Chapter 2869 - Gaze Of Contempt

Chapter 2869 - Gaze Of Contempt

After everyone stood up, Yuwen Huazang discovered that the Yuwen City City Master was still kneeling.

Not only was the Yuwen City City master still kneeling, but he was also crying tears like rain. He no longer revealed the impressiveness and authority of a city master. Instead, he resembled a child that had been bullied because his parents weren’t home. He was crying so hard and filled with grievance.

“Oh Yanhong, it would appear that you’ve suffered enormous hardships during the days when master wasn’t here,” Yuwen Huazang once again helped the Yuwen City City Master stand back up.

“Master, this disciple is not afraid of suffering hardships. But, Tingyi and Hualong…”

“Say no more. I know about this already.”

“It’s alright. Since I, Yuwen Huazang, have returned, I will have everyone remember my name, the name of Yuwen Huazang.”

“Isn’t that Chu Feng going to participate in the Ghost Sect Hall’s Great Auction Convention?”

“That is the perfect opportunity. I will have everyone remember my name, the name of Yuwen Huazang, at the Ghost Sect Hall’s Great Auction Convention,” Yuwen Huazang spoke with a very dull tone. However, his voice was extremely domineering.

Hearing what Yuwen Huazang said, not a single person felt that he was boasting.

The reason for that was because Yuwen Huazang really did possess that sort of strength.


Meanwhile, after journeying for some time, Chu Feng and the others had arrived at Flat Mount Ravine.

However, they did not enter it directly. Instead, they started waiting at a special location.

“Are we waiting for people from the Nine Profound Sect?” Chu Feng asked.

“No, we’re waiting for people from our Starfall Holy Land,” Xia Yun’er said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, we merely need to wait a short moment. They will arrive soon. At the same time, they will also bring over the reward that you’ve requested,” Elder Xingyi said.

Elder Xingyi was truly a man with extensive knowledge that had lived for many years. He was truly shrewd.

With merely one sentence, merely by telling Chu Feng that the reward he requested would arrive with the people from the Starfall Holy Land, they would not have to worry about Chu Feng’s worries anymore.

After all, only those things in one’s possession would be one’s own. Chu Feng would naturally want to obtain those weaponry refinement materials as soon as possible.

Sure enough, not long after, over a dozen figures arrived from the sky.

The great majority of them were people from the Starfall Holy Land. Among them was an old man with red hair. He was the strongest among them.

In fact, Chu Feng was able to faintly feel that that red-haired old man’s strength surpassed that of Elder Xingyi.

“We pay our respects to Lord Supreme Elder.”

Sure enough, after that red-haired old man arrived, even Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er immediately and courteously greeted him.

That red-haired old man merely nodded his head. He did not even say anything.

This was the first time Chu Feng had witnessed someone from the Starfall Holy Land that actually disregarded Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er.

That being said, Chu Feng had caught the attention of that red-haired old man. He took a somewhat displeased glance at Chu Feng and then asked Elder Xingyi, “He is that Chu Feng?”

“Lord Supreme Elder, he is indeed Chu Feng,” after reporting to Elder Xingyi, he hurriedly said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, this person here is one of our Starfall Holy Land’s thirteen Supreme Elders, Elder Tuoba.”

Chu Feng understood why Elder Xingyi was telling him this. He wanted Chu Feng to greet Elder Tuoba respectfully.

Truth be told, Chu Feng greatly disliked someone like Elder Tuoba. According to his own temperament, Chu Feng would definitely not greet Elder Tuoba respectfully. Even though he knew that Elder Tuoba possessed grand status and powerful strength, he would still not lower himself to pander to him.

However, since Elder Xingyi had spoken, Chu Feng had to give him some face. Thus, unwillingly, Chu Feng clasped his fist and bowed, “Junior Chu Feng pays his respects to Elder Tuoba.”

However, that Elder Tuoba did not even bother to pay attention to Chu Feng’s greeting. Instead, he signaled with his eyes at an attendant-like individual behind him.

“Elder Xingyi.”

After receiving Elder Tuoba’s signal, that attendant immediately moved over to Elder Xingyi and handed him a Cosmos Sack.

“While our Starfall Holy Land possesses countless such materials, it is not our habit to waste them like this.”

Hearing those words, Elder Xingyi’s expression turned slightly ugly. He laughed bitterly and said nothing.

As for Chu Feng, he was also able to tell the implication behind the words. That Elder Tuoba was simply looking down on him.

However, Chu Feng didn’t say anything either. He was someone hired by Elder Xingyi and Xia Yun’er. There was no need for him to concern himself with the opinion of someone like Elder Tuoba.

“What is that red-haired old lampstand trying to say?!”

“A waste?! What waste?! Is he implying that they’re hiring you to waste their resources?!”

“That motherfucker! Is he implying that by hiring that green-haired pretty boy, it is not a waste of their resources?!”

While Chu Feng was unaffected, Her Lady Queen was unable to tolerate it.

That ‘pretty boy’ Her Lady Queen was talking about had actually caught Chu Feng’s attention already.

It was mainly those from the Starfall Holy Land that had arrived together with Elder Tuoba. However, there were two exceptions.

One was a green-haired pretty boy. Like Chu Feng, he was also someone from the younger generation.

As for the other person, he was an old man with a face so frighteningly pale that there was no sign of color in it at all.

That old man was not someone to be trifled with. The reason for that was because he was wearing a world spiritist gown. Furthermore, it was an Exalted World Spiritist Gown. His outfit was truly dazzling.

Both its appearance and grandeur were not something that Immortal World Spiritist Cloaks could compare to.

Most important of all, that old man’s Exalted World Spiritist Cloak possessed enormous dragons galloping through it. It was as if his world spiritist gown possessed countless enormous dragons living within it.

All of this signified that the old man was a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, the highest level world spiritist in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Apart from being a Dragon Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng also knew that that person was a Martial Immortal-level expert.

Although his cultivation might be inferior to Elder Xingyi’s, and was definitely inferior to Elder Tuoba’s, he was still a Martial Immortal-level expert.

Merely, Chu Feng was unable to determine his actual level of cultivation.