Chapter 2868 - Arrival Of A Grand Character

Chapter 2868 - Arrival Of A Grand Character

“What’s this? Could it be that you’re unwilling to join hands with me?”

“Very well, if you don’t want to do so, so be it. Even without your Yuwen City, I, Han Ruoxiu, will still be able to eliminate that Chu Feng.”

Seeing the moment of hesitation from the Yuwen City City Master, the furious Swordking City City Master turned his anger on him.

“So be it then. If our Yuwen City wanted to take care of a mere Chu Feng, was there even a need for your Swordking City’s interference?”

“What did you think your Swordking City was?”

Right at that moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded from the within the palace hall.


Once those words were spoken, a boundless oppressive might was emitted from the Swordking City City Master.

That powerful oppressive might immediately oppressed everyone from Yuwen City, causing them to reveal painful expressions. Even the Yuwen City City Master was unable to withstand the powerful oppressive might from the Swordking City City Master.

“Yuwen City, what nerves you have to speak with me in such a manner!”

The Swordking City City Master ran his eyes fiercely across the Yuwen City crowd. Killing intent was revealed in his eyes.

At that moment, the people from Yuwen City were all extremely terrified. After all, the Swordking City City Master was currently angry to begin with. To provoke him at such a time was truly courting death. He might even kill them.

“Who is the impudent person that dares say such shamelessly boastful words?! Quickly show yourself, and apologize to City Master Han!” A craven and cowardly old man from Yuwen City shouted.

“You dare ask this old man to apologize a mere Han Ruoxiu? No one in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm dares to talk to this old man in such a manner!”

At that moment, that aged voice was heard once again. This time around, that voice contained a trace of anger.

After his voice was heard, a ‘bang’ rang out. That craven and cowardly old man from Yuwen City had exploded and died.


Such an unforeseen event immediately caused the crowd to reveal changes in their expressions. Then, their hair began to stand on end.

This included the Swordking City City Master. He also felt slightly uneasy.

It was only at that moment that they realized that the voice that had spoken earlier was not spoken by anyone present here.

Furthermore, when the person who spoke killed that old man, not even the Swordking City City Master managed to sense the attack.

This meant that the person that had killed the old man and spoken earlier was stronger than the Swordking City City Master.

At that moment, the Yuwen City City Master was the one to react first.

With a ‘putt,’ he knelt to the ground and began to kowtow respectfully.

Then, with tears and snot, he said, “Master, it’s you, right? You’ve finally returned. Your disciple has waited bitterly for your return.”

“What? It’s Lord City Master’s master?”

At that moment, the people from Yuwen City were all shocked.

As for the Swordking City City Master, he was so scared that he immediately retrieved his oppressive might.

The Swordking City City Master reacted as if he had forgotten about the anger originating from his son’s cultivation being crippled and his city’s inherited secret skill being seized. With a deathly pale complexion on his face, he stood there quietly, and did not even dare to breathe heavily.

The arrogance that he had displayed earlier had vanished completely.

It was not that he was a coward. Rather, it was because the Yuwen City City Master had enjoyed some dog shit luck and managed to become the disciple of an extraordinary character.

As for that person, his name was Yuwen Huazang.

That Yuwen Huazang was a top character in the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

He was an existence that could drink and converse alongside the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Ruler, the Paradise Valley’s Valley Master, the Dao Imperial Palace’s Palace Master and the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master.

Although he was someone that did not belong to any power, he was so strong that not even the Starfall Holy Land was willing to offend him.

However, many years ago, Yuwen Huazang had left for other Upper Realms, and all contact with him had been lost ever since. Because of that, many people thought that he had already died.

Could it be that he was still alive?

If he was truly still alive, Yuwen City would likely undergo a massive change in status.

If Yuwen Huazang were to back Yuwen City, apart from the Chu Heavenly Clan, who else in the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm would possibly dare to touch Yuwen City?

“My disciple, stand up now.”

Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared before the Yuwen City City Master and helped him up.

He was a white-haired old man. His height was not very tall, but he possessed a very fierce-looking face.

His head of white hair and his clothes were fluttering automatically even without wind blowing in them. If one were to look carefully at him, one would notice that his body was emitting a faint white light. It was as if he were a celestial immortal.

As for that old man, he was the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s renowned Yuwen Huazang.

“This disciple pays his respects to master,” the Yuwen City City Master was immediately overjoyed upon seeing his master. He hurriedly kneeled once more.

“We pay our respects to Lord Yuwen.”

The others from Yuwen City, and even the Swordking City City Master, all kneeled down before Yuwen Huazang as well.

At that moment, the Swordking City City Master was truly scared. Not only was his complexion deathly pale, but he was also sweating profusely. In fact, even though he was clearly kneeling on the ground, one could still see distinctively that his body was trembling.

“Han Rouxiu, you little brat, your temper has gotten worse.”

“I clearly remember you winding around our Yanhong all day long and following his every order when I was here.”

“What’s this now? You’re starting to act like a big brother now?”

Yuwen Huazang turned his ice-cold gaze toward the Swordking City City Master.

“Milord, I was wrong. This lowly one has forgotten his standing. Milord, please punish me, please punish me,” the Swordking City City Master started kowtowing ferociously as he begged.

The floor that was composed of special materials and infused with spirit formations was actually shattered by his forehead knocking onto it repeatedly.

He was truly decisive. There was no trace of dignity to be seen. He had chosen the lowest method of apology.

“Forget about it. You’re but a person of the younger generation. Why would I lower myself to argue with you? I merely hope that you will be able to retain some memories. We are all family, why act so unreasonable? Wasn’t it that Chu Feng that crippled your son?” Yuwen Huazang said.

“Yes, what Lord Yuwen says is very correct. I was foolish. I was foolish,” the Swordking City City Master said.

“You can all rise,” Yuwen Huazang waved his sleeve, and a strong gale swept forth, lifting everyone that was kneeling back onto their feet.

At that moment, the Swordking City City Master was wiping away the sweat on his face. He was overjoyed at having dodged a calamity.

He knew very well what sort of character that Yuwen Huazang was. He was extremely ruthless.

He had acted so impudently before Yuwen Huazang. Yet, he had actually managed to luckily live to see another day. With this, how could he not rejoice?