puzzle, everyone present, with the exception of Chu Feng, were all surprised.

Then, they turned their complicated gazes to Asura Zhao Kun.

As for Asura Zhao Kun, he was overjoyed at this turn of events.

After sensing the gazes of the crowd, he became even more pleased.

He said with a smile on his face, “It would appear that I must be the one to open the first Inheritance Site.”

Asura Zhao Kun was most definitely not spouting nonsense.

The reason for that was because the first Inheritance Site was simply too easy, so easy that everyone knew how to solve it.

However, the others were unable to solve it even though they knew how. Only Asura Zhao Kun was able to solve it.

The reason for that was because the first Inheritance Site was something only an Asura World Spirit could open.