Chapter 2867 - Change In Attitude

Chapter 2867 - Change In Attitude

“How could your master not know how serious this matter is? However, since Song Yunfei decided to court a rebuff and insisted on forcing me to make a choice, I had no choice but to relinquish him and choose Chu Feng,” Old Man Gui Chou said.

“Master, this disciple is still confused. I hope master can explain things to me,” Ghosteye Boy said.

“I saw Chu Xuanyuan’s reflection in Chu Feng,” Old Man Gui Chou said.

“Chu Xuanyuan?” Hearing that name, not only Ghosteye Boy, but even the others from the Ghost Sect Hall revealed a change in their expressions.

The name Chu Xuanyuan was a taboo. Very few people of the current younger generation knew about Chu Xuanyuan.

However, Old Man Gui Chou frequently mentioned stories of Chu Xuanyuan to Ghosteye Boy.

Thus, Ghosteye Boy knew very well what sort of character Chu Xuanyuan was.

“Is Chu Feng truly that powerful?” Ghosteye Boy asked.

“The way I see it, yes,” Old Man Gui Chou said.

“Master, in that case, do you think that Chu Feng is Chu Xuanyuan’s son?” Ghosteye Boy asked.

“With how talented he is, he is destined to accomplish great things. Whether or not he is Chu Xuanyuan’s son is no longer important.”

“What’s important is that a lot of people still don’t realize how frightening Chu Feng’s potential is.”

“He is a True Dragon that has yet to awaken. We must properly befriend him before he awakens.”

“Even if we are to only manage to obtain a slightly favorable impression from him, we will only profit when he awakens and soars to the Ninth Heaven.”

“As for those people that have made themselves enemies of Chu Feng, those people that want to strangle him before his awakening, they have dug their own graves. Sooner or later, they will end up regretting it,” Old Man Gui Chou said.

“Let me ask, is such a Chu Feng worthy enough for us to break off our relationship with Song Yunfei?” Old Man Gui Chou looked to Ghosteye Boy.

“The way this disciple sees it, if Chu Feng really possesses that sort of potential, then not to mention Song Yunfei, even if we are to break off relationships with the entire Starfall Holy Land, it would all be worth it,” Ghosteye Boy said.

“Haha,” Old Man Gui Chou laughed heartily.

Perhaps he was feeling happy because his disciple had approved of his decision.

Or perhaps he was feeling happy purely because of his own decision.

Regardless, that laughter of his originated from the bottom of his heart.


Time passed very quickly. Information was also spreading very quickly.

In Yuwen City's grand palace hall. The Yuwen City City Master, as well as Yuwen City's management elders, were all present.

Standing apart from them was a guest. It was a stern-faced man. However, he was emitting an extraordinary aura. This man was very powerful.

Even though this place was clearly Yuwen City territory, all of the people present, including the Yuwen City City Master, were afraid of that man.

As for that man, he was the Swordking City's City Master, Han Ruoxiu.

"Brother Han, our Yuwen City has always enjoyed a friendly relationship with your Swordking City. Furthermore, the two of us have known one another for many years. Tingyi is your nephew, are you really not willing to do anything this time around?" The Yuwen City City Master said to Han Ruoxiu with a nearly pleading tone.

"Our Swordking City will definitely not sit and watch but remain indifferent. However, it has yet to reach a point for me to act."

"Brother Yanhong, I'm not trying to lecture you here. However, one should allow the people of the younger generation to settle conflicts among the younger generation. If we are to involve ourselves in this, we will only be ridiculed by others."

"However, you don't have to worry about it either. Our Han Yu will definitely take care of that Chu Feng. He will not be able to live for long," The Swordking City City Master said with a very indifferent tone.

"But, that Chu Feng is definitely not to be trifled with. If we are to ignore him and let him grow, I fear that it would be extremely detrimental for us," The Yuwen City City Master said worriedly.

"I've said it already. Our Han Yu will take care of that Chu Feng," The Swordking City City Master became slightly annoyed.

Faced with this strong attitude from the Swordking City City Master, the Yuwen City City Master no longer dared to say anything else.

There was nothing they could do if the Swordking City City Master was unwilling to help.

Merely, when the Yuwen City City Master recalled the relationship that the two of them had, he felt rather disappointed.

"Lord City Master, this is bad, this is bad!"

Right at that moment, a person rushed in. That person was not someone from Yuwen City, but rather someone from Swordking City. He was a personal guard of the Swordking City City Master.

"What has happened? Why are you making such a huge fuss?!"

Seeing that his subordinate was panicking in such a manner before the people of Yuwen City, the Swordking City City Master immediately revealed a look of anger.

"Lord City Master, please have a look at this..."

That guard did not concern himself with the mood of the Swordking City City Master. Instead, he handed a letter in his hand over to him.

Reading that letter, the expression of the Swordking City City Master immediately changed. Then, he abruptly shouted in rage.

"Chu Feng, I will end you!!!"

This sudden change caused the people from Yuwen City to look to one another. They were all confused.

However, they managed to guess that the matter was related to Chu Feng.

Curious, the people from Yuwen City all turned their gazes to that letter.

Upon seeing the letter, their hearts were also filled with complicated emotions. They could be said to be feeling both joyous and worried.

The reason for that was because that letter was from Qing Peng. The contents of the letter were naturally about the match between Chu Feng and Han Yu, and how Han Yu's cultivation was crippled, and his secret skill was seized by Chu Feng.

The reason why the people from Yuwen City were feeling joyous was because they knew that Chu Feng's actions had completely provoked the Swordking City City Master. After all, Han Yu was his biological son.

To have one's own son's cultivation be crippled, to have one's city's inherited secret skill seized and offered to be publicly auctioned, this was something that no one could tolerate. This time around, there was simply no need for the people of the Yuwen City to plead to the Swordking City City's Master, as he would definitely not let Chu Feng get away.

However, the people from Yuwen City were also very worried. The reason for that was because the speed of Chu Feng's growth was simply too fast. Furthermore, Qing Peng was originally capable of killing Chu Feng. However, he was blocked by the Starfall Holy Land's Elder Xingyi.

This meant that there was already some sort of unknown relationship between Chu Feng and the Starfall Holy Land.

If the Starfall Holy Land insisted on protecting Chu Feng, even if Yuwen City and Swordking City were to join hands, they would still not be able to do anything to Chu Feng.

After all, a colossus like the Starfall Holy Land was not something that they could afford to provoke.

At the moment when the Yuwen City City Master was worried and pondering things, the Swordking City City Master suddenly spoke.

"I agree to work together with you all. In the Ghost Sect Hall's Auction Convention, we will eliminate that Chu Feng together."

At that moment, the Yuwen City City Master felt somewhat helpless.

He had known the Swordking City City Master for many years. Yet, he was unwilling to join hands with him to take care of Chu Feng even after he begged him.

Yet now, he had such a massive change in attitude. However, that change in attitude was completely unrelated to his request. Rather, it was only because Chu Feng had provoked him.

Because of this, the Yuwen City City Master was feeling very upset.